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the best way to tan hides without chemicals | ehow - fresh skin care products in uk

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-21
the best way to tan hides without chemicals | ehow  -  fresh skin care products in uk
Tanning is a craft that has always been a part of human culture as long as there is human culture.
The first Hunter
The collection tribe wore skin and cured the skin without harsh chemicals.
People engaged in leather products or hunting still use these techniques frequently.
While chemicals are available to families, chemicals can be dangerous.
Even the skin as big as a deer can be naturally tanned by hand.
Commercial tanning is carried out with chemicals that make the leather not as good as the naturally tanned skin (see reference 1 ).
"Brain" tanning and "bark" tanning use milk oil and bark instead of toxic chemicals, respectively.
Depending on the size of your pelt, you need a large frame or smaller board.
In order to remove fat and meat from inside the fur, the scraper is necessary.
You also need salt for big skin.
For bark tanning, the bark you need is twice the weight of your fur.
By nailing a small fur on the board, or stretching a large skin on the frame, air
Dry skin, meat side out.
Scrape all the meat and fat from inside the fur.
Pay attention to prevent skin corruption.
Before getting sunburned, the skin will rot like meat, so store it in a cool and dry place once dry.
Do not expose the skin to sunlight or heat.
Need to marinate big skin.
Apply granular salt on the meat side of fresh skin, 1 pound.
1 pound of salt. of skin.
Next, soak your fur in the water.
It may take a few days for a large skin to soften.
In this case, you need to replace the water every day to prevent the fur from spoiling. A top-
Loading the washing machine may help, but use cold water and stop the washing machine before entering the rotation cycle.
The bark used for sunbathing includes oak trees, fir trees, willow trees, chestnuts, birch trees, alder and hemlock.
Grind the bark as thin as possible, then boil it in water to filter the Danic acid.
Soak pelt in a container large enough for the liquid to reach all parts of it.
For the first tanning bath, dilute liquid 1 to 1.
When taking a shower for the first time, the mixture is too strong to cause the outside of the skin to tan first and prevent internal curing.
It takes about a week for the first bath.
Stir often.
The second bath should be stronger than the first and strengthen every few days until the skin is tanned for five to six weeks.
Vinegar can be added to further acid and strengthen the mixture.
You will know that when at the intersection, the skin will be completely tanned
Brown is the color of leather.
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