the green edit: the wonders of gold, frankincense and myrrh - collagen facial mud mask

the green edit: the wonders of gold, frankincense and myrrh  -  collagen facial mud mask
I like this time of year, obviously because of more and more cheers in the air, and also because of the products I start to crave.
For me, there are several different flavors and ingredients for the beauty of Christmas and winter.
Some ingredients are extracted directly from Christmas Legends, which often mention frankincense, no medicine and gold.
Here you can find them in organic skincare products while still having time to add them to your wish list.
Frankincense is often distilled to produce an aromatic essential oil with wood, dirt and spicy features-this is a Christmas flavor for me.
It comes from the resin that grows the bark of the milk grass in Africa and the Arab region.
Frankincense has been used as an oil coating for thousands of years. after burning, it is ground into Cole eyeliner powder.
In skincare products, frankincense is all about letting go-whether it's relaxing facial muscles to help smooth lines and wrinkles on expressions, or very effective calming effects when inhaling frankincense to help ease anxiety and
Local use helps nourish dry skin, reverse signs of aging and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.
Find it in a natural beauty scene: Tata Harper stress therapy, £ 64-this scent --
Therapeutic aromas with milky fragrance can help reduce anxiety and improve mood.
Apply to the pulpit, breathe in, feel and almost instant effects.
Therapie Joie Bath, 48-soak in my favorite tub all the time-the tub for aromatic and deep relaxation.
Strange Invisible perfume, 59, a beautiful organic fragrance with water and electricity
Distilled geranium and frankincense enhance the taste of white amber and plant Musk.
The medicines are from the burseracius plant family native to the Middle East and North Africa.
It is considered a sacred oil and has been used for religious and religious ceremonies for thousands of years.
Egyptians also treated pollen fever and herpes with no medicine.
As we all know, it helps to prevent signs of aging and relieve cracks or skin on lips and body.
It is the favorite of sensitive skin types such as eczema and helprelieve skin infection.
It is also a great mouthwash for teeth that can help relieve toothache, gum inflammation and mouth ulcers.
Where to find it in the natural beauty scene: May Lindstrom's blue cocoon, a gorgeous and calm skin balm containing immortelle, which melts on the skin and nourishes the skin, yard mouthwash that relieves inflamed skin, £ 8-this is my favorite mouthwash by far.
It makes the mouth feel fresh.
De Mamiel Salvation Body Oil, 70-as the name suggests, it is an effective skin saver due to the lack of medicine and essential oils of frankincense, especially for winter skin, it will make the skin
Gold has been a beauty panacea since ancient times, and Egyptians have used it for treatment --all.
In fact, it is said that Cleopatra used a mask made of gold to protect her beauty.
It is said that have-
Bacteria and resistance
Ions present in Gold help stimulate cells in the body, thus improving blood circulation, metabolism and waste secretion.
Where to find it in the natural beauty scene: Ila Golden cell era-
Recovery Cream, £ 120-this fine product line-gold in 24-3 forms
Carat gold, homeopathy and jelly to promote the production of collagen.
£ 30 natural plant Earth antioxidant mud mask.
60-this deep cleansing mask is packed with acai, cocoa, and nourishing spiral plants that energise 23 k gold leaves.
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