the body shop tea tree skin clearing facial mask 15 effective acne home remedies that work -

the body shop tea tree skin clearing facial mask 15 effective acne home remedies that work -
When the pores on our skin are blocked and infected, it causes acne.Due to excessive secretion of the oil, the oil will be trapped, resulting in acne and acne.If the infection is deeper, it may lead to a cyst.Skin areas with more oil glands are more prone to acne such as face, back, chest and shoulders.Acne is a very common skin disease.This disease occurs mainly in adolescents, but adults are also affected by this skin disease.When dirt and oil are blocked, normal bacteria found on the skin begin to grow and produce chemicals that cause irritation to the skin.This leads to inflammation.The main reason for acne is excessive sebum secretion.This can happen when one's hormones change.Hormonal changes occur during puberty, pregnancy, or stress.Adrenaline produces more hormones under pressure conditions, causing the oil glands to increase.Chronic constipation, hot and humid weather, anxiety, certain medications, allergies and greasy cosmetics may also be the cause of the outbreak.Acne can also be a genetic problem in some people.Symptoms are lumps, uneven rough skin, acne, mildew, redness, swelling, irritation, oozing and inflammation.Severe acne can leave scars on the skin or face.Antibiotics are available to treat severe acne.It is well known that there are many family therapies that can prevent or reduce acne and cure it.Some family remedies are 1.Neem: Neem has many beneficial properties for the skin.The printed nee leaves can be crushed and placed in the affected area.2.Lemon juice: Lemon juice can be diluted with a small amount of water and then applied to this area.3.Hu Luba paste: Make a paste with fresh Hu Luba leaves and apply it.4.Cucumber: crush the cucumber and apply it to the skin.Leave for a while first, then wash.5.Mint juice: crush the fresh mint leaves and remove the juice.This juice.6.Vinegar: apply vinegar to the skin after dilution.7.Tea tree oil: tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.Dilute a little tea tree oil and apply it.8.Aloe vera: Aloe vera is another beneficial drug.Apply the gel to the infected site.9.Orange peel: applying orange peel to acne is also an effective treatment.10.Garlic: add garlic to your diet.You can also crush the garlic flap and then gently dab it on your skin.11.Echin chrysanthemum: enhance immunity with echin chrysanthemum and help kill bacteria.12.Tomatoes: tomatoes are often eaten.Tomato slices can also be placed on the skin.Tomatoes help heal.13.Honey: add honey to your diet or apply as a mask.14.B vitamins: add compound B vitamins to your diet.15.ZINC: Zinc controls the oil glands.Take zinc in your diet to control bacteria.Avoid eating unhealthy junk food.Balanced diet with vitamins.Eat foods with high sulfur content, such as garlic and onions.Drink a lot of water to discharge toxins from the body and bring health to the skin.Practice yoga for glowing skin.Don't explode acne.Avoid touching it and keep your hands clean.Don't be nervous, or you will get worse.
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