the crystal craze - organic rose skin care products

the crystal craze  -  organic rose skin care products
Rose quartz, purple crystal, lemon stone and tourmaline are constantly emerging in skin care products, and they have been part of alternative treatments, but now crystals are quickly entering the skin care field.
Whether its facial care combines the soothing properties of crystal fragments or the stone itself as an ingredient in serum and cream --
More and more brands are turning to Crystal.
Sjl Skincare uses a gem powder with a purple crystal and Sapphire, and Dr. Hauschka has added black tourmaline to its product for its calming properties, while Elemis is in its serum
But helpDr Thomas, senior cosmetic surgeon at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, explained that Crystal has been used for therapeutic capacity since ancient times.
Gems are considered to create a protective field around the body and promote changes in mental and physical condition.
"Diamonds are the hardest gems to use for skin exfoliating and strengthening the skin.
Diamond powder is used to reduce wrinkles, restore luster and achieve youth-looking skin.
Amber is used to preserve natural beauty, solve problems around the eyes, such as dark circles, and remove impurities.
Black agate nourishes the skin and reduces signs of aging.
He said: "blue sapphire, ruby, tourmaline and yellow crystal enhance cell energy, blood circulation and clarity, and you can use soapy stones if you have red itchy spots on your skin . "
Aakriti Kochar says that for skin care, the crystal is thought to release positive energy, thus draining negative energy and toxins out of your body
In expert, Orry India.
"Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals in skin care and is very good for treating dry skin.
It supplements dry and dull with nutrients to make your skin look soft and radiant.
It also helps to cure redness and sensitivity caused by excessive dryness.
Ruby crystals, on the other hand, are thought to eliminate skin tone and texture.
These products can be found in exfoliating products to help remove dead skin cells and make your skin look fresh. I see crystal-
The current trend is to inject skin care products.
Its background and past use make it a popular choice.
The Oriflame Diamond honeycomb collection is inspired by the same science.
The diamond crystal is responsible for the brightening and softening of the skin texture.
"Crystals naturally vibrate at a higher frequency, promoting the increase of cell energy, microcirculation and clarity.
Dr. Manjiri Puranik, an Insta beauty physician, said that this increased frequency helps to direct energy to specific areas of demand, and can constantly adapt to your skin in any case, so as to obtainsculpt.
"When our skin cells are stimulated, this helps to increase the turnover of the skin cells, speed up the repair process, and help to reveal a smooth, radiant skin.
The low level of heat emitted by the crystals may help to provide the body with a sense of calm, and may provide favorable effects to support a healthy sleep cycle.
Crystals contribute to the circulation of the blood, especially the microcirculation between the capillaries of the skin.
It increases the power of lymphatic fluid and may support normal fluid balance in tissues.
They help promote inner balance, energy flow and clarity, and significantly improve overall life satisfaction.
Skin and Dr. Geeta Fazalbhoy, founder and dermatologist of your clinic, said crystals are useful for micro-grinded skin.
"This is a process of using a gentle vacuum to engage the skin with the crystal.
It can be used in a variety of skin conditions such as acne scars or improved dull or rough skin.
The crystals vibrate at a high rate, so they promote micro-
The blood circulation of the skin is ten times.
"They help to increase cell energy, promote cell turnover, and make skin tone smoother," she added . ".
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