the best stuff for a facial mask Cirque de Soleil clown Clint Bolster's artist residency at Launceston Church Grammar

the best stuff for a facial mask Cirque de Soleil clown Clint Bolster\'s artist residency at Launceston Church Grammar
Clint.xa0Bolster uses masked theater as a recovery tool in schools.
Why?Because when he was a student, the masked theater taught him his ability to cope.
In his teens, Bolster was so bullied because he was gay that he was hospitalized more than once.
At the same time, his drama teacher introduced himxa0Dell productsGorgeous vocabulary of masked theater.
"I had to hide behind the mask and do something I wouldn't normally do ,"xa0He said.
Somehow I find that I can make my audience laugh.
Once he performed for the teachers, parents and students of the school.
This is the best thing he has ever done.
"My bully is in the audience ,"xa0He said.
This is terrible.But I used nervous nerves to make them laugh, and they became my friends overnight.So laugh, for meI never take it for granted.
His major includes wearing masks and communicating, or performing without speaking, and "contemporary clowns"xa0Theater.
He is a member of the Cirque circus clown team, and is also the artistic director of the hormcuus theater.xa0Company, in-School programs, tours of stilts,xa0And the mask family, one.xa0Interactive Tour mask theater performed during festivals, corporate events and other events.
He described his work as "like a cartoon character taken out of a cartoon ".
Bolster has been in Launceston for two years.Launceston Church Grammar day teaching artist House to share the power of laughter with this generation of teenagers.
"It's very interesting. the common ground among young people all over the world is happiness and laughter ,"xa0He said.
"How can you use it?Because when you grow up, you losexa0Ability.
\"Sometimes -Many times-People get too serious.
"Laughter is everywhere: for children at risk, and for students of all grades and ages that we are exposed.
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