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The Best Healing Crystals and Stones for Women - hand and stone skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-11
The Best Healing Crystals and Stones for Women  -  hand and stone skin care products
This article is about some of the best stones and crystals that women use in their own treatments.
Since stones and crystals vibrate at a constant rate and emit a pure, strong vibration, they can be used to help eliminate distortion and restore the proper balance within us, thereby improving the overall physical condition, mental and mental health.
Each stone and Crystal gives off subtle vibrations that affect a specific area of your body.
Matching a stone or crystal with its specific use allows you to get the most out of these harmonious natural gifts.
Scientific evidence on potential health benefits and risks associated with stones and crystals is difficult to obtain, but crystals and stones have been used for thousands of years.
This seems to indicate not only their safety, but also their effectiveness.
However, if you suspect you have serious problems, always seek medical care from qualified medical or mental health workers or natural health practitioners.
The energy from crystals and gems is subtle and will work over time.
Dedication and programming the stones and crystals you will use to heal yourself or another woman are very helpful.
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Detailed information on how to do this.
Amber is not actually a crystal at all, but a fossil of gum.
It is a powerful protector and has a close connection with the Earth.
Amber is a powerful therapist and cleaner because it absorbs negative energy and converts them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself.
Mentally, Amber is grounded and brings stability to life.
It gives people the motivation and motivation to realize their wishes.
In spirit, Amber stimulates intelligence and promotes a positive outlook on life.
It brings balance and patience and encourages decision-makingmaking.
Amber cultivate creative selfexpression.
Emotionally, Amber encourages peace and builds trust.
It can enhance a person's negative character and encourage him to take life less seriously.
Its sunny nature helps to resist suicidal or depressive tendencies.
Amber promotes the loyalty of interpersonal relationships and is very good for relieving post-emotionaloperative care.
In spirit, Amber promotes altruism and brings wisdom.
On the body, Amber is a powerful therapist and facial cleanser for the pulse wheel.
It makes the body energetic and has the ability to draw no.
Relaxation of the body.
Amber allows the body to regain itself by absorbing pain and negative energy
Balance and self healing.
Amber relieved the pressure.
It resonates with the throat and can treat goiters and other throat problems.
It can also treat stomach, spleen, kidney, bladder, liver and gallbladder.
Amber relieves joint problems and strengthens mucus membranes.
Amber stimulates the navel.
The purple crystal is a very powerful protective crystal.
It has a strong ability to heal and purify and enhance spiritual consciousness.
It can purify negative energy and transform into love.
This crystal also provides protection and balance during the transition period.
The purple crystal is very beneficial to the brain and can be calm or stimulated as needed.
Mentally, it helps a person feel less scattered, more focused and controlled.
It helps to make decisions and enhance common sense and spiritual insight.
When insomnia is caused by an over-active mind and prevents recurring nightmares, the purple crystal is helpful.
Purple crystal enhances memory and promotes motivation.
Emotionally, the purple crystal balances the highs and lows and promotes the emotional center.
It dispels anger, fear and anxiety.
The purple crystal relieves sorrow and sadness and supports anyone who accepts the loss.
The purple crystal reduces the feeling of being a victim and gives a spiritual perspective on the living environment.
This highly spiritual Crystal opens and illuminates a heart that is betrayed and heals the feeling of losing life and pure truth.
It promotes a deep spiritual connection between a person's self and life challenges, provides support, and, despite overwhelming odds, instilled patience and calmness.
The purple crystal is one of the most spiritual stones, which promotes love for the divine and gives people a deep understanding of its true nature.
It opens up intuition and enhances the talent of the mind.
The purple crystal is a stone that is very suitable for meditation.
The purple crystal can promote the production of hormones and regulate the endocrine system and metabolism.
It strengthens the cleaning and elimination of organs and immune systems and is an excellent blood cleaner.
The purple crystal relieves physical, emotional, and psychological pain or stress.
This crystal can relieve headaches, relieve tension and treat insomnia, giving you a restful sleep.
The purple crystal is especially beneficial to the throat or heart.
If you have insomnia or nightmares, put it under your pillow.
The purple crystal fades in the sun.
The purple crystal stimulates the throat and the Royal coronary wheel.
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Apache tears are a form of black obsi stone, but are much more gentle in nature.
They are very good for absorbing negative energy and protecting the gas field.
The stone is very comfortable and suitable for sadness.
Apache Tears provides insight into the root causes of pain, alleviating the long term
Accumulate grievances and promote forgiveness.
This stone stimulates the spontaneity of emotions, releasing obstacles that prevent a person from experiencing deep sadness.
Apache's tears stimulated the ability to analyze mentally.
Mentally speaking, this crystal eliminates the self
Limit and increase spontaneity.
Apache Tears is perfect for transforming your own negative emotions under stress conditions.
On the body, Apache tears enhance the assimilation of vitamin C and D, remove toxins from the body and relieve muscle cramps.
Apache Tears has the same additional treatment properties as black obsi stones (see below), but is much more gentle in nature.
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Chrysocolla is a quiet and lasting stone that helps to meditate and communicate.
At home, the stone draws all kinds of negative energy.
Chrysocolla can help you to calmly accept the changing situation and provide great inner strength.
Chrysocolla stabilizes and heals the interaction between the family and the individual and is beneficial for relationships that have become unstable.
This gem calms, cleans and rejuvenates all the Chakra, keeping them in line with the divine.
It can lead to negative emotions such as guilt, and reverse destructive emotional programming to bring happiness.
Chrysocolla treats heartache and increases the ability to love.
Chrysocolla improves communication but helps to tell when to stay silent.
Mentally speaking, this gem encourages itself
The balance between consciousness and the inside gives people the trust and sensitivity.
It enhances personal strength, inspires creativity, and provides motivation for those who lack it.
Mentally, Chrysocolla reduces stress and helps keep calm.
It promotes truth
Justice and Justice.
Emotionally, Chrysocolla lightens guilt and brings joy.
Chrysocolla is a great choice for women who treat PMS and menstrual cramps.
Physically, it helps with arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasm, digestive tract, ulcer, blood disease, and lung problems.
Chrysocolla detox the liver and kidneys and re-
Add oxygen to the blood.
It can relieve the pain of arthritis and enhance the thyroid gland, which is conducive to metabolism.
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The yellow crystal is a wonderful yellow crystal, it is a powerful cleaning agent and a recycler, very beneficial.
It's one of the few crystals that don't need cleaning.
Yellow crystals absorb, transform, dissipate and absorb negative energy.
The yellow crystal provides energy for every area of people's lives.
It protects the aura and cleans the Chakra, especially the solar nerve cluster and the navel chakra.
The Crystal activates the top wheel and opens the intuition.
The yellow crystal is a rich stone that helps people achieve their goals.
It attracts wealth, prosperity, personal strength, success and all the good things.
The yellow crystal delivers happiness emotionally and helps people to stay happy.
This is a useful Stone to eliminate group or family discord.
It helps to release negative features, fears and feelings at the deepest level.
Sidelin overcame his fear of responsibility.
It can stop anger and help people balance emotionally.
Mentally speaking, the yellow crystal improves itselfSelf-esteem and self
Confidence, eliminate destructive tendencies.
Encourage personality, motivation, creativity, self-motivationexpression.
Sidelin helps a person to be less sensitive to criticism, especially criticism, and helps a person develop a positive attitude, conform to the trend, and let go of the past.
This crystal encourages people to explore all possible ways to find the best solutions for the enjoyment of a new experience.
In spirit, the yellow crystal enhances concentration and energy.
It is excellent for overcoming depression, fear and fear.
This gem can promote peace of mind and bring forth wisdom.
It helps people process information, analyze the situation, and guide them in a positive direction.
The stone awakened the higher mind.
This gem injects energy and vitality into the body.
Xitelin helps relieve menopause symptoms such as menstrual problems and hot flashes, balance hormones and relieve fatigue.
It stimulates digestion, spleen and pancreas.
Citrine can eliminate infection in the kidney and bladder, activate the thyroid gland and balance the thyroid gland.
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Fluorite stone is highly protective and a beneficial crystal that helps protect people from getting negative or negative energy from people nearby.
It can clean and stabilize the gas field and is very effective for computer and electronic pressure.
Spiritually, Fluorite combines spiritual energy.
It enhances the power of intuition and makes people more aware of higher spiritual realities.
Mentally, Fluorite dissolves a fixed pattern of behavior, opens the door of the subconscious mind, and brings a repressed feeling to solve the problem.
Dissolve the fixed idea and it helps people see bigger pictures.
The Crystal dissolves the illusion and reveals the truth.
This can be very helpful when a person needs to act fairly and objectively.
Increase in fluorite
Confidence, improve physical and mental coordination, fight mental illness.
This crystal is a good learning aid that can increase attention.
It can help people absorb new information and promote quick thinking.
Emotionally, Fluorite stones are stabilizing and helping people understand the effects of the mind and emotion on the body.
In interpersonal relationships, it tells us the importance of balance.
In Treatment, Freon Stone is a powerful therapeutic tool that can release all kinds of negative energy and pressure.
It cleans, cleans and dispels anything imperfect in the body.
Fluorite stone helps with infection and is good for teeth, cells and bones.
It can repair DNA damage and has strong resistance to viruses.
Fluorite stones are good for colds, flu and rhinitis.
This stone can relieve arthritis, rheumatism and spinal injury.
It stroks the body to the heart to relieve the pain.
Fluorite stones rekindle sexual desire.
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Garnet stone is a powerful recycled stone.
It is cleaned and re
Provide energy for the chakra.
Garnet energizes, cleanses, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as needed.
The gem was carried as a Amulet long ago and is said to be a warning of the imminent danger.
Garnet stone inspires love and dedication.
It balances sexual impulses and relieves emotional discord.
The red Garnet stone can especially stimulate the control of the kundalini energy and help the sexual potential.
This is the Stone of commitment.
Garnet has strengthened its vitality and is particularly beneficial to women who are victims and abused, helping them recover lost power.
This gem promotes the regeneration of emotional energy and accepts the thoughts and emotions of a person.
Pomegranate stone stability is committed to achieving the energy of life goals.
It also increases the physical aspect of sex and increases fertility.
Pomegranate stone has a close connection with the lower brain glands and can stimulate people's awareness and recall their past lives.
It activates other crystals to amplify their effects.
Garnet clears all negative chakra energy.
Garnet is very useful in the crisis.
It is especially helpful in situations where there seems to be no way out.
It strengthens, activates, and strengthens the instinct to survive, bringing courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situations.
Garnet will also promote mutual assistance when encountering difficulties.
Mentally, Garnet will deepen people's perception of themselves and others.
It will dissolve deep-rooted patterns of behavior that are no longer useful.
Mentally, Garnet can help you get rid of useless or outdated ideas.
Emotionally, the gem lifted the depression.
It opens the mind and gives the selfconfidence.
Physically, Garnet will allow the body to regenerate and stimulate metabolism.
It treats spinal and cellular diseases, cleanses blood, heart and lungs, and regains DNA.
Pomegranate helps to absorb minerals and vitamins.
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Green moss agate is a stable Stone closely linked to nature.
It refreshes the soul and allows people to see beauty in all the things they see.
Green moss agate is an excellent delivery crystal that helps the work of the midwife, reduces the pain and ensures a smooth delivery.
It is a new beginning stone that helps to release obstacles or mental restraints.
Agate is a rich stone that attracts a lot of wealth.
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In spirit, this gem can help intellectuals gain their intuitive feelings, instead it can help intuitive people guide their energy in an actual way.
Mentally speaking, Moss agate can improve itself
Positive personality traits.
It releases fear and fear. seated stress.
This crystal helps to develop power and the ability to get along with others.
Green moss agate improves itself in spirit
Expression and communication.
Emotionally, it balances emotions, reduces stress, and reduces fear.
Garnet is a very optimistic stone that encourages trust and hope.
This crystal helps anyone with depression, whether through living conditions or through a chemical brain imbalance.
No matter how difficult the situation is, Garnet provides insight into the reasons behind it.
Green moss agate speeds up recovery in the body.
It helps offset the long termterm illness.
This gem is opposite.
Inflammation and reduced swelling of lymph nodes.
It cleans the circulation and eliminates the system, promotes lymph flow and enhances the immune system.
Green moss agate helps prevent hypoglycemia and dehydration, treat infections, colds and flu, and reduce fever.
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Hematite is particularly effective in grounding and protection.
It coordinates body, mind and spirit.
Hematite dissolves negative energy, protects the aura from negative energy, and restores peace and harmony in the body.
Mentally, Hematite is strong and supports timid women to improve themselves
Enhance the will and reliability, enhance self-confidence.
This stone eliminates the self.
Restricted and assisted expansion.
By keeping people focused on unfulfilled desires that drive life, this is useful to overcome addiction and coercion.
Hematite deals with overeating, smoking and any other form of overeating.
Mentally speaking, Hematite promotes concentration and focus.
It enhances memory and original thinking.
This stone enables people's minds to focus on basic survival needs and helps people solve various problems.
It helps people to accept mistakes and accept them as learning experiences.
Hematite is a useful stone for the study of mathematics and technical subjects.
It is said to be beneficial to the legal situation.
Physically, red iron ore helps solve the problem of blood circulation.
It supports the kidneys.
Hematite promotes the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells.
It can also treat leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia.
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Jade symbolizes purity and tranquility, and symbolizes wisdom gathered in tranquility.
This gem adds Love and nourishment.
It is a stone that protects the wearer from harm.
I believe that Jade will bring harmony, good luck and friendship.
The calm and calm energy of Jade can soothe emotions and help maintain peace in community relations.
Jade provides a sense of selfworth, self-
Adequacy and ability to deal with any situation.
This gem promotes harmony, balance and tranquility through emotional detachment.
Jade is perfect for recovery after any unpleasant experience (minor surgery, divorce, funeral, unemployment.
Jade also teaches people to accept and helps people become less picky about themselves and others. .
From the psychological point of view, Jade stabilized the personality and integrated the body and mind.
It promotes itselfsufficiency.
In spirit, Jade releases negative thoughts and comforts the mind.
It stimulates ideas and simplifies tasks in order to take immediate action.
Emotionally, this gem is a Dreamstone that brings insightful dreams when placed on the head or under the pillow.
Jade helps to release emotions, especially fidgety.
In spirit, Jade encourages you to be who you really are.
It helps you realize that you are a spiritual being and awaken hidden knowledge in your human journey.
Physically, Jade is a clean stone that helps the body filter and eliminate organs.
Excellent for the kidneys.
Jade also removes toxins.
It helps with birth and childbirth.
Jade is related to the heart wheel.
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Jasper is the "highest nurturer" to support and support during periods of stress.
This crystal brings peace and integrity.
Jasper unifies all aspects of your life and reminds people to help each other.
Jasper promotes the journey and dream memories of shamanism.
It provides protection and reason for energy and body.
The stone absorbs negative energy, cleans and aligns the chakra with the gas field.
Jasper removed electronic and environmental pollution, including radiation, and helped solve these problems.
From a psychological point of view, Jasper gives all the determination to pursue.
It gives us courage to face problems with confidence and encourage ourselves. honesty.
Jasper provides support in the necessary conflicts and makes it easier for people to use their own power and know that it cannot be taken away.
In spirit, Jasper helps to think quickly.
This gem enhances organizational skills and enhances the ability to run projects throughout.
It inspires imagination and helps translate ideas into actions.
Jasper supports circulation, digestion and sexual organs in the body.
It balances the mineral content of the body.
It is very protective during recovery (stress, surgery and other life trauma.
In addition, the Red Jade provides lively and fresh energy, reducing the feeling of victims.
Yellow Jasper balances hormones and protects during travel.
Green Jasper recovers energy and attention from burnout.
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Kyanite is excellent in tuning and meditation.
It is a powerful transmitter and amplifier for high frequency energy, stimulating mental power and intuition.
The blue stone can help the spiritual energy to appear in the mind.
This beautiful blue crystal connects a person's spiritual guide and instill compassion.
Kyanite is rooted in spiritual vibration and brings spiritual integrity and maturity.
It promotes the dream of healing and the dream of recalling.
This gem is very helpful for those who make the transition through death.
Kyanite immediately aligned all the chakra.
There is no need to clean the stone;
It automatically removes any negative energy.
Mentally, Blue Rock encourages telling the truth about itself and eliminating fear and blockade.
This crystal encourages itself
Expression and communication.
It broke through ignorance and opened the door to truth.
Emotionally, Kyanite eliminates the confusion, the blockage, the illusion, the anger, the frustration and the stress.
Intellectually, it increases the ability of a person to think logically and linearly, and it also stimulates a higher mind.
In the spirit, blue stone helps a person out of the idea of blind fate or incurable karma.
It reveals the role of the self in creating causes and the measures needed to balance the past.
Kyanite draws the light body into the physical field and connects the higher mind at the highest frequency.
On the body, Kyanite treats muscle disorders, fever, uro-
Reproductive system, thyroid gland.
It is a natural painkillers that can reduce blood pressure and cure infection.
Kyanite helps to release excess weight and support brain and motor response.
Blue Stone helps balance the shadeyang energy.
In addition, blue stone strengthens the sound and heals the throat and throat.
This is very helpful for performers and public speakers.
When adjusting the chakra, and during and after meditation, the black blue crystal puts the body at rest.
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Lapis lazuli promotes spiritual travel and stimulates personal and spiritual strength.
The gem opened the third eye wheel and balanced the throat wheel.
It inspires enlightenment and enhances the work and spiritual ability of dreams.
Lapis lazuli promotes spiritual travel and stimulates personal and spiritual strength.
This gem can release the pressure quickly and bring peace and tranquility.
It has great tranquility and is the key to spiritual achievement.
Lapis lazuli is a protective stone in contact with spiritual guardians.
It recognizes the mental attack, blocks it, and returns the energy to its sender.
Lapis teaches the power of speaking and can reverse the curse or curse
The ease of not speaking in the past.
This gem coordinates the physical, emotional, spiritual, and spiritual levels, thus healing depression and bringing the inner selfknowledge.
Lapis lazuli encourages people to take control of life.
It reveals the truth in your heart and encourages yourself
Consciousness and allow yourself
An expression that does not flinch or compromise.
This crystal releases any repressed anger that can cause difficulties in the throat or in communication.
This stone is a powerful amplifier of thought.
Lapis lazuli stimulates the higher ability of the mind and brings objectivity and clarity.
It encourages creativity and helps people face the truth and accept what it teaches.
This gem helps to express their views and coordinate conflicts.
It teaches the value of active listening.
Lapis lazuli strengthens the quality of honesty, compassion and integrity.
It connects love and friendship and helps to express feelings and emotions.
It resolves martyrdom, cruelty and suffering.
Lapis lazuli reduces pain in the body, especially migraine.
It can overcome depression and benefit the respiratory and nervous systems.
This stone helps the throat, throat and thyroid gland and cleans the organs, bone marrow, thyroid gland and immune system.
Lapis lazuli can improve hearing, purify blood and enhance the immune system.
It can relieve insomnia and dizziness and reduce blood pressure.
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The moonlit Stone is a "new beginning" stone that is closely linked to the moon and intuition.
Like the moon, it is reflective, it reminds us that everything is part of the cycle of change.
Moonstone promotes intuition, mental ability, and empathy.
It encourages waking dreams, especially when the full moon.
The most powerful effect of the Moon Stone is to appease emotions.
This gem can placate an overreaction to situations and emotional triggers.
This gem is filled with the energy of acceptance, passivity, and women, and is perfect for women who are too aggressive (and too male ).
Moon Stones ease emotional instability and pressure and stabilize emotions.
It pulls out the old emotional pattern so that it can be understood and released.
This crystal provides deep emotional therapy related to emotional stress and cures for upper digestive tract diseases.
Moonstone has a great impact on the reproductive cycle of women
Related diseases and tension.
It is connected to the pineal gland, balancing the hormonal system, stabilizing the fluid imbalance, and tuning with the circadian clock.
In the case of shock, it is helpful and can be used to appease those who are overactive.
In the body, Moonstone helps the digestive and reproductive system, absorbs nutrients, and eliminates the retention of toxins and liquids.
It relieves the degradation of organs such as skin, hair, eyes and liver and pancreas.
This is very good for PMS, conception, pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding.
The collapse of the stone can be in the site of jewelry.
All varieties of black obsi Stone are excellent grounding and protective agents.
The black obsi stone works very fast and has great power.
It is ruthless to expose shortcomings, weaknesses and obstacles.
So Apache Tears (a form of black obsi Stone) is sometimes a more gentle way.
The black obsi stone drives us to grow and provides solid support while we grow.
This stone provides a deep soul healing that can help you return to your past life and heal the emotional or trauma that has continued to the present.
The black obsi stone is strongly protective and forms a shield against negative emotions.
This is very helpful for highly sensitive people.
The black obsi stone is placed under the head or under the pillow to remove mental stress and tension.
But it can also raise the cause of stress and tension.
It can help you face a problem and end it.
In spirit, the black obsi stone activates the purpose of the soul.
It eliminates energy congestion and relieves tension.
This gem promotes growth at all levels and prompts people to explore the unknown and open up new horizons.
Spiritually, this crystal brings clarity, clearing up confusion and limiting faith, and again revealing the truth behind it.
Mentally, the black obsi stone can help you understand who you are.
It removes emotional obstacles and improves the quality of compassion and strength.
The greatest gift of the black obsi Stone is the root cause of insight into disease and problems.
It helps to digest anything that is difficult to accept and promotes the digestion of the body.
Black obsi stones detoxify and reduce the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, joint problems, cramps and injuries.
In particular, the snowflake black obsi stone helps a person to give up or give up negative habits or the path of the past.
It will bring opportunities for change, calm and clarity.
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Rose quartz has a very gentle energy and is a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.
It is the most important stone of the heart and heart wheel, teaching the essence of true love.
Rose crystals purify and open the hearts of all levels, bringing deep inner healing and selflove.
It is calm, reassuring and excellent to use it in trauma or crisis.
Rose Crystal attracts love.
Placed under your bed, under your pillow or in the corner of your relationship at home, this is very effective in attracting a relationship of love and love for you.
In the existing relationship, this crystal will restore trust and harmony and encourage unconditional love.
Rose quartz gently absorbs negative energy and replaces it with love.
It strengthens compassion and sensitivity and helps to accept the necessary changes.
This is a crystal that is very suitable for mid. life crisis.
Holding the Rose Crystal in your hands will enhance positive affirmation and will also remind you of your intentions.
Rose quartz is the best therapist emotionally.
This helps to release unexpressed emotions and heartache and to change the mood regulation that no longer serves you.
If you have never received love, Rose Crystal will open your heart and make it easy for you to accept.
If you have ever loved and lost, it will comfort your sadness.
More importantly, this gem teaches you how to love yourself, because if you don't love yourself, you can't accept the love of others.
Rose quartz encourages yourself
Forgive and accept, call yourselftrust and self-worth.
On the body, rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulation system of the body.
It releases impurities from body fluids.
This crystal can help with problems in the chest and lungs.
Rose quartz works with kidney and adrenaline to relieve dizziness.
The stone is said to increase fertility.
It also helps with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
I have rose quartz on my website as well as rose quartz beads and expanded hearts.
Smokestone English is one of the most effective grounding and anchoring stones, and at the same time, it actually causes vibration in meditation.
This protective stone has a strong connection with the Earth and the lower chakra.
This is a great antidote to stress relief and help by strengthening determination in difficult times.
Smokstone English teaches you how to leave anything that no longer serves you.
Mentally speaking, this gem can relieve fear, relieve depression, and bring calm emotions.
It can ease suicidal tendencies.
Smoked quartz helps to accept the body and sex, enhance the sexual ability, clean the basic chakra, and let the passion flow naturally.
Smokey Quartz reduces the fear of failure and releases itself
Limit, let a risk try new experiences.
This crystal lightens the nightmare and helps you realize your dream.
Smokey quartz is an emotional balancer.
This gem can eliminate and transform negative emotions.
Moyamoto can absorb all kinds of negative energy, which is very good for stabilizing emotional fluctuations.
In spirit, smokestone promotes positive and pragmatic thinking.
It helps to provide clear insight and eliminate the fear of failure.
This stone resolves contradictions, promotes concentration and helps communication.
Smoke quartz helps clean up the brain before meditation.
Physically, the smoke quartz itself is subject to radiation and is ideal for handling radiation
Related diseases and treatment.
However, one should make sure that the crystals that are naturally irradiated are chosen instead of those that are manually processed.
These stones are usually very dark, no. transparent.
Smoked quartz is effective for diseases of the buttocks, abdomen and legs.
It can relieve pain, including headaches, and is good for both muscle and nerve tissue and the heart.
This gem strengthens the back and strengthens the nerves.
It helps the assimilation of minerals and regulates the fluid in the body.
Smokey Quartz is good for the reproductive system and can dissolve cramps, which is very good for PMS patients and those who feel agitated.
This is a great stone to use under any pressure and helps to rebuild emotional Burns
Provide protection during treatment. .
I have found smore cornerstone British and smore cornerstone British jewelry on my website.
Sodalite helps relieve insomnia caused by over-active mental chatter.
This crystal helps to dispel irrelevant ideas, provide spiritual focus, and maintain logical reasoning in terms of emotional confusion.
Sodalite promotes the issue of trust and strengthens the commonality of friendship and goals with others.
Sodalite is an excellent stone for busy women who don't have time to enjoy peace and need to relax and regain their mental energy.
Sodalite, the Stone of peace, combines logic with intuition.
It stimulates the pineal gland and the third eye, opening the mental perception.
Sodalite deepens meditation and can help you understand your situation.
This gem instilled a desire for truth and idealism, allowing you to be honest with yourself and defend your beliefs.
In addition to the magnetic pollution, Fang lead and Shi Qing can be placed near the computer or on the computer to prevent it from distributing.
This is a very useful gem for family and collective work as it brings a sense of purpose of harmony and unity.
Sodalite promotes trust and friendship among members and encourages mutual dependence.
Sodalite is an excellent stone of the mind that eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage.
It encourages rational thinking, objectivity, truth and intuition.
This crystal stimulates the release of old mental conditioning and rigid mentality, allowing people to put new insights into practice.
Mentally, Sodalite brings emotional balance and can calm the panic.
It can change a defensive or over-sensitive personality that helps release the core fear, guilt, fear, and control mechanisms that prevent you from becoming who you really are.
This gem enhances itselfesteem, self-
Acceptance and selftrust.
It is one of the few stones that bring the shadow self to the surface and can be accepted without judgment.
In the body, fanglead stone balances metabolism, enhances the immune system, overcomes the deficiency of calcium, and cleans the lymphatic system and organs.
This stone can be used against radiation and insomnia.
It treats the throat, vocal cords, and throat, and helps with hoarseness and digestive system diseases.
Fanglead stone cools down fever, reduces blood pressure and stimulates the absorption of liquid in the body.
I have found Sodalite and Sodalite jewelry on my website, as well as the original samples shown above.
Sun Stone is a lamp.
Inspiring stones that give life and natural pleasure.
If life loses its sweetness, the Sun Stone will restore it and help you nourish yourself.
Clean up all the chakra and bring light and energy, this crystal makes your true self Shine happily.
Sun Stone has a deep connection with the regeneration power of light and sun.
Traditionally, it is associated with God of mercy, luck and good luck.
Sun Stone is very effective in removing "hooks" from others that will drain your energy.
Sunstone kindly returns the contact to another person, which is very beneficial for the tiecutting.
If it's hard for you to say "no" and keep making sacrifices for others, feel free to keep the sun out with you.
Help co-
Dependence, this crystal is good for self
Empowerment, independence and vitality.
If the delay is holding you back, the Sun Stone will help you overcome it.
Emotionally, the Sun Stone is-
Suppress and relieve dark emotions.
Particularly effective for seasonal mood disorders.
It helps people get rid of the feeling of being discriminated against, disadvantaged and abandoned.
Eliminate taboos and suspension
Ups, Sunstone reversed the feeling of failure and increased self
Worthy and confident
This gem encourages optimism and enthusiasm.
On the body, the Sun Stone stimulates itself
The power of treatment, the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, the coordination of all organs.
It treats chronic sore throat and relieves ulcers.
Sun stone can also relieve cartilage problems, rheumatism and pain throughout the body.
I have sun stone on my website.
Turquoise provides comfort for Spirit and health
For the body.
Turquoise is a protective stone that has been used for amulets and amulets since ancient times.
The stone is thought to change color to warn of danger or infidelity.
Turquoise promotes spiritual tuning and strengthens communication with the material and spiritual world.
It is placed on the third eye, enhancing intuition and meditation.
It is placed on the throat wheel, releasing the old vows, repressions, and prohibitions for the soul to express itself again.
Turquoise helps you explore your past life and shows you how your "destiny" creation is going on, depending on what you are doing every moment.
Turquoise is a purified crystal that dispels negative energy and removes electronic smoke.
This is a good stone that can be used to resist external influences or contaminants in the environment.
Turquoise has the role of empathy, understanding and self-promotion. realization.
This gem helps solve creative problems
Solve and soothe nerves when speaking in public.
Mentally speaking, turquoise is a strong stone.
It resolves an attitude or self of martyrdom. sabotage.
In spirit, this crystal, while keeping people on guard, also instilled peace of mind.
Turquoise inspires romantic love.
Emotionally, turquoise is the perfect stone for fatigue, depression, or panic attacks.
Turquoise enhances the body and mental immune system.
It can regenerate tissue, support the absorption of nutrients, reduce pollution and virus infection, and cure the whole body, especially the eyes (including cataract ).
Turquoise can reduce excessive acidity, which is good for gout, rheumatism and stomach.
This stone is counter.
Anti-inflammatory detoxification, relieve cramps and pain.
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