the mask facial Man who disguised himself as old man on flight used people smuggling ring, lawyer says

the mask facial Man who disguised himself as old man on flight used people smuggling ring, lawyer says
His lawyer claims that a Chinese asylum seeker, disguised as an old man, is beautifully disguised and may be using a human smuggling gang to complete his plan.
The man, from a rural area in southeast China, wore an old man's mask on a flight from Hong Kong by Air Canada on October 29.
He took off his disguise during the flight and was arrested when his plane landed in Vancouver.He has since requested refugee protection and has been held in Vancouver prison.
Lee Rankin, his lawyer, claims that his client is not "a wizard of disguise ".
"This is completely typical except for leaking [and masks] to the media," Rankin told Canadian media .".
"I have dealt with people wearing wigs who have dyed their hair and changed the look and look like the documents they provided.It's a bit unusual, but what about it?
Rankin said his clientWho hasn't been named yet?Probably a fake document from a smuggling gang.
"There is a population network around the world that makes a living by smuggling people to other countries, and that seems to have happened [here]," he said .".
"This is a scene for someone who can't speak English.
"Usually, they are held in prisons with a criminal population.They couldn't use the phone and they were very isolated.I'm sure he didn't know there was such a big whirlpool around him.
"He made me feel typical, normal, and good --focused.
Rankin told CNN that the man could also change his appearance and look like a photo on a fake passport.
"People have changed their appearance and look like passports that others have given them," he said ." Before saying that his client's plan was "of course smart and obviously he was able to create the look of a US passport holder.
Initially it was thought that the arrested man only used a frequent flyer card before exchanging boarding passes with another passenger for boarding.
However, Air Canada later denied the claim.
"The facts related to the passenger's acceptance on the plane are still under investigation," the company said in a statement.
It may take months for Canada to identify the man as a refugee, Rankin said.
This mask is similar to a mask sold on the Internet by a company called SPFX Masks, which specializes in hyper-Authentic Halloween mask
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It is reported that the CBSA suspects another US passenger exchanged boarding passes with the man.
\ "It should be noted that there are multiple identity checks before departure at Hong Kong International Airport, including the Chinese government-Operating Hong Kong passport control, Hong Kong-"The originating passenger must accept it," said Mah.

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