the best stuff for a facial mask AEU Tasmania and Tasmanian Government will meet to discuss latest offer

the best stuff for a facial mask AEU Tasmania and Tasmanian Government will meet to discuss latest offer
The Australian Education Union Tasmania state and state governments are scheduled to meet today and negotiations on wages and conditions continue.
If an agreement cannot be reached, approximately 36 schools in Northern tazhou will be closed on the morning of April 3, opening later than usual.

Roz Madsen, manager of Tasmania state division, saidClass support conditions are one of the conditions that the union has been working hard to negotiate.
She said that the main activities that the union initially carried out werexa0The proportion of teachers per student is small to solve the larger class size.
\ "We start with the ratio of 25 students in the class, which will trigger a situation where the class receives an assistant from another teacher ,\"xa0She said.
In negotiations, however, the agreement recognizes that classes and schools are complex and allows teachers to negotiate, process and access-class support.
"We found that there are many kinds of learners in schools and classes, and there are many kinds of learning abilities and styles ,"xa0She said.
The Minister of Education, Jeremy Rockcliffe, and the Minister of Finance, Peter gugwin, insist that state government investment in more teachers and teacher assistants will address the problem of class size.
Over the next six years, the government is recruiting more than 250 teachers, and in negotiations the government has offered to hire an additional 80 assistant teachers.
As the number of children with talent or learning difficulties in mainstream schools increases, teachers need to provide individual learning plans for each of these children.
MS Madson said the union wants the government to add some information to the agreement, acknowledging that the study plan will take extra time to stay away from faceto-Face the time to develop these.
There are no specific details as to whether the government is proposing to accept this recognition, or whether they will come up with any details about the study plan.
MS Madson said the union also wants to reduce the "teaching load"xa0About Primary school teachers.
As part of the existing agreement, primary school teachers require 22 hours of "teaching time" per week"xa0Basically class time
MS Madson says a historic agreement means that primary school teachers have 22 hours in the agreement, but high school teachers and university teachers only need to do 20 hours a week.
"It doesn't make any sense. it's a historical thing ,"xa0She said.
"There should not be any different reasons for teaching time in primary and high schools.
On November 14, Jeremy Rockcliffe announced that the government would accept this request as part of an updated proposal to the Union.
MS Madson said discussions focused on how to ensure that the report was more effective for teachers and parents.
\ "We want to discuss whether the way we do the report is most effective and how we use technology to make it easier for parents to understand ,\"xa0She said.
She said the trade union advocated a "complete reform of the reporting system"xa0This is a topic of repeated discussion.
MS Madson said the government wanted to ensure that professional action days, the day of professional development outside the classroom, were completed throughout the school level.
This caused panic as professional action days in the current agreement could include time in social and school camps.
MS Madson said the union did not agree with the government's regulations on how teachers could complete these days.
A key sticking point in the Union discussion is the wage cap of 2 cents.
Jeremy Rockcliffe and Peter gugwin both stood firm in defending the wage ceiling during industrial action.
On October, Mr. Rockliff said that it was "fair and reasonable" that the government had raised two percentage points per year ".
"Over the next six years, the government has hired another 250 teachers and 80 teaching assistants.xa0Solve the year of teacher workload and class size.
Wages have increased by more than 6% over three years.xa0These years have actually threatened our ability to live up to that commitment.

On March 21, Peter Gutwein announced that the latest proposal would include the revised wage policy, which would include "wage increase 2 ".Five percentage points per year during the term of the agreement also includes the most significant changes in terms and conditions in a decade.
At a meeting with union leadersxa0The proposal to raise the salary of civil servants is outlined, which will increase the salary by 7 percentage points in three years.
Rockcliffe said the government is "negotiating in good faith"xa0Give civil servants the highest possible salary increase and maximize the conditions that the budget can afford.
\ "We inform the union leaders that the offer for each agreement they will receive later today will include a salary increase for the first and second years.In the second and third years, funds were further increased through additional savings measures.
The government will provide formal offers to trade unions later today, and the government has set twoThe Union offers a one-week deadline to members for their consideration and approval.
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