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tesco launches uk’s first ever avocado spread - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-21
tesco launches uk’s first ever avocado spread  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
Avocado has become a favorite of the health blog and a must-eat food.
Have ingredients in healthy recipes.
As a result, it may not be surprising that Tesco first used avocado instead of butter and margarine in the UK.
Tesco says new dairy products
1 free avocado platter.
20 250g packs, which will be sold in 400 stores in the UK starting on Tuesday.
It claims that this product based on ripe frozen avocado contains less saturated fat, calories and salt compared to butter.
Spread 533 calories per 100 grams. Tesco’s own-
The brand reduces fat spread, Butters me, 500g 89 p is much cheaper, typically 414 calories per 100g.
Tesco's avocado sauce is suitable for vegetarians and vegetarians, and it seems to contain more nutrients such as avocado oil, vitamin A and D, Omega 3 and less than 1 cent of salt.
But it also contains rapeseed oil and palm oil.
Most of the fat content in avocado is considered "good fat" and can help lower cholesterol levels, and fruit is also considered to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Demand for avocado has been growing in the UK in recent years.
High demand for health
Since 2010, conscious consumers have doubled Peru's avocado exports, up 58 last year to the UK.
According to The Grocer, avocado suppliers have increased their sales in the UK by 25 this year.
At the same time, Tesco's demand for avocado has grown by 40, making it one of the fastest growing mature fruit varieties in the UK.
Avocado has even inspired a label that is obsessed with the accompanying Instagram photos that depict the latest recipes created by the hipster followers of the avocado boom.
In 2015, Pinterest recorded more than 500,000 avocado food ideas posted as "pins", a visual bookmark that helps people find inspiration and save ideas.
According to IRI's latest retail data, the UK avocado market is now worth £ 0. 15 billion a year, surpassing the UK Orange market, which is currently worth £ 0. 126 billion, a market research firm
However, our obsession with avocado can have serious consequences, and it takes 318l of water to produce 1 pound of avocado.
This means that water is removed from more important public use, and farmers are more costly.
The number of land used in avocado cultivation in Chile has increased by 8-
For 25 years, as noted in an article in Mother Jones October, the process is draining water and country Wells.
In Mexico, the problem is not that much water, but that most of the woods are in the state of Miho Ken, a state of Miho Ken that is largely by the cavarros Templar
Murder and extortion are so common in the industry that a security expert calls it "blood avocado ".
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