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I am again with you to discuss the secrets of my family for more than two centuries, to stop the treatment of getting older.If my grandfather, Sri ramramji Das Mehta, of Baral, left to go to an incredible residence without publishing strategies to eliminate facial aging, especially among material women, it would be veryLet me talk to you about the type of aging before I go ahead.We usually observe two kinds of aging based on personal experience.
A is due to age growth but personal body growth slowdown two is life concerns of influence.The first I term is natural aging problem (NAS) or real aging (TA), and the second term is aging (ARA) or false aging (FA) related to anxiety ).Now, I will describe with all of my visitors the technology of reducing age one by one.
While no one can completely eliminate facial lines, most of us can eliminate facial line syndrome.Now, I will go on the basic trend of getting older.After the age of 40, all began to create reckless and informal minds --Therefore, it leaves a great opportunity for our individual bodies to shape and shape.
Most people, especially women at this level, are beginning to have feelings for success in life.They perform less and rest more.Professional women are also beginning to recognize the importance of social status over self.This is where these women go wrong and the first sign of getting older.
How do you determine that in your experience the facial lines on your face are caused by getting older or something, which is the most difficult question to find an answer.After detailing the types of getting older, I will perform three different degrees of getting older that everyone will experience.The primary stage (PS) begins after the age of 35Urban women and 40 urban women.
At this level you can easily avoid and heal the other two levels until the age of 85.After you have passed the age of 35, your personal body metabolism changes and the ladies tend to relax so that the personal body skin becomes around the experience, arms, breasts, abdomen and toesMost of the time the surface is displayed on the arm for the first time.When women perform, they understand that the skin of their arms is relaxing every day.
Only activities will reduce the age by more than 50%.All yoga exercises are very helpful at this level.In addition to exercise, please use Amla, cinnamon, ginger root extract and stop aging plug-in specially prepared using product lotion.
Take two Amla and make the powder material in a metal tank with an iron pan.Take the powder substance and mix it in ginger juice for 10 hours and 25 to 50 grams of ginger root extract.Now use the product lotion for 50 hours and get all the plug-ins ready.
Wash your arms and experience with tolerable hot water.Insert 10 to 15 hours and text your arms and experience at a reasonable time.If you stick to this formula all the time, God bless, you will never have a face of getting older.
The strategy of texting is very necessary for mastering.Let me tell you about the strategy of texting now.After experiencing the insertion, keep your right hand on your face and move on both cheekbones for more than 5 minutes.
After 15 minutes, repeat the counter.
clock texting.
Please make sure that the washing experience will not end after resistanceclock texting.It will hurt you in the long run.After texting for more than half an hour, please search down your thumb to create soothing stress around your cheekbones from eyebrows to throat down.Perform the same procedure within 15 minutes.
Wash and wash your experience now with simple soap.It is hoped that this strategy of texting should usually be done once or several times a month after the age of 40.If you don't deal with your experience, you don't get sexy when you're 40, but look like you're 80.
If someone follows this formula, he or she will certainly look much younger than ever.He has taken control of his experience.I usually call it a secondary stage, a careless stage where your experience shows visible facial lines.In general, you will find some black spots around the eyes, and several facial lines on both sides of the eyes, on the lower part of the chin and near the throat.
Such a woman should not worry.
It is an indication of performance, not an indication of the alarm.What should be done to remove this trace?You have to follow my health care and information (CAM) rules and don't panic.Use the recommended formula.Affected women are expected to have a pure reactionAging plug-ins at home, used regularly.
These substances are 150 grams of corn fields, 50 grams of darkness.Color Gram, Tulsi 20 results, a scoop of freshly squeezed red juice, 50 grams of dry red or red skin, using product lotion for 50 hours.Mix all the matter well.When you are ready to insert, add one or two ice dice as well.
Now your insert is ready.
Once you are ready to insert the page, please use it in your experience, especially in the affected places.Keep in mind that when implementing insert, your finger movement should be top-down along experience.You should make sure it is used very carefully.
Wait one or two times according to your duties and wash with normal water.Once you clean it up, take the ginger root extract for 5 hours now as indicated above and use it in the affected places and concepts.God is with you and you will have a very happy experience.
I hope that Dear visitors do not enter the third phase, which is often referred to as lasting aging (PA.If you find that you have grown old permanently, the representative or facial lines will not feel uneasy, but will stick to the steps mentioned below to avoid further aging.I'm sure you can check the facial lines at will.
Nevertheless, reducing facial lines and removing facial lines from experience, arms and toes at a later date is a very difficult but positive approach.Now, I will recommend the most successful and stop providing older treatment recipes and workouts for all.Please take 25-30 hours each for grinding or wheat, grain and black G, 1 cup of tea spoon ginger root extract, 25g red skin powder substance, 5-10 cups of cinnamon Juice, 25 cups of basil and 50 hours of product lotion.
Create an extensive insert on your experience, arms and toes and use it carefully.Readers should understand that it should be perfectly wise to implement the insertion rotation of hands, fingers and hands, not-clockwise.After using the insert, let it dry once or twice.
Wash your experience now with warm plain water and conceive the lowest half hour location
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