the 2015 best of winnipeg - organic professional skin care product lines

the 2015 best of winnipeg  -  organic professional skin care product lines
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This article is published in 25/6/2015 (1438 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
What you are reading is the final result of the third annual reader survey conducted by Canstar Community News.
This is the continuation of Winnipeg's best survey in residential magazine for many years, but we have brought a community-oriented twist to the headlines the Herald, the questionnaires in Lance, subway, Times and online in canstarnews.
In addition to having readers say their favorite restaurants, shops and services, people and places, we have added categories such as favorite schools, favorite local parks and favorite
The results we get are both vivid and surprising.
There is evidence that the readers of the city's community newspaper do like the area in which they live and also have a wider interest in the city as a whole.
The survey was conducted on February, 3 and April.
Hundreds of votes were listed late last month, after that, our editorial team, Shelton Bernie, Jane Cameron, Daniel da Silva, Simon Fuller, Andrea Giri John Kendall, and Darren Ridley, wrote short for the winners of each category summary.
The print package was arranged by Karen Spence.
We hope you will enjoy the results of our Winnipeg reader survey.
If you have any feedback on the investigation process or have any suggestions on the categories we can use in next year's investigation, we would be happy to hear from you.
Send your feedback to: John Kendall, managing 1355 Mountain Road for editing community news.
, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 3B6john.
Kendle @ canstarnews.
New Restaurant 1.
No. 93, corner stone, Osborne Street, 204-505-
7772 located by the river of George's father's house and around the corner of Osborne, the cornerstone soon becomes a fixture on the Winnipeg gourmet stage.
A popular dish, KFC Banh Mi is a "killer fried chicken" burger with rach spread sauce, mayonnaise, pickled vegetables and coriander.
Wash it off with cold as the cornerstone uses a unique plugin & pour beer-
Assign the system to make sure there is a perfect pour every time. 2.
17 Mitchell Street McDermot Avenue, 204-949-90323.
Nick at Broadway287 on Broadway. , 204-615-
2872 of the best local breakfast/brunch restaurants.
Since its opening in Osburn village in 1999, Stella's multiple locations have added seven locations throughout the city, including James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.
It seems that the winneites can't eat Stella's sandwiches, soup, freshly baked bread and Stella's jam.
For $5 you can buy a can for the latter to take home. 2.
Pop music of the year: AlmondThis
The Up restaurant serves delicious food on the frozen ashineboine River. 3.
Highest Poppy103 Sherbrook Avenue. , 204-219-
The best hamburger restaurant in the local area is 8777.
Boon Burger cafe opened on Sherbrook Street on 2010, and Boon Burger's vegetarian Burger is a huge Boon to the city's vegetarian community and others.
Took a bite. get it? )
Cheeze Burger, Buffalo spicy chick 'n fried burger Burger or prairie, it's hard to believe you don't feel meat, hummus bean tofu. Plant-
Baked to the perfect meatloaf. 2.
Nuburger472 Stradbrook Street. , 204-888-10013.
Best Chinese restaurant in the area.
Kum Koon garden 25 King Street, 204-943-
Since 1977, Kum Koon Garden has launched Cantonese cuisine for the first time.
For those that are not started, bite-
Dim sum dishes of the size are delivered in huge restaurants, allowing you to choose from a comfortable seat.
Choose from a variety of delicious dumplings, including shrimp, beef and pork, delicious egg rolls, rice rolls and steamed buns, and season the pig feet for the tasting. 2.
Spicy noodle house, 99 Osborne Street, 204-287-23883.
33 university restaurants north garden, 204-275-
2591 best place Deli1.
Colletown Avenue, Bernstein Deli1700. , 204-488-
Bernstein's deli 4552A family business has been in the Corydon Village Mall for 30 years. The Jewish-
The stylish deli serves classic cooked sandwiches such as smoked Beef in Montreal, egg salad, chopped liver and marinated tongue, as well as signature products such as the Latek stacker, fingers and pancakes
Warm corned beef sandwich. 2.
Hargrave Street, Oscar. , 204-947-03143.
Deli111 Lombard Avenue of the Irish Republican Army. , 204-949-
1116 of the best local desserts.
Bake expectations2016 Osborne St. , 204-452-
For the past 30 years, winniperg people have enjoyed their sweet treats in their baking expectations.
Located in the village of Osburn, this restaurant has more than 30 types of desserts, including pies, tortes, brownies, cheesecake and cupcakes, as well as a variety of delicious dishes.
But there are not only sweets on the menu, but also soups, salads, pasta, burgers and sandwiches, and Sunday brunch at 11. m. to 3 p. m.
But don't forget to leave some space for dessert! 2.
Dessert Sinsations café 505 St. Mary Ave. , 204-284-46613.
1 Street 17 Main Street. , 204-334-
The best local coffee shop 2526.
Dr. ashineboine Park, 204-927-
The 6001 Park Cafe is located on the bank of the duck pool in ashineboine Park, providing a scenic environment for cuppa joe.
Coffee in the cafe is fair trade and it also offers a variety of loose leaf teas that you can enjoy on the inside or on the terrace.
You'll want to order food to accompany your caffeine fix as the Park Cafe offers a full breakfast and lunch menu created by the doors of former Roblin chef Heiko Duehrsen. 2.
Living room coffee 468 Main Street3.
2299 Grant Street, Café, 204-487-3300 ext.
There are 698 local best Greek restaurants.
Homer's restaurant on Ellis Avenue. , 204-788-
4858You don't have to go to the Odyssey and find the best Greek food in town.
Starting at 1979, Homer's restaurant serves delicious Greek food, such as a light steak, egg rolls and Musca, eggplant, zucchini and potatoes --
Dishes based on roasted golden brown with meat and chamchamel sauce.
Is it Greek to me?
Yes, this is a good thing. 2.
Nikos restaurant Corydon Street 740, 204-478-11443.
Family Restaurant in yanweifu village, 2090 Corydon Street. , 204-897-
The best ice cream/ice cream restaurant in the local area is 6565. Bridge Drive-
766 Jubilee Avenue, 204-475-
6850 since 1957, the Winnie pie has been screaming for BDI's ice cream.
Point a cone and walk through the scenic Elm Park Bridge.
After tasting the sleeping beauty, you need to take a walk, a delicious food that includes vanilla ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and peanuts, half a portion of pineapple with cherries on it. Still moving?
Then try Goog with blueberry milkshakes with bananas, ice cream, hot fudge sauce, peanuts, whipped cream and cherries. You know what —
You should sit down. 2.
Banana Boat Osborne Street, 204-475-46103.
Gelati643 corrytown Avenue in Nutch. , 204-475-
The best Indian/South Asian restaurants in the area are 8765.
Replace peanuts and biscuits with clay and make some samosa and naan bread.
The clay oven offers three locations in Winnipeg, including one in the Shaw Park, where you can eat lamb tikka masala and watch Goldeyes play.
Butter chicken and baseball, now it's a combination of victory. 2.
349 York Avenue East India Company, 204-947-30973.
King of saginte Avenue. , 204-505-
The best Italian restaurant in the area is 4229.
Bonfire hotel Corydon Ave. , 204-487-
Staff at 4440 Bonfire Bistro ask customers to share their passion for delicious, authentic food. This first-come, first-
The River heigsights restaurant serves fresh ingredients that bring out the best taste in a pizza cooked in wood
Brick Oven
In addition to these carefully crafted foods, there is a great deal of wine. 2.
Many places in Paradise restaurant.
Bellicomo restaurant and waaverley St. Suite 1, 204-489-
There are 0495 best Japanese/sushi restaurants in the area.
Sushi Ya659 corrytown Avenue. , 204-452-
As sushi continues to pop, sushi restaurants have opened up a place for themselves in various restaurants on Corydon Avenue.
In addition to the sushi menu, sushi restaurant also offers large sushi and sashimi platter.
Taste the lobster sashimi and enjoy a brand new ocean cuisine with luxury. 2.
Japanese steak house and sushi bar in Carlton Ban, 204-925-74003.
Wasabi hotel Broadway, 204-774-
4328 of the best local Mexican/Latin American restaurants.
Casa burrito in Portage Ave. , 204-774-
2272 after its success in 2014, Casa Burrito promised delicious food early in the day and expanded the menu to include breakfast.
Except tortillas, burritos and tortillas (
Can be filled with fish, beef, sausage or curry lentils and other ingredients)
The restaurant serves breakfast, including burrito and muffins. 2. (tie)
Simon's food (now closed)2. (tie)
Best local pizza restaurant. Tortillas and burgers from JC.
San Lucia pizza store has been serving Manitobans with delicious pizza since its humble beginnings in Thompson and Man. in 1971.
Now operates 11 locations across the province
Seven of them are in Winnipeg.
The collection continues to offer premium pizza and delicious desserts, as well as classic entrees such as a variety of appetizers, Greek dinners and grilled spareribs and fried chicken. 2.
Gusto404 College Road pizzeria. , 204-944-87863.
Best local steakhouse.
Huarui and Jerry's Steakhouse1405 movers. , 204-783-
6155 go back to the past and enjoy the retro fun of Ray and Jerry.
Since 1957, the steakhouse, the staple food, has been serving the winnipegg with stylish steaks and fine ribs, as well as a perfect cocktail.
Booking is recommended if you want a table. 2.
Wellington Cres 529 Wellington529. , 204-487-83253.
Pembina Highway round table steakhouse 800. , 204-453-
The best Thai restaurants in the area are 3631.
Portage Ave Pad Thai2655. , 204-888-
The warm and inviting restaurant of the 9656Pad Thai allows you to enter the door, but what brings you back is a wealth of help and options.
From the delicate salad roll to the soft shell crab to the green curry, there is a lot on this street.
James restaurant2.
Sabai Eatery1113 corrytown Avenue, Thailand. , 204-888-65083.
Siam authentic Thai Cuisine587 St Anne Road. , 204-254-
The best Vietnamese restaurants in the area are 7765.
Pho Hoang restaurant on saginte Avenue 794. , 204-415-
6893 who does not love a little Pho occasionally?
If you're in the mood, the winniperg people say there's no better place to get it than Pho Hoang.
The restaurant on sakinte Avenue serves Vietnamese cuisine and serves fans, noodle soup and glutinous rice.
Quench your thirst with delicious bubble tea and enjoy delicious fried bananas on the dessert menu. 2. Pho No.
1 Isabel ant81 Isabel Street, 204-943-74493.
Phuong Nguyen ant883 William Street, Vietnam. , 204-783-
Best local butcher shop 1339.
Miller's super value meat is distributed in southern Winnipeg in multiple locations, and there is no reason not to go to Miller for quality barbecue
Steak, chicken or whatever the meat animal wants.
Buying a meat package simplifies the process for those who have a hard time choosing, and if there is a social event, don't be afraid: the social package offered by Miller has five meats, and the cheese, rye bread and pickles you want. 2.
Dr. Meats200 meadowwood in Marcelo, 204-256-63283.
Beef tenderloin and Sausage1483 Main Street, 204-582-
2280 best natural/health/organic food store 1 in the local area.
30 Osborne Street, 204-453-
6266 organza, which claims to be the first full of Manitobasized all-
7,000 square meters of natural organic grocery store
The foot of the real estate in the chaotic corner.
From there, it offers a wide variety of organic food to fill the pantry.
In addition to this, the company also offers health and beauty departments.
Check out its website and learn a lot about recipes so you can make the most of your purchases. 2.
Organic Planet workers
Op877 Westminster Avenue, 204-772-87713.
Borovsky health store & Day Spa Limited
437 St. Anne Road, 204-257-
7667 the best fine restaurants in the local area.
Wellington Cres 529 Wellington529. , 204-487-8325This Wow!
Concept of hospitality
He has won a reputation for quality and has been named one of the top 100 restaurants in the country in the past.
Want to enjoy your top
Steak and lobster with only your friends?
Try to explore the private dining options of the restaurant. 2.
At Ferno, 14 College Road. , 204-475-74003.
295 York modern steakhouse, 295 York Avenue. , 204-896-
Best 7275 nights in the areanight Dining1.
Johnny G's restaurant and Bar177 McDermot Avenue. , 204-942-
6656 Main Street 172, 204-943-1072 this family
The business owned and operated is an undeniable hot spot in after-sales service.
An hour meal in Winnipeg.
Johnny G's restaurant has two central destinations, located on McDermot Avenue and Main Street, until 4 in the morning, and the restaurant is always packed with hungry night owls. m.
On weekends. 2.
Salisbury HouseMultiple locations3.
Bake expectations2016 Osborne St. , 204-452-
The best 5176 Foot cars in the area/Wagner 1.
The red ember294-
Red 8 red Ember is a burning bright Red food truck known for serving delicious and original wood
Fry pizza on the streets of Winnipeg.
Often at lunch time on Broadway, the tour Pizza Business also offers private dining, which is St.
Norbert farmers market
The selection and specialties of pizza are hard to imagine, and are full of flavors such as organic heart pig pesto sauce and Canadian ham, or Pitmaster's pie with smoked pork and dill pickles.
All pizzas are made with organic flour ground by Elie, Man. 2.
Habanello. com3.
My rice food truck296-
8698, pimpmyrice.
The most convenient place to have dinner.
36083 prairie, Gary Street, 204-505-
2681 take a 30-story glass elevator to ascend one night with your other half and enjoy the elegant dining room with an unbeatable view of the city.
At Prairie 360, owned by the FB hotel group, the scenery here is only half the promise. The locally-
The inspiration menu offers a variety of delicious dishes related to the Canadian prairie, such as Manitoba oysters, smoked elk, Wellington pork or a barbecue.
While Prairie 360 is ideal for a romantic dinner, it also serves weekday lunches, Sunday brunch, and a whiskey lounge on weekends. 2.
Segovia Tapas Bar484 Stradbrook Avenue. , 204-477-65003.
Smith Inn at Fox Market Road 75. , 204-944-
2445 The best place to eat a person.
Salisbury House Hotel has a diverse geographical location. starting from 1931, it provides a casual environment for Winnipeg to taste delicious food.
This family-style restaurant has more than 15 locations throughout the city, including Xpress destinations, which are open for 24/7 kilometers and can receive customers at any time.
Salisbury House is a convenient and popular local restaurant with a long history.
Go to those places where you eat alone. 2.
Stella's Cafe, stellas. ca3.
Dr. ashineboine Park, 204 -927-6080 best Patio1.
Union Inn & Suites Hargrave Street 2 60, 204-944-
0022 although the tavern is very busy in the city center-
This restaurant is located next to the center of MTS and has potential throughout the year. in the summer months, it has a huge rooftop terrace.
As different bands and DJs offer live entertainment, winnieggers line up multiple nights a week to find a location on this terrace.
Overlooking the city center, the roof features comfortable sofas, long bar tops and heating lights to keep guests warm even when the sun goes down. 2.
Santa Lucia pizza (St.
Location of Mary Road)
No. 204 St. Mary's Road-237-41343.
1 Provencher Avenue. 204-504-
Best Neighborhood pub1 4012.
The head of the King and the head of the King, 204-957-
7710 King's bars and restaurants are staple food in the exchange area and a second home for many people living nearby.
The British bar offers wonderful live music for multiple nights a week, Leisure bar fares and more than 30 different beers, many of which are brewed in Canada.
The bottom has a low
Key, laid back atmosphere with pool table and plenty of seating, upstairs is a place for dancing and entertaining life, usually only a standing room. 2.
Grove Bar & Restaurant 204 Stafford Street-415-32623.
204 Osborne Street, 129 Carlos and Murphy284-
3510 best nightclub 1
Shark Club Sports Bar and Grill233 in Hargrave Street. , 204-942-
7400 located in the City Plaza Mall, Shark Club has quickly become a hot spot in Winnipeg, especially on Winnipeg Jet game night, before, after and even during the 41 regular jet flights
Home game of the season.
There are 66 TV sets, 140 VLTs, 6 blackjack points, and a stand-up table. The 17,000-square-
With a 500 m walk away, there is even a private restaurant.
Interestingly, the next two nightclubs in this category are now closed;
It may be a sign that the market is changing.
Select the best beer 1.
Barley brothers s6 55 Queen Street, 204-772-2337;
2005 Pembina Highway, 204-691-
3300As craft beer is popular in Canada, and the barley brothers appear as the home of Winnipeg, tasting fine beers and beers from all over the world.
The barley brothers keep the top of the latest beer by rotating the new barrels in two positions on a regular basis.
The location of Polo Park has more than 72 bottles of beer, while the location of Pembina Stadium has twice as many beers.
The atmosphere inside is a sports lounge known for supporting local sports teams. 2.
King's Head bar and King Street Eatery120. , 204-957-77103.
Luxalune Gastropub734 Osborne St. , 204-453-
Select 0222 best wines.
Mona Lisa dining Italiano1697 corrytown Avenue. , 204-488-
From works of art on the walls to the elegant accent that emanates from the restaurant, 3684 away, Mona Lisa cristonante Italiano offers the perfect setting to enjoy a good glass of wine.
With over 250 wines to choose from, paired with delicious Italian cuisine, the challenge is to choose a bottle of evening wine from a wide list.
The wine menu is mainly based on Italian wine and also offers well-
Famous wine regions around the world. 2.
Farmers Cookery283 Bannatyne Avenue, 204-989-77003.
Lounge173 McDermot Avenue, Mitchell Block. , 204-975-
0160 new local stores (any category)1.
18 North Point Henderson Highway. , 204-691-
The 5955A father and son survived the local discount clothing store less than a year ago, and the winniperg did not seem to get enough.
Marvin and Mera DuPont own three JC tortillas and more restaurants in the city, and their son Josue has expanded the family business, including at the North Point store for a lower price
The store Stores famous brands and fashion clothing for children, men and women by obtaining surplus products from nearby stores such as Costco. 2.
Small Feast217 McDermot Avenue. , 204-942-58893.
The scrap is back. Anne’s Rd. , 204-232-
3709 the best vintage clothing store in the local area.
Vintage glory 380 Donald Street, 204-942-
7186 sit on the edge of the Winnipeg trading area and downtown, vintage glory is your number one
1 position for stylish, gentle use threads.
Owner Doug Shand, who has been working in the retro costume game for more than 35 years, shows the well-planned costumes, accessories and costumes of vintage glory, elegant hats, gloves, and shoes.
As stocks keep changing, check out rare discoveries often, or follow up on the latest acquisitions of vintage glory's Instagram and Etsy shop. 2.
Vintage Shoppe 370 St ruby slippers. Anne’s Rd. , 204-515-30153.
Rhyme with Orange 223 McDermot Avenue. , 204-946-
5212 the best men's clothing store in the local area 1.
354 Broadway 204-957-
Hanford DeWitt has been a hot topic for nearly 70 years.
Named after the best men's clothing.
From well-tailored formal attire to sportswear, denim and casual attire, this downtown store has everything a sharp-dressed man needs to turn around.
The brand of Hanford DeWitt adopts experienced and talented tailors and tailorsto-
The size of the suit and shirt is higher than the others. 2.
Normandy mall 791 Corydon Ave. , 204-284-56733.
Lionetti garment manufacturers and tailor-made 215 Stafford St. , 204-475-
0063 the best local women's clothing store 1.
Crazy style 538 college Road. , 204-489-
Interested in style is a boutique designed for girls wearing nines each time.
Whether you're looking for a formal dress, or some casual dress, a fall jacket, or a high-profile climbing suit, a handbag, a shoe, or the crazy style makes you have fresh goods every season. 2.
Suddenly on Osborne Street, 102. , 204-477-64893.
836 Street Boutique Hotel SofiaMary’s Rd. , 204-254-
The best 2595 local places to buy a gorgeous costume dance.
Booing Clothing & Accessories 10199 Osborne St. , 204-474-
1208For elegant, stylish bridesmaid dresses look no better than quiet dresses and accessories.
Located in the center of the village of Osbourne, the "United Nations" of booing"
The bridesmaid collection offers a unique style that can be worn over and over again without leaving the bank bankrupt.
Whether looking for the right wedding dress or having a wonderful night in town, calm down with your head down. 2.
836 Street Boutique Hotel SofiaMary’s Rd. , 204-254-25953.
749 St investmentMary’s Rd. , 204-594-
The best wedding dress shop in the area is 0400.
Bridal and evening dress collection of 516 Portage Ave Stella. ; 204-453-
Stella's bridal and evening collection has been selected as one of Canada's top bridal stores for more than 30 years.
Under the leadership of manager deehunt Hunt, Stella's employees strive to provide the best customer service to their customers, as well as brides and evening dresses.
Stella's wedding dress, evening dress and accessories are also the biggest choice in the city. 2.
Wedding 263 Vaughan Street. , 204-943-65003.
Salon422 Portage Street, Helen's bride. , 204-942-
Buy the 3602 best local locations in jeans1.
Sarante blue jeans136 Sarante Avenue. , 204-772-
From head to foot 8145, winnieggers are definitely down with cowboys.
When some new denim outfits are needed, winnipegg people will choose the blue jeans from saginte.
Sakinte blue jeans is an agency in the West End, which operates top brands such as Levis and Silver with many other brands.
If you don't know what you want, knowledgeable staff can advise you to cut or wash.
If the jeans you buy don't fit, the saginte blues jeans offer a free remodel of the products you buy in the store. 2.
Warehouse in multiple locations.
Online design only-lennardtaylor.
Local shoe shop.
In many shoe stores in Canada, you can find a wide variety of boots, shoes, sandals and other forms of shoes.
But the attention to detail sets Canadian footwear apart.
Additional services such as free consultation and shoe repair mean that you can find the right shoes for yourself and stay in good condition.
If you need special shoes, the business center features the Foothealth center, which can help customers get the correction that suits them. 2.
European shoe store 436 College Road, 204-487-41933.
Cha Palace580 College Road. , 204-284-
The best bike shop in the area is 4128.
Cycle hotel Portage Ave Olympia. 204-888-
4586 independent bike shop, which has been open around the corner of Portage Avenue and Marjorie Street since 1979, Olympia is a friendly bike shop for regular customers of bike lovers
Not only does it offer all the latest high
Enthusiastic and friendly Olympia staff will equip hardcore cyclists, who will also spend a lot of time advising families and children to buy bikes.
The store also operates the Olympia bike club, and even offers clinics in all aspects of bicycle and bicycle maintenance and repair every month. 2.
Bicycles and bicycles on Henderson Highway. , 204-669-55903.
Woodcock cycle Works433 St. Mary’s Rd. , 204-253-
5986 best local independent CD shop 1.
Enter the music 245 on McDermot Avenue. , 204-287-
8279 since the opening of Corydon Ave for the first time
In 1987, Into Music stood out among Music lovers in Winnipeg and beyond.
While it may be known for its extensive vinyl inventory, there are also thousands of used CDs in the music that receive fresh stock in both formats every day.
Say a word to the wise;
Give yourself enough time to read the library carefully.
Entering music is a browser paradise, and everyone has something, whether it's a casual music enthusiast, a serious crate excavator, or anything in. 2.
Osborne Street music Trading Company, 204-477-55663.
Wild Planet Osborne Street, 204-956-
4400 The best used bookstore in the local area 1.
No. 92 Red River bookstore Arthur Street(204)943-
The 9788 Red River bookstore is located in the historic exchange area of Winnipeg. The shelves are packed with people and the aisles are filled with treasures.
From romance to comics, from classics to science fiction to satisfy all readers
Fi, no wonder the Honghe bookstore has been in business for over 35 years.
It's not all about books.
You can get a dvd at the Red River bookstore, and you can also get vinyl records and CDs. 2.
Place 159 on Henderson Highway Sam, 204-415-47283.
Osborne Lysecki Books527 Osborne Street, 204-284-
There are 4526 best local bookstores.
McNally Robinson Book seller Grant Avenue, 204-475-
Located at 0483 Grant Avenue, McNally Robinson bookseller is located at 1120.
Opened in 1996, known as the largest independent bookstore (
24,000 square feet)at the time.
Since its opening, McNally has become the mainstay of the literary world of Winnipeg, a place for new artists and well-known writers to launch works, a place for a good book to relax, a friendly place to attend a meaningful lecture.
Take a look at the calendar of upcoming seminars and events to help you develop a love for words. 2.
Public bookstore and resource center 9 Grant Avenue. , 204-594-05273.
Hull's family bookstore. , 204-947-
1365 of the best local music equipment stores.
Quest Musique, 1308 Portage Street. , 204-233-4151;
166 Dr. meadowwood. , 204-231-
No matter what time of day, there will be music in the air if Quest Musique is open.
Business owned and operated locally (
Two locations in Winnipeg)
It has been providing suitable instruments and equipment to customers for 15 years.
In addition to having some of the best brands of sales area, Quest also has a full instrument repair shop with experienced technicians and a long-term Conservatory of Music. 2. Mar-
Cher Music, 1143 Henderson Highway. , 204-339-2335 3.
Ultimate Guitar work 475 Henderson Highway. , 204-586-
There are 1373 best local antique shops.
Comprehensive store on Mike 52 StreetAnne’s Rd. , 204-255-
3463 from the outside, Mike's comprehensive store can't sell anything but trendy, unique antiques. The Varennes-
Regional shops decorated by coca
Coke memorabilia and nostalgic murals attract shoppers to stop and look inside.
Mike Huen, the owner, appeared on popular TV shows Canada's scavenger and pawnshop stars.
Huen is also a regular visitor to the Canadian Antique Roadshow.
Mike's integrated store, founded in 1979, has been buying and selling "interesting" items since then. 2.
Selim's antique 801 Corydon Street. , 204-284-9886 3.
Old House revival company 324 youth Street, 204-477-
Best local tailor1 4286.
Mike's Tailor751 St. Mary's Rd. , 204-255-
The Tailor of 5859 mike was chosen as the best, but due to the old St.
The important store has changed hands.
Natalie Nickman purchased the business in early June and said the new store's black and ivory costume makeover studio will offer all the same services as Mike, including wedding dresses, dresses and suits.
The new boss is looking forward to providing fast and high-quality service. new and old customers are welcome to enter the store.
Open Monday 12-8 p. m.
9: 30 Tuesday to Fridaym. to 6 p. m.
Rest on weekends. 2.
Ralph custom tailor 1108 Corydon Ave. , 204-453-85333.
Benny's quality cleaner and tailor 1412 Main St. , 204-586-
Best local laundromat 3947
Washeteria Hotel is located at 556 keenside Street. , 204-667-
0839 with its high contrast primary color walls and shiny machines, laundromat is the best place in Winnipeg for Laundromat.
Washeteria, located in East kildo South, has the largest washing machine in Winnipeg. The owner of the eight negative aircraft said Mr. Clean.
The local-owned business will celebrate five years of service on June. 2.
Aqua Magic laundromat 1368 Main St. , 204-582-2886 3.
Country laundry room 213 Osborne Street, 204-997-
The best 7839 gyms in the area.
Innovative Martial Arts and fitness 558 Keenleyside St. , 204-505-
2787 in innovative martial arts and fitness, kicking, punching and fighting is not everything.
The slogan for the best gym in the area this year is that martial arts training has changed life.
This martial arts studio in East Kildonan emphasizes the benefits of training, including self
Discipline, confidence, health and stress reduction.
Innovative Martial Arts and fitness training for everyone from pre-
Enjoy mixed martial arts from school to retirement. 2.
Sargklassen entertainment center, 999 Sargklassen Avenue. , 1-877-311-49743.
400 Spence St. University of Winnipeg center of dakworth, 204-786-
9349 the best yoga studio in the local area.
If you like hot yoga, Moksha Yoga is the place to stretch, strengthen and adjust your body.
Moksha's knowledgeable and experienced teachers lead yogis through poses and breathing exercises in hot weather.
Moksha also offers states-of-the-
The art facilities, including Cork studio floors, are based on clean, green building practices.
Bring cushions, towels and some clothes that you don't mind really, really sweating. 2.
Fort 280 yoga public, 204-947-96423.
894 Westminster Avenue Yoga North. , 204-779-
6895 Best Local Tattoo/perforated parlour1.
Soul Survivor body art on Osborne Street 118, 204-284-
If you're looking for a piece of art that you can spend your life with, Soul Survivor body art is a place to go.
Soul Survivors, located in the heart of the village of Osburn, have been in contact with the winniperg since 2001.
This store covers all aspects of body art from portraits and tattoos to body decoration and piercings. 2.
Capra tattoo 71 StreetAnne's Rd. , 204-255-88973.
Penbina highway Iron Lotus Art 1170. , 204-284-
7131 best local spa/body shops.
222 Broadway Avenue spa. , 204-946-Relax 6520-
This is a specialty of the Winnipeg spa.
Ten Spa is located on the 10 th floor of Fort Garry Hotel, which specializes in facial treatment, body scrubs, massage and pedicure/manicure services. It provides rest, relaxation and snacks.
Try hamam, in hamam, a place surrounded by heated marble and steam, guided by a cleaning and revival ceremony dating back to the Turkish Empire.
Or, go and do a body cocoon, a rejuvenating whole body skin treatment that will allow you to change from an insect to a butterfly. 2.
Riverstone Spa, 75 Fox Market Road. , 204-944-24443.
Dr. Thermea 775 Crescent, 1-855-284-
The best 3344 local cars
Let's face it.
Your car is dirty and salty.
It was dirty all winter.
Now summer is finally here, give your car a little TLC and take it to Chamois.
Three places in Chamois are locally owned and operated to clean your car inside and outside.
When you are waiting for the detailed packaging of your choice to be completed, remove your luggage on the comfortable sofa of chamois, browse through some reading materials, or check out the hot display car in the lobby. 2.
Wave wash 119 Scurfield Avenue. , 204-487-6699; 399 Goulet St. , 204-255-92833.
Zhongcheng car wash, 44 Gertrude Street. , 453-
5344 best nail/pedicure service in the local area.
No. 408, Tianbo River Natural College Road, 204-474-2333; 3-
1650 kennesston Avenue, 204-284-
4247 Tiber River Naturals is Winnipeg-
The company was founded in 1999 and was founded by Adriana De Luca.
As a new mother,
Work De Luca wants a way to stay closer to home with her newborn daughter, so she starts selling homemade soap at the party.
In 2005, she worked with Michelle larlund to open her first store on 408 college Road.
And constantly from strength to strength. The business —
Nails and body sticks included-
Professional use of natural and environmental beauty and body products
Friendly ingredients. 2.
Total package 2255 Ness Ave. , 204-837-97273.
Giselle professional skin care & Spa30-
166 Dr. meadowwood. , 254-253-
Best local hair salon 0900
Berns & Black468 Main Street, 204-944-
8454 located in the exchange area of Winnipeg, Berns & Black competed in the best local hair salon category this year.
The business has built up a loyal customer base since it opened in 2009, and owner Kitty Berns strongly believes that only the ecosystem is used
Friendly products.
Retro salon style, art deco-
Inspired by classic black interior designand-
The white design echoes the history and heritage of the building.
Recycling is also one of the industry's mantra as some of the area's furniture comes from antique stores in Winnipeg. 2.
AuraVarious location aurahairgroup. com3.
Hair FX915 Grosvenor Avenue. , 204-452-
The best barber shop in the area is 1442.
Hunter and Gunn premium hairstyles and barbershop Shop567 BroadwayOne says Hunter and Gunn offer the latest twist on the modern barbershop experience, an assertion on the store's website, "We're not your barbershop, we're not
If you want a man
Oriented barber shop featuring old newspapers and uncomfortable chairs, this place is not for you.
Hunter & Gunn offers a wide range of cutting, beauty and care services at competitive prices in a comfortable, relaxed environment.
The phone numbers of each of the six employees in the store are listed on the website. com2.
Windsor barber shop St. Mary Road, 204-795-04333.
Tony Barber Shop, 18 Regent AvenueW. , 204-224-
0283 of the best local pet supplies stores.
The Best Western pet food is headquartered in Manitoba and Northern Ontario, and the Best Western food was originally a pet food retailer and has now evolved into a full pet food retailer
Service shopping experience in order to meet the needs of a variety of pets, the company now operates more than a dozen stores to serve animals of all shapes and sizes, from fish to ferret, hamster to hedgehog, birds against rabbits and-of course —dogs and cats. 2.
Cats and dogs raining 20-B Academy Rd. , 204-489-01203.
Pet trade center. , 204-477-
1616 best free activities 1
Ballet in the park, what is the better way to introduce the Winnipeg Royal Ballet to community members than ballet in the park?
Free family
According to organizers, friendly events have been Winnipeg's annual tradition since the beginning of 1970, attracting 20,000 people each year.
This program is characterized by a variety of performances.
This year's Park ballet will hold three performances at the Lyric theater of ashineboine Park at 7: 30 on July 29-31. m. 2.
Canada is in Forks3.
Free Stage in Winnipeg Fringe Theatre-best place for peoplewatch1.
ForksIt seems appropriate, and when you think it is the intersection of the Red River and the Assiniboine River, located in the center of the city, Forks retains the first place in this category as a meeting and trading place, there are also centuries of history.
Whether browsing at the Fox market or the Johnston pier or attending a show, visitors to Fox will find that there is no shortage of entertainment, entertainment and things that inspire them. 2.
Osburn village
Best date place for Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival/Old Market Square 1.
There's a lot more on the fork than shopping or people --watching.
In fact, many winniperg people think this is a great place to go on a date.
Love birds can enjoy relaxing drinks, share food, or take a walk along the river --or all three.
You can also choose to take a boat trip to increase your time with that special person. 2.
Ashini park3.
Ashineboine Park Zoo
Winnipeg Folk Festival another annual Winnipeg tradition accepted by our readers this year is Winnipeg Folk Festival.
This year's event will be held from July 9-12 at Bird Hill Park.
As in the past, the festival will have three days and four nights of music, food, fun, friendship and friendship in line with the mission of the organization, "Creating Experiences of Discovery and learning by celebrating people and music ".
This year's lineup includesfor example —
Brady Zidan, Jason Isbel, Matt Anderson and Mellotone, Royal Canoe, Mexican devils and Wilco. 2. Folklorama3.
1 Best Architecture for travelers
The Canadian Museum of Human Rights realized the dream of the late Izz Asper, which opened on September 2014.
Antoine Wharf-
Last year, our readers also named the best-designed building --
Before it opens its doors to the public
There is no doubt that it is considered the most striking
Catch the building in this city. 2.
Manitoba Legislative Building
Marpeck Commons at menot University in Canada are the best neighbors to live in Building 1.
Our readers have given two thumbs up to the southwest community of the Winnipeg River heights this year.
It is mainly residential and is home to many local businesses, bars and restaurants;
The River Heights are famous for the numerous elm trees on the surrounding streets.
This is also the location of the Grant Park Mall, as well as Kelvin High School and St. Mary’s Academy.
At the time of the 2006 census, the population of the River Highlands was 56,505. 2. Wolseley3. St.
The best high school in the city.
1360 Westler High School, Redwood Avenue, 204-589-
Xessler High School is 8321 of the Spartans and has been rated as one of the top 10 public schools in Canada
On 2012, Maclean's magazine reported near high school.
Xessler is the largest high school in Winnipeg and one of the most multicultural schools in the province.
It opened in 1957, greatly expanding its space and projects.
Sisler students have the opportunity to receive unique educational challenges such as first-year calculus and English courses at the University of Manitoba, advanced chemistry courses, French immersion courses, technical classes for female students, performing arts and pre-
Employment Plan.
Xessler is also respected in sports because Sparta has done well in many sports fields. 2.
Ximen mennuo dispatch meeting 86 Ximen, 204-775-71113.
Vincent Messi College, 975 Dodge Avenue college. , 453-
8023 Best Community Center 1.
Henderson Highway, 204-Bronx Park667-
The Bronx Park, which was renovated 5731 in 2009, is one of the newer community centers in Winnipeg, providing a lot of services for people of all ages, from seniors who are members of the good neighborhood seniors center to young people who are boating in an outdoor pool or playing football and hockey indoors and outdoors.
25,000 square meters
Walking facilities include a gym, multiple
Conference room, office, woodworking workshop, computer lab and creative arts lab. 2.
Community of John Franklin Centre, 1 John Franklin Road. , 204-488-7000;
Crescentwood site, 1170 Corydon Ave. , 204-488-7000;
River Heights site, 1370 Grosvenor Avenue. , 204-488-70003.
Jonathan tois/Dakota Community Center, 204-254-
1010 best library.
Henderson Library
Henderson Highway 1050, 204-986-
4314 the recently renovated Henderson Library is bright and welcoming and easy to use to meet the needs of the North Kildonan community.
The renovated library has an additional 6,000 square feet.
The library has a second
The highest circulation statistics after the Winnipeg Millennium Library.
Favorite types include inspirational, romantic and Western movies.
The English conversation group supports new people to practice their English skills. 2.
No. 20, ximencornwall Library, 204-986-46793.
Louis Riel Library, Dakota Street, 204-986-
The best 4568 Park in the area.
Hall 55 ashineboine Park, 204-927-
6000 ashineboine Park is one of the treasures of Winnipeg residents and tourists.
Visitors can choose from family picnics, cricket, walking in Leo Moore statue garden, hiking or cycling along the trails, ice skating and sledding in the winter, and visiting the aziniboine Park Zoo.
Zoo exhibits include the popular polar bear exhibition, Churchill tour, and more than 200 mammals, birds and reptiles from around the world. 2. St.
Important Park No. 90 River Road. 3.
St kildo South Park
Best local pool
Poseidon Bay, 877-Pan Am pool 25311-
4974 built into use in 1967 at the Pan Am Games, one of the largest indoor pool facilities in the city of Winnipeg in the Pan Am pool.
For diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo competitions.
In addition to the main pool and diving pool, the facility offers a children's pool, a walking/jogging area, a weight room, an aerobic studio, and a numberpurpose room.
The hotel offers a variety of fitness items. 2.
Cindy Klassen entertainment center. , 204-821-0711 3.
Bonivante Pool1215 Baird St. , 204-986-
6802 best dog Park1. Kil-
Wrong, Park1229, Harada RoadIts claws, Tian Fei-
Part of the spacious KilCona Park.
Located in the northeast of Winnipeg, the park covers an area of 99 hectares and covers an area of 225 square meters in the former landfill. The off-
The belt area is located in the east of the mountain parking lot, with natural water circles in the north, east and south.
After your furry friend, don't forget to bring your bag to clean it up. 2.
King Park 198 King Park 3
Fenglin Park, No. 1 best bike lane.
Ashineboine forest it is wise to observe wildlife when cycling through ashineboine forest, because the forest is home to many white people in the city
Deer and other woodland creatures.
The main bike paths through the forest are paved, if you need a break, there are plenty of benches along the way, and parking is available in many places near Grant Avenue. 2.
Bishop Greenway 3.
TrailBest sledding Hill1.
Westview Park1 hotel in Midland Street
Last year, West View Park ashineboine Park (
Mountain of garbage)
Easy to approach, 20 metres from the surrounding landscape, providing a gradual downward slope for people of all ages. 2.
Ashini park3.
FortWhyte Alive1961 McLean no. , 204-989-
8355 the best place for hiking.
Ashineboine Park has many trails worth exploring, and also provides individuals with countless scenic spots to enjoy, such as ashineboine Park Zoo and ashineboine Park greenhouse, the natural playground and the sculpture garden of Leo Moore.
In the summer months, the park also has the Winnipeg cricket community, which is the venue for many cricket matches. 2. The Forks 3.
Trailavourite winniegger1.
Ace BurpeeA received this honor all the year round, 103.
Morning at Virgin Radio
The host of the show and the director of the show Ace Burpee may be very popular as he is so awesome . . . . . . Great.
Seriously, when he's gone
Air, Burpee hosts and MCing charity dinners around the city, takes part in public events, plays jet and bomber games, or does some good work.
He is an active Twitter presence, a dedicated fitness enthusiast and an all-in-one
Cute guys around. 2. Dancing Gabe 3.
Brian Bowman likes Winnipeg politicians best.
On last October, the new Winnipeg mayor, Bowman, was just elected, apparently still on his honeymoon with local residents.
Or maybe he hasn't been the glory of being a professional politician yet.
Anyway, Bowman has been breathing fresh air since entering the city hall mayor's office.
His emotional and honest response to the McLean magazine cover story, which calls Winnipeg the most-
Racist cities in Canada are still considered by many to be the kind of leadership that modern Canadian cities need. 2. Robert Falcon-Ouellette3.
Several tied for third.
Most popular Winnipeg sports celebrities
Dustin byuglienat at the time Canstar readers voted in the best survey in Winnipeg and the plane was behind
The Christmas run has allowed them to firmly establish their position as a team in the difficult Central Division.
Many fans believe that when the big Buff moves backwards from the striker to defensive, the run is ignited, and his huge hits and booming shots are undoubtedly the key factors for the team to perform well. season form. 2.
Jennifer Jones.
Winnipeg media player Paul morichette
Above is Ace BurpeeSee. 2. Gord Leclerc (CTV)3. Janet Stewart (CBC TV)/ Jen Zoratti (
Winnipeg Liberty News)
Most popular professional sports teams
The city of Winnipeg jeers has been obsessed with hockey since the arrival of Atlanta Thrashers and the birth of Winnipeg Jet 2. 0.
For the first time since its 2011 release, the team has entered the playoffs, and it is likely that jets are more popular than ever.
It's a bit hard to believe considering that aircraft gear and cards are shining all over town. 2.
Winnipeg blue Bombers3.
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