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When all you have to do is look for shadows, you are done and you are gone.There are too many choices for makeup foundation, it is difficult to decide which one to choose, because all foundation looks promising.Here are the pros and cons of different types of foundation to help you learn more about your choice of makeup.
The Foundation is a very basic foundation type, which is very suitable for beginners.It is very light to the face and gives you the feeling that you have almost nothing to wear.This is perfect for oily skin because the powder can absorb the oil and effectively eliminate the gloss.
Can play the effect of drying.
If you have dry skin, it is very important to moisturize and season your face before applying it, otherwise you will look very picky and unnatural.Others don't like it because it doesn't look as pure as the liquid foundation.Many makeup artists prefer foundation because it is simple and quick to apply.
It glides smoothly and provides a uniform and pure coverage, ideal for everyday life.In order to have a more natural look, you need to match it perfectly with your skin tone.It's not ideal for those who try makeup for the first time, as it looks stre.
Liquid Foundation is also not suitable for oily skin, as some ingredients stimulate the oil glands, resulting in a more shiny face.The best thing about the mouse Foundation is that it has a light feel of the powder foundation, but it has full coverage from the liquid foundation.You will know how much coverage you will get depending on the texture.
Dry mousse means medium coverage, and consistency of cream flavor makes your coverage higher.The mismatching of your skin type mousse base can bring disaster.The matte surface applied to dry skin will make you look like you are wearing a mask, and the cream formula will make oily skin look too shiny.
There is no need to discuss the pros and cons in this section --This is the best foundation-period!
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