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the greatest beauty tips of the year - facial enzyme mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-19
the greatest beauty tips of the year  -  facial enzyme mask
Pink cheeks look sweet but they are as sexy as innocent people.
To get a "rinse effect", makeup artist Lucia Pieroni used an oversized brush to wipe the M at chlo é's spring 2015 fashion show. A. C.
There is only one blush around the face.
Pieroni says it looks like it's coming from the "inside of the skin" glow.
"Read more: Joanna Vargas, a rose-colored celebrity interviewer, said that no matter what time of the year, the secret of great skin is a monthly facial care;
However, she also suggested some
Family solutions such as sleeping with a humidifier and taking a hot bath (not too hot! )
, Exfoliating twice a week, hydrating with jojojoba
Avocado oilbased cream.
Here, her recipes help ease the effects of winter.
Yangju and Rosemary bath "this potion will not only relax you from day to day, but will also soothe your skin like other potions.
"The dry patches and redheads will disappear overnight," Vargas said . ".
1 cup of chamomile tea 1 cup of rosemary 1 cup
Boil the two ingredients with water for 15 minutes, filter the leaves, and add the injected water to the bathtub.
Yogurt, avocado and honey mask "yogurt is an
Inflammation caused by lactic acid composition, "explained Vargas.
"Avocado is something I recommend to any skin type, and it is essential to keep the skin hydrated even during dry winter.
Honey also moisturizes and really changes the skin.
A cup of yogurt, a cup of avocado and a cup of honey.
Apply all the ingredients together and place them on the skin for 20 minutes.
Read more: a celebrity facelitist treats winter skin smoke-flavored recipes that accidentally apply black eyeliner, meaning charm and sexy fatigue.
In contrast, the black eyeliner with wings mainly conveys the message by shape and requires precision.
With a steady hand, drag the point of the pencil or brush as close as possible to the edge of the eyelashes, explaining many patient girls;
Extend a mark from the outer corner of the eye;
Connect the two lines into a triangle;
Now fill in the triangle.
Read more: battle preparation: a symbol of the black eyeliner of Burberry's Fall 2015 show, makeup artist Wendy Luo builds a layered and beautiful look with "romance, but it's not the eyes of "smoke" that matter.
After drawing a line along the upper and lower cover with cream eyeshadow, loosely mix under the eyes to get the worn-out-in finish.
Her suggestion to artistically reproduce this messy feeling is: "It should look like it was done in a hurry.
Read more: in Burberry, Romantic (
But don't call them "smoke ")
EyesMay Lindstrom craft skin
Care products with natural, organic, biological vitality and sustainable ingredients.
This is her nutrition recipe.
As she said, you can make rich enzyme masks at home for "serious light.
1 tablespoon of raw honey, 1 tablespoon of protein, 1 teaspoon of true Ceylon cinnamon, 1 drop of lavender essential oil.
Mix all the ingredients above in a small mixing bowl and add a few drops of water if needed to produce the desired consistency. 2.
Use a mask brush to evenly apply the mixture to the face. 3.
When the mask penetrates for 10 to 30 minutes, the active ingredient is allowed to start working. 4.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 5.
Massage the moist skin with facial oil to bring luster and deep moisture to the skin.
Read more: "She's an honest English girl and doesn't worry about what other people will think," said beauty artist Wendy Rowe backstage at Burberry spring/summer 2016 fashion show.
Rowe suggested that "you have to really put it on" for the layered cow blood lip, as she gently rolled a Q-
Tips around the outer edge of the lip line.
"This is not a mean word, nor a harsh word.
It needs to look shabbyin.
The girl has been out all day and she takes out her lipstick from her backpack for the show.
"Read more: How to make Burberry Prorsum alive-
In the appearance of lipstick for most beauty products, white eye makeup follows the principle of blonde eyes: Don't be too dirty and don't be too shiny.
Somewhere between calcium deposits and Nancy Klingen clothing seems just right.
Matte, colorful pencils like M. A. C.
The charming Eye Kohl can get dirty without taking the risk of gray paleness.
A little rainbow color was found in Sisley's Phyto-
Perfect Snow (
And a lot of self. dramatization)
You'll get something similar to the magical floral immortality medicine Puck used to color the eyes of sleeping Athens lovers: the ethereal moonlight, ready for a crush.
Read more: White eye makeup, an art of self-realizationall-
The night beauty seen in Marc Jacobs's spring/summer 2016 show is really like the makeup artist Francois Nares: Skip the foundation and cover the conce cream to add some greasy luster to the eyes, cheekbones and under the eyes.
"Vaseline is the best," he said backstage . "
With a hint of shadow, he added some darkness under his eyes, adding a blue-green shock to the inner corner of his eyelids to get a more rounded dolllike shape.
Hair pins and trim clips add the rest of the hairfrom-last-night vibe.
Read more: at Marc Jacobs, the beauty of getting inspiration from the morning after-the-fact experience tells us that keeping clean and dirty requires hard work --
However, the models on the 2015 runway in the fall wore sophisticated hairstyles that were deliberately dirty and meticulously done.
Guido Palau designed the hair at Miu, he started with the heavy mousse on the wet head and made it dry naturally
The hair should feel rough to the touch, like yarn or hemp rope.
In the show, he made a central part, shaped the two front wings into half a roll, fixed them with bobby pins and a lot of hair glue, and then raised the back, A messy ponytail. (
For Missoni, Paul Hanren was also soaked in Mousse --
But he twisted them and blew them. dried.
After loosening, the twists and turns open into large and brittle screws piled up over and over again, turning into an asymmetrical tower, fixing the coils and ridges with hairspray and more pins. )
Read more: The Art of the unfinished updomicwater sculpture from France meets its requirements: a fullin-
A facial cleanser that can remove makeup and purify the tone of the skin and boots.
You don't even have to wash it off.
Just sweep your face with a soaked cotton ball.
At the link, this is the best comprehensive report on the Seine River.
Read more: a face
Wash the miracle: in some of the most irresistible female prototypes, Micellar WaterGold makeup plays a role --the sun-
Kiss the blonde queen of ancient times, after a sparkling disco day.
Get a subtle tip from Alberta's spring 2016 show here: arrange the inner and lower eyes with warm golden shadows, looking for mysterious-
But not luxury. glow.
Or for a slightly lighter point of stone to gold, consider Joseph Altuzarra's method: Apply a glowing peach-
Golden shadows and blush on the lid and eyebrow bones for a more natural shine.
Read more: natural chemical power makeup artist for gold makeup and backstage beauty doyenne Pat McGrath the most impressive trompe l'oeil may be when her handmade work is completely invisible
Her looks can be so subtle that it looks like the model doesn't wear any makeup at all.
This has proved to be achieved
Makeup effect (
Seen on many runways)
The right portfolio is required (11 to be exact)
And full mixing.
She shared her process here, too thorough to be included in the space.
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