the 6 most horrifying ingredients in everyday cosmetics - body shop at home facial mask experience

the 6 most horrifying ingredients in everyday cosmetics  -  body shop at home facial mask experience
Do you know what's in your shaving cream? Or perfume? Probably not;
Things in your bathroom that make you look or smell better belong to the same category as sausages.
As long as there is no harm to us, we do not want to know.
Aren't you a little curious?
Also, how disgusting can it be?
Let's put it this way: it's worse than sausage.
6 Lanolin aka grease from animal FurLanolin: sounds soft and comfortable, just like the fluffy material you use to protect the bruised knee.
But in reality, lanolin is a substance that you usually want to stay a few miles away from your mouth, if possible. Why?
Think back to the last few days you didn't wash your hair, and try to remember the greasy garbage accumulated.
Or, rub your hand on the hair of the nearest tramp.
This sticky substance is made of pleasant wax formula and residue of dead fatProduce cells.
Now imagine a sheep dressed in wool going through a similar experience, except for not taking a few baths --
We may take a bath when we are free.
Free year, oil
The soaked coat has not been cut off.
Finally, imagine what it would be like if someone came to collect the greasy substance accumulated in the wool lock and put the resulting gunk into the jar.
This is a greasy thing secreted by wool.
Carrying mammals, helping to remove moisture from their coats, squeezing out from the wool they harvest, and for many uses, including shoe oil, rattan pot insect repellent and rustproof coatings.
Oh, and you put it on your face.
Is it for Shaving cream? Shampoo?
Then there's a good chance you have this on your face and around you (or in)your mouth.
As for Ladies (
And more adventurous men)
You may be closer to contact with lanolin than you think.
In fact, if you 've ever used lipstick, lanolin is the thing that makes it greasy and sticky.
There are a lot of lip balm with wool on the market, including some of the famous brands Lulu and Estee Lauder.
As far as we can remember, none of them based their promotions on shy content on their lips
Strike miracle workers
Is it bad for you?
That's not what we said.
We just said it was disgusting.
Squalene also known as Shark liver oil.
Right next to the bat. squalene has hair.
The name of something collected from the gut of a creature.
Specifically, squalene is a sticky oil squeezed out of the shark's liver.
While some people deliberately treat features for its dubious nature, we are not talking about this.
If you are a girl, like most of our readers, who have lived for more than two years, there is a good chance that you have drunk shark liver juice in multiple parts of your body.
There are some important things that have a huge appeal to the cosmetics industry: it is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave greasy residues;
It combines well with other oils;
It is considered to improve the appearance of the skin.
Therefore, it is the ideal ingredient to use.
The most common usage seems to be in.
Many cosmetic companies have avoided the squalene extracted from the shark's liver because instead of hunting them they are considered cool, they have turned to alternative sources such as olive oil or wheat germ oil (
Despite the industry giants).
When you realize that sunloungers on the beach are applying the internal organs of shark friends to their skin, there is a new dawn.
Also known as mouth watering whale vomit.
Suppose you are a whale.
Like other whales in the ocean, you want to eat some squid from time to time.
Maybe it's a date night or something.
So this is what you do, although you know very well that the delicious squid has a sharp mouth that will cut your internal organs.
But it doesn't matter, because your belly will produce something called amberal, a wax oil that will protect your internal organs from sharp beaks, etc.
Now let's imagine that your mouth watering has been accumulating for a while and it's time to get rid of it. Awesome.
As a whale, you have two options: poop it out or throw it up.
What's interesting now: Somewhere, a person will pick up your greasy feces and shout happily because guess what?
This is the stupid amount worth it.
We're talking about such a high price.
Mouth-watering is even compared to quality wine because its quality increases with the increase of aging time.
It has been historically used as a food seasoning, spring medicine, and incense.
Although amberal has its own natural gas flavor, it also enhances other scents by helping other scents last longer.
This is the dream ingredient of perfumers as long as they ignore the-stink bottles.
Recently, American companies have tended to shy away from the connotation of using this ingredient, while French companies have, as always, been more liberal in their views.
In fact, it is said that you can still be in the lady's favorite Chanel No. 5.
Dead algae ()
We will call it DE here because it is easier to type)
Is it a single fossil?
Cell algae called diatoms
What's that disgusting?
Well, these are the same little creatures, with millions of years on their hands, these little creatures come together, lamenting their hard life at sea, dreaming of happiness in a luxurious fish tank
Over time, nature closely binds them together to form a deposited rock called diatomite soil, which is not actually what we thought when we first heard the word.
The dead algae rocks are known mainly for their abrasive properties;
It is easy to break, and the sharpness of the grain is perfect to cut the troublesome ants in half.
It's as bad as a rock made of dead slimy s ** t.
We will stop you there because if you have used an, you may take the time to rub dead fish tank algae on yourself.
Although DE is known to cause damage to some organisms, the grain is too small to do any cutting
Based on damage to humans, and still rough enough to remove those nasty dead skin cells that have accumulated over time.
Interestingly, the body shop invites you to buy it and it does it by promoting its nature. . .
The round jojoba beads slide smoothly on the surface of the skin, and can be lightly horny even with the most delicate skin.
It's a dirty lie.
You will not exfoliate with round jojoba beads.
You need DE's jagged edge, you can find it inconspicuous in its list of ingredients, which is not mentioned in its advertisement.
2 bird dung, also known as fish scales and other personal products.
Guan Ning appears on the product label in the form of CI 75170, or puts a more beautiful label on it.
It doesn't sound so bad.
It's made of pearls, right?
Although it sounds like the perfect gift for Nana's birthday, natural pearl essence is actually a by-product
We know the products of one of the most smelting industries.
Put all the thoughts of oysters in your mind, because the natural pearl essence is actually scraped through processing
Remove from the scales of dead fish and put them in alcohol.
I'm sorry to point this out, but yes. Yes, you would.
Although it has nothing to do with pearls, this bird dung derivative does have a similar rainbow color to oyster jewelry, so it is often used in the cosmetics industry to add a certain gloss to their products.
So, if you 've ever used a colored nail polish called a nail to illuminate the bitten stump found at the end of your finger, there's a lot of opportunity for you to spend your time brushing the scales of the dead fish, because the essence of natural pearl is.
Top brands with CI 75170 listed in the ingredients include and. 1Cholesterol.
Yes, we are talking about the natural wax that causes an arterial blockage.
Cheese, milk, beef, pork, and almost everything that is delicious, cholesterol is everywhere.
This is why we are often told that it is harmful to us and will clog the arteries like grease in the drain.
You 've guessed that you or the person you love applied this to your face at some point.
You see, cholesterol is found in another important place: your skin.
More importantly, there is also animal fat.
It is one of the top layers of your skin and helps to keep moisture.
Because of it, cholesterol is the ideal ingredient to help keep the skin hydrated, which in turn helps to eliminate the wrinkles that appear boldly.
We cannot help but notice that there is not even a fancy name, including L'Oreal, Dev, and Elizabeth Aiden, to cover up the use of cholesterol.
We can only assume that this is because
The wrinkle Frost sector in the industry is very confident about the need for an aging population to remain youthful, and they think there is no limit to what these people will rub on their faces.
They may not be wrong, considering.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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