the future of your face - organic men's skin care products

the future of your face  -  organic men\'s skin care products
There's nothing more "good morning" than stem said"
Cell injection on your face
Or, rather, an update on what kind of age
Rejection of treatment is effective for us.
So I brought you the good news: an article from the Telegraph covered potential cosmetic fixes that made Botox look like it was injected with botulinum toxin on the forehead.
Here, summarize some of the highlights: the most
Agey: ice cream for Ice beauty.
These creams were developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and are used in two phases.
First, the packaging uses "evaporated water under vacuum" to cool the cream to 36 degrees Fahrenheit to help it "lift the skin immediately when applied," the Telegraph said ". " (
As a result, wrinkles should be reduced by 32% in an hour. )
But, it seems that this is not enough, and the freezing temperature will shrink the lipids of some creams to make it easier for them to slide out of your pores.
Once they are under your skin, the body's heat heats up these fats to expand them to their original size, which helps them push wrinkles to the surface of the skin, "fill" wrinkles from the inside.
"It's kind of like inflating a balloon.
Most efficient: So you want bigger breasts and smaller bottoms, why waste all the fat left by fat removal when you can implant fat into your chest, this is a technology that is currently being tested from where you don't want it and implant it where you want it.
By using your own fat to enhance your chest, you may avoid the risk of infection and rejection from foreign fat cells injected into your tissue.
According to The Daily Telegraph, these early studies show that about 75% of the implanted fat actually stays in the breast (
Instead of migrating to other places).
It also referred to this technology as "natural enhancement "---
I feel like there is some questionable choice of words unless it is also considered "natural" and I don't know, it will cut off 1 feet and stick it back on your head.
Stem cells are the most politically controversial.
Well, actually, it's a bit misleading: the Telegraph points out that it's impossible to incorporate living materials into the skin --care product --
Even if so, embryos may not be involved.
But you can create skin.
Care products claiming to protect your previously existing skin cells from damage and deterioration--
This is important because stem cells play a role in helping the skin look young.
As a result, Dior launched a moisturizing series called "Capture R60/80 XP.
"Does this sound unscientific? Actually, given that other stem cell treatments can cause a stir, I shouldn't laugh at the science of it: stem cell injections. Yup.
A spa in Moscow offers a service that says they can harvest stem cells from your fat tissue (
Keep in mind that harvesting stem cells is very complex and the effectiveness of this procedure has not been proven yet)
Cultivate them in the lab and inject them into your face.
It is said that this can eliminate wrinkles.
And 15,000 pounds.
According to an expert quoted by The Telegraph, this may be meaningless.
My favorite: skull lift.
I think I like this because my Uncle Bob, an old man with a grumpy temper, is always 85 years old, at least in my memory. Bob --who was bald --
I like to pull a prank on Halloween, pull his jowls with tape on the back of his head, and then wear a big hat to cover his hairspray. Instant face-lift! (
And less than $5. )
But Bob, although he is smart, there is no evidence from Duke University researchers that our facial bone structure will actually change as we grow older.
What is the solution? Find out the chemical pathways that drive the changes in our bones, and then intercept them with a needle, as Duke researchers say, in a clinical setting that does not require recovery time, can "reach the bone through the skin and soft tissue of the cheek ".
"I think I prefer the tape.
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