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the many properties and applications of glycerine by jo ... - humectants skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-22
the many properties and applications of glycerine by jo ...  -  humectants skin care products
Glycerin, also known as glycerin, is an organic compound with a chemical formula c3h803 called sugar alcohol.
It's sweet.
A colorless, tasteless, viscous liquid.
It melts in water, usually nottoxic.
In nature, it appears in the form of grease.
Glycerin is the ester of the compound and is the basic component of the lipid.
A variety of industries have seen glycerin in many applications.
Due to its lubrication and moisture absorption properties, it is included in pharmaceutical preparations.
Therefore, this substance was found in cough syrup, cough sputum and suppository.
In personal care products, there are shaving cream, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, skin moisturizer and conditioner, and hair care products.
This substance is an excellent solvent.
It is a moisturizer.
Soft agent in candy and cake, and food preservative.
A molecule of glycerin or glycerin containing three carbon chains.
In each carbon atom, an oh base is attached.
The hydroxyl base represented by OH.
The compound has a high solubility in water, and its moisture absorption properties are related to oh-based.
Moisture-absorbing compounds have the properties of attracting water molecules from or around the air.
When moisture-absorbing substances are used to maintain moisture, they are accurately called moisturizers.
The glycerin melts at 18 °c and boils at 290 °c under standard conditions.
Today, the production of this compound involves any of the following: either soap or ester transfer.
The hydrolysis method includes the reaction of alkali (such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) to fat or oil.
This process forms soap and glycerin.
Ester transfer is a process in which the presence of a catalyst reacts with alcohol.
The catalyst is either acid or alkali.
In this reaction, two compounds are formed.
One is the new ester.
The other is glycerin.
In the manufacture of biodiesel, the moisture-absorbing compound is 10%-
The product is the result of the conversion of vegetable oil.
This process has largely led to the amount of crude glycerin in the market.
This unrefined liquid can be further purified to remove excess water and chemical residues from the ester transfer.
This compound is considered a carbohydrate, but it is usually different from sugar in terms of the structure and metabolic pathways of the body.
Unlike sucrose (table sugar), glycerin does not raise blood sugar levels, so the blood sugar index is low.
The synthesis of Tri-Ester glycerin and fat in the liver involves the use of glycerin as a precursor.
The origin of glycerin is, of course, stored fat.
The body breaks down fat into glycerin and fatty acids.
The liver converts glycerin into glucose, which provides the impetus for cell respiration and metabolism.
The compound has thousands of industrial applications.
In medicine and pharmaceutical preparations, the compound is used as a means to provide lubrication, improve smoothness, and act as a moisturizer.
It is also used as a convenient agent when used for enema or suppository.
Cough syrup and cough sputum also contain this substance.
The compound is a good emulsion that prevents the precipitation of insoluble Danic acid in plant ethanol extracts.
This is particularly useful in the production of tinc agents.
This substance is a known ingredient in explosives-the ingredient of nitric acid, but is also used to treat heart disease.
In personal care products, this sticky compound is used as a moisturizer, moisturizer, solvent, and lubricant.
A moisturizer is a substance that softens and softens the skin.
Toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving cream and soap contain glycerin. Home-
The soap made contains more of this organic compound than the soap normally produced.
Debate about moisture-
The ability to retain substances.
Some people think that as long as it absorbs moisture from the air, it may also absorb moisture from the skin, resulting in more dryness.
However, this has not been confirmed.
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