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The Best Facial Regime To Clear Up Acne! - african black soap and honey facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
The Best Facial Regime To Clear Up Acne!  -  african black soap and honey facial mask
Hi !
My name is Rachel. I have been suffering from adolescent acne since I was an adult.
I remember when I was a teenager, I felt like an ugly duckling because of my acne.
Like many other teenagers, do you remember what the name is, such as pizza face and your crazy skin program like alcohol, sulfur soap, toothpaste or nosey Zema.
Do you remember the products that made your skin burn or severe rash?
I still remember waking up with a mountain in the middle of my forehead and I canceled my Friday night appointment because of my flaws.
I still remember no one taught me how to clean my skin and how to prevent imperfections.
As a result, I had acne and irreversible scars in adults in my early 20 s and 30 s.
After trial and error, I realized I didn't do the right thing.
At that time, I started working on products that were successful on the skin.
I stumbled across natural products and a lot of reviews on how well these products work to solve acne.
So of course I want to try it myself.
I started my skin system and got good results.
Now that I have discovered my miracle, I hope that some relief will be given to others who suffer like me.
If you are reading this, then this tells me that you need more information on how to help reduce acne attacks and continue to improve your skin tone. First Step. .
Learn how to clean your face.
I suggest everyone wash their face every time they brush their teeth.
You may think this is a strange thing.
This may sound strange, but you'll be surprised how many people don't realize the importance of washing their faces at least once in the morning and once before going to bed. breakouts.
Make sure your soap cleans the impurities without stripping off the skin's natural grease.
If this happens, your body will increase the grease and cause more flaws.
I know many of you have heard of African black soap.
Dudu Osun black soap is imported from Ghana.
It consists of pure honey, shea butter, Auchan, aloe vera juice and natural lime juice.
The benefits of this soap are amazing, just the ingredients tell you the target area of the soap.
My first step against acne is to start cleaning with African black soap in the morning and evening. Second Step. . . Exfoliation.
You have to remove dead cells that cause pores to be blocked, which catch dirt and bacteria.
Regular exfoliating will make the skin smoother and softer while cleaning the skin tone and reducing wrinkles.
Men and women need to understand the importance of having at least one professional face or seeing a dermatologist.
This will simply give you a professional understanding of your skin and your concerns.
After the first time I did the micro-grinded, I noticed an obvious difference.
My skin is smoother, clearer and softer.
I am only exfoliating once a week now and I have learned my own home therapy for exfoliating. .
Some of the homemade exfoliating methods are. . . 1. 2. 3.
Baking soda and water: I mixed these two together to make a paste.
I apply it by doing circular motion.
I put it for a few minutes and rinsed it off.
Later my skin felt very soft and I didn't spend more than $3. Third Step. . . .
Use a gel.
Once I have exfoliated, I use the witch plum to help clean up the blocked pores and reduce any inflammation.
People who understand the benefits of natural astring agents and rough chemicals or gels have been using them for generations.
I chose this because it was natural and I did not receive the same harsh dry results as when I used the rubbing wine essence.
Tannin acid is an ingredient that prevents the effects of drying, and also contributes to swelling associated with inflammation.
Since Witch Hazel has been approved by the FDA, you can purchase it at a local Walmart or Target store. Fourth Step. . . . Apply a Toner.
I use apple cider vinegar for Toner.
After you wash your face and apply different products, you need to restore your skin to a natural pH to work properly.
If the skin is unbalanced, it will let the bacteria grow.
It is noted that Apple cider vinegar has achieved these effects and has also helped to reduce oil production.
Because Apple cider vinegar helps to shrink pores, I mix apple cider vinegar with cold water. Fifth Step. . . . . . Moisturize.
Moisturizing is your anti-aging formula.
Does dry skin cause acne and blemishes?
The argument between dermatologists is that the body increases the production of sebum oil because of drying.
When I moisturize day and night, I have fewer outbreaks.
You can use any moisturizer of your choice.
When choosing a moisturizer, always look for products that contain omega fatty acids and vitamins, a and E that will rejuvenate your skin.
I prefer avocado butter.
Avocado butter is a natural butter with all the ingredients listed above and the benefits of UV protection. Sixth Step. . . . . .
Drink your water.
Moist skin helps to promote moisture and elasticity.
Your skin has a function to remove waste by sweating.
Drinking water can help detoxify your kidneys and liver.
It is recommended to drink 1/2 ounces of weight.
Recent scientific research links skin care and happiness.
Proper skin care and adequate skin products are an integral part of our realization of young skin.
When you look beautiful, you will feel beautiful.
So if you or your loved one have acne then try my simple skin procedure or develop your own one.
Want to know how to start?
I have included a website to help you start a routine like me. www.
Blessings of nature.
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