the face shop bio-cell premium facial sheet mask 10 easy steps to a beautiful korean-like skin that you ...

the face shop bio-cell premium facial sheet mask 10 easy steps to a beautiful korean-like skin that you ...
Once you meet a Korean woman with perfect and beautiful skin, you will feel stressed.Have you thought about why?This is because Koreans usually see their skin color as their biggest investment, not only worth their money, but also their time.Korean skin care is more comprehensivestep process.This is a fact that seems to have triggered a lot of charm in the beauty field, in the beauty field, when people can easily judge you according to your looks, employment discrimination in the workplace is very rampantSo if you're a fresh graduate looking for a job, you 'd better follow these steps so you can be the best person for an interview in a timely manner.To be sure, you 've heard of millionsKorean beauty and skin care routines.The truth is, it's only made up of ten steps, and it only takes about fifteen minutes.Do this often and it will make your skin shine.This is what Koreans do.1.
In order to start to maintain your skin, you need to remove all obstacles, such as makeup, dirt and other environmental impurities, first.Use a clean wipe or good makeup remover to remove any mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, or even a shadow moisturizer around the hair line.Next, use an oil.Cleanser for relaxing facial makeup.Add a little warm water and rinse everything off.2.
Now is the "double" part of the double cleaning step.Clean the pre-Clean the skin with a water-based cleanser.Wash off the remaining impurities and any residue during the oil cleaning process.3.
Exfoliating is essential for a delicate skin tone.The shedding of dead skin cells makes it easy for your other skin care products to blend into pores.Use a soft exfoliating cleanser and focus on areas that need attention, such as T-The area around the nose.Just make sure to scrub a few times a week, so this step is just optional.4.
It's time to prepare the skin with toner.Simply sprinkle it on your hand and tap your skin directly with your hand.Toner is a step to make your skin spotless.It helps you balance the pH of your skin and works with a little bit of water to prepare your skin to absorb the next skin care product.5.
Take the essence as the core of Korean skin care routine.Essence is a toner and serum used to help skin repair and hydration.It improves your skin and becomes amazing and beautiful.Apply it directly to your fresh skin tone and clap it with your hands.6.
Serum is an extracted essence, along with booster and anpou.These products can solve any problems such as poresRefining, whitening, wrinkles, pigmentation and acne.You apply it the same way, it's all about tapping it on your skin.7.
If the essence is the core of the Korean skin care routine, then the sheet mask is the soul.This is a nourishing ceremony that provides you with the maximum treatment of 15 to 20 minutes for your skin.For this step, it is enough once or twice a week.8.Wrinkle Cream-
The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive skin on your face, which is why you should treat it with the added help of protection and hydration.Gently tap the eye cream around the entire orbital bone with your ring finger to avoid the water line.9.
Hydrating is the key to making the skin shiny.Finding the perfect moisturizer for your skin type is a key step in protecting your skin.Apply moisturizer on your face and neck in the morning and evening to keep your skin hydrated and protected.10.
While you'll be walking outside for a few minutes, applying sunscreen is a great way to stop premature aging.It is necessary to apply every morning and even re-apply all day.
The secret of Korean beauty makeup is less makeup and more skin care.The real key is prevention and cultivation to eliminate any need for expensive facial products.You don't need to go to the mask and scrub every day, however, give your skin extra treatment as long as you can.
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