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The Best Beauty Hack for Dry, Cracked Feet - best skin care products for dry skin 2018

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-06
The Best Beauty Hack for Dry, Cracked Feet  -  best skin care products for dry skin 2018
In some parts of the world, always summer or spring, in the countryside of North Carolina, the weather is very bad, we wear sandals about 9 months a year, this means that my feet are always on display.
I like the soft and smooth feeling of professional pedicure, but as a teacher, I don't have that much money to splurge on care.
Unfortunately, it's easy for me and the rest of my family to get their feet dry.
It looks like no matter how much lotion you apply, after a few hours they are all flaky and scaly and even gray.
Some people I know even have deep cracks and grooves on the sides of their heels and big toes.
Needless to say, my feet are not beautiful if I can't keep up.
Here's what I randomly found as a mom-to-be to make your feet look like they just came out of the salon all day.
As a pregnant woman with a big belly, she is usually number 0.
I am very worried about stretch marks.
Although many people are prone to stretch marks that are genetically related, the fact that I hold a baby of nearly 9 lbs in my little frame does not help.
I added 30 pounds during pregnancy, and for every one I added I was worried that I would never be able to wear those two pounds
Piece together again.
I started working on stretch marks cream and lotion.
All of this I 've found contains chemicals I don't trust, or harmful parab gold or neighboring benzene ester.
Just then, I went to see my masseur every month because of an old injury caused by a car accident ten years ago.
I told her my fear, when I used my drum 20-week belly.
She works on my neck and says, well, why don't you try the oil I'm using now?
In fact, I have always enjoyed the taste of her massage oil, but I do not know the ingredients.
So, I told her that I like to do things as naturally as possible, and I may not want to use highly processed oil on my stomach.
She then grabbed the bottle and read the ingredients: 100% almond oil added with fragrance.
I was ecstatic to try something so natural!
I looked up the benefits of almond oil online and found that it has a particularly high vitamin E and is very good for skin elasticity and hydration.
I went to find a bottle of 100% pure almond oil with no fragrance.
It's not too expensive, and the best part is that even if I wipe it all over my belly, it doesn't get my clothes dirty like olive oil, though due to repeated use, I did leave a big stain on the sheets.
I spent my pregnancy with minimal stretch marks and now I can still wear 2 piecesSwimsuit.
Almond oil for rescue!
So, fast into the summer after pregnancy.
Since I was exhausted at birth and couldn't get regular pedicure, I was frustrated with the ugly state of my feet, but didn't want to wear closed shoes either.
I tried the lotion and cream until one day I suddenly thought of putting some almond oil on my piggy and heel.
The result is an instant.
My feet look great and feel better.
I envied my toes and feet all day and realized it was worn out.
My feet look moist.
It's as free as I just walked out of a professional salon pedicure. Pour a dime-
Add a proper amount of pure almond oil to the palm of your hand, rub your fingertips gently, then apply to your toes, heel or any other dry area.
I can't find anything to help with my broken and scaly feet if it doesn't cost $30 to fix them.
It turns out that almond oil is the best thing I do for my feet.
I haven't had my feet fixed since October 2016, and unless I want to go to the relaxing massage and treatment they do, I'm not going to get my feet fixed soon.
Almond oil has been in my bathroom cabinet all the time.
I didn't even close the lid because I knew I would drop some in my palm every morning before going out.
A bottle seems to be expensive, but I'm not going to do pedicure, I 've saved a lot of money and a bottle will last for years.
It's a beautiful hack, and I hope I know it in high school and college, and change my summer morning life forever.
If this beauty hack works for you, please let me know in the comments!
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