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The Beauty Essentials to Always Carry in your Bag. - aroma magic skin care beauty products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-08
The Beauty Essentials to Always Carry in your Bag.  -  aroma magic skin care beauty products
The way you keep yourself, the way you dress yourself, the way you spray your perfume, or how you make up during the day, are all indicators of how you think about yourself and how you want to represent yourself.
No matter how much people want to be free, they don't judge everyone.
But you can't change human nature, so we will judge everyone forever.
We can choose to read this book if we like it.
That's why I wrote this, considering beauty products, some of the most respected people in the world, supermodels, carry them with you at any time, so they always look admirable they always look very caring for themselves and even if they have had a bad day they are always at the top of the game.
Whether you want to clean your hands with sticky stuff, clean your face, remove any stains, or just use them as a review during the hot summer.
It is also necessary.
Don't let me list what you need them to do!
You need to moisturize your skin, especially if you have dry skin like me, the skin will break and hurt in the coming cold months.
You can also use hand cream on your face, but only if you feel the need.
Hand cream is too strong for facial skin that needs to be more delicate.
You can use it, but rarely, only scratch it when your facial skin needs it, or when it feels cold.
Otherwise, if you would like to apply more moisturizer to your skin, please bring some cream with you.
The same is true for girls and boys, and I can't stress that, but lip balm is a must.
You can always calm the skins on your hands in the cold, but those lips hurt like hell and look too bad, not to mention that you can't eat sometimes because they break the skin
If you are not allowed to color your lips, you should not use color lipstick or light pink or nude lipstick.
A broken nail can also hurt in mind and body.
You will never know when you may need a file, so be sure to carry a file with you wherever you are.
You might think of wet wipes and ask why you should also have a hand sanitizer?
Because wipes are used to wipe things.
For example, they make your fingers greasy if you eat French fries.
Hand sanitizer does not help, you need wet wipes.
When you feel that your hand is sticky, has a peculiar smell, or you just like the scent of disinfectant, you need disinfectant every once in a while.
Don't forget that there are more bacteria found on the school table [in] than in the bathroom! ].
You can also bring a foundation, maybe a light foundation, and it doesn't look like you're wearing a foundation at all, but you always need a powder to keep all the foundation in place.
So as long as the foundation is not a must for you, I suggest you only have loose powder in your hand.
It will hide the most imperfect places, it will give you more care
It looks like it will make your oily skin better.
It works well for me and sometimes it really helps to get rid of acne or acne.
Don't forget about your hair.
Why do you want to use shampoo?
You need this time when you walk out of the house with very fine hair, but during the day it gets greasy because you often touch it too much, or just because it's time to wash it.
Or those moments after the gym/workout time.
No one wants to smell funny, right?
Never choose a perfume that smells a few miles away.
You're at school, not going out with friends.
Choose a light, perhaps floral.
In short, in addition to deodorant, perfume and hand sanitizer, you should basically put the beauty products you use every day, or at least the beauty products that the angel uses in your bag.
It's better to always be with you and have an eyebrow gel, facial powder and lipstick, so whenever you feel your face is getting greasy, you shine a little more than you think, you can always take care of it with your facial powder.
In addition, the lip color on the lips or lips is also destroyed
It's beyond the liner of your lip line, it's not the best view for anyone, and it shows you're a messy person.
However, I do not recommend that you carry all your makeup with you or even keep your eye shadow or eyeliner.
You should take care of these things at home, only your necessities.
According to your makeup, you should carry the beauty essentials with you.
You should adjust your makeup and dress code according to your school or workplace.
You don't want to feel inappropriate or represent yourself, except for someone who knows his or her work and knows how to grace or fit in.
It's not a violation of the rules, it's respect for the rules, and that's how you get respect from your classmates or colleagues.
If your school or working environment is OK, you can carry eyeliner with you.
I suggest you choose a dark blue or dark green eyeliner so you don't look like you're working too hard at school and you can always leave the black eyeliner wings out for the night.
I would say that using mascara, if possible, would even stop the use of eyeliner.
If you apply mascara, you don't have to apply eyeliner.
Applying mascara is like wearing makeup.
It's more complex and won't get into chaos like eyeliner.
If you are not allowed to apply mascara or eyeliner, but you still want a little clarity, you can use clear mascara at any time.
You can keep your eyebrows in place and lift your eyelids with it. Win Win!
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