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The Best Cat Breeds for Allergic Cat Lovers - list of hypoallergenic skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-30
The Best Cat Breeds for Allergic Cat Lovers  -  list of hypoallergenic skin care products
If you only hear the word "cat", it will make your nose suddenly itchy and your eyes full of tears. it is likely that you are one of the people who are allergic to cats. Bless you!
Today, you may be happy to hear that the first batch of hypoallergenic cats have been produced and they live happily in homes without sneezing, where allergy cat lovers can finally touch them, embracing them "etchuus" is now just a distant memory.
It seems so good. isn't it true?
Well, there's no need to pinch your arm to check if you're dreaming because their generous price tag will wake you up.
Think about the words Ashera, Jabari and Chakan.
No, these are not the names of expensive designer handbags or perfumes, but the names of low allergy cats and dog breeds designed for allergic cat lovers.
The pets are scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic, making allergic cat lovers and cats friends again.
But how is this possible?
The main reason for cat allergy is a protein called Fel d1.
This protein is secreted by the cat's oil glands, and allergic cat owners tend to contact this protein through the cat's skin or saliva.
These proteins are released in the air and found in particles much smaller than dust or pollen.
The good news for cat allergy patients is that naturally occurring genetic differences (GD) don't seem to hurt the cat and end up giving the allergic cat lovers the relief they deserve.
Why are cats hypoallergenic?
Allerca GD is a beautiful cat with many colors.
Therefore, cat lovers who are interested in this cat can choose the color of the cat.
Their fur is medium in length, easy to maintain and rarely comes off.
These cats are medium in size based on short-haired varieties.
Their personality is very sweet to a society where they make great family pets.
This cat looks more oriental and allergic cat lovers who like Siam will like it.
Chakan is the result of Allerca cats breeding with Siem Reap cats.
These cats have a typical SEAL point color for Siem Reap cats with cream color.
Their eyes are almond-shaped and have a clear gem blue.
Their personality is social and smart.
This is a very special cat that shows the same hypoallergenic properties and special distortions: they are very rare cats that look like mini leopards and the colors are very interesting.
They are very big cats, weighing up to 25 pounds.
They are friendly and fun.
Sounds good. is that true?
Average Starting price is $5000-
At $6000 for Allerca and $16,000 for Ashera, you're definitely not worried about sneezing anymore, but about balancing your checkbook.
Imagine, however, spending the years with a furry loving cat, with no itchy eyes, sneezing, a price tag that could be an old memory, and a series of long allergic episodes \'! http://www. allerca.
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