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The Melungeons Black-White People Who Live In Appalachia, What! - native american skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-28
The Melungeons Black-White People Who Live In Appalachia, What!  -  native american skin care products
Black Whites?
Those who raise significant questions about race, pure this or that race, children who grew up in a racially polarized mental environment, are brainwashed and think that there are sharp differences, divide people into beautiful and tidy ethnic categories.
Genetics and those of us who can transcend race.
It's an illusion that the tingling lenses know this.
Some people use race, as it means species, and think there are different kinds of people.
This is not true.
We can't create babies with each other if we are different species, and we all know we can do that.
We look at each other through these contaminated ethnic perspectives, starting from various European countries
Atlantic slave trade
For various reasons, they prefer that the people who are enslaved come from West African countries.
This leads to the origin of the concept of race, that is, white people are superior to black people and their descendants, and we have had to deal with these issues since then until today. But I digress.
The problem is that many people who think they are pure white actually have a mixed ethnic heritage, but don't know.
Many people have terrible African ancestors, but they don't want to know.
I know why.
There is so much negative propaganda about Africans and their descendants that there is a reason to enslave them in 400.
A person who wants to be black or black.
At some point in history, even black Americans do not want to be black.
During the beautiful movement of 1920 to black people in 1960, many black people, when talking about their ethnic heritage, will soon point out that among their ethnic backgrounds are other non-black ethnic groups of American Indians.
They want to do everything except pure black. The so-
A drop of rules created by known as a slave dealer, saying that anyone who can be proved to have or even think to have African blood is black
No matter how white they look
Many people have black blood, but the light is enough to pass through white blood and through white blood.
They would claim to have Mediterranean or Portuguese blood to explain any brown or dark color in their skin color.
It is a pity that because the slave dealers created falsehood in order to prove that the slaves of black people were justified, causing those who had terrible black blood to hide and deny that such inheritance was invalid, he was deprived of his freedom and forced to become a slave.
This reminds me of the hub.
Dark family-
The skin "white" people living in Appalachian are called Melungeons, and their origins are a bit mysterious.
Some people consider them a legacy of Portugal, Turkey or the Gypsy.
But a DNA study in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy ultimately reveals the truth.
There is evidence that the fish is a descendant of black African men and white women in northern or central Europe.
Of course, those who think they are Melungeon don't like the sound or taste of that soda. G.
University of California sociologist Reginald Daniel
Santa Barbara, who spent more than 30 years tracking the history of multi-ethnic groups in the United StatesS.
He says the study is more about race. Mixing in the United StatesS.
This is not a new phenomenon.
"All of us are multi-racial," "This is a more real America. S. History.
This is a good point of view and my point of view.
We should celebrate the true racial tradition of the United States.
But since 400, all of us and people around the world have been influenced by racist propaganda, white supremacism and black inferiority, defending slavery, and our race is polarized, we only identify with our own races.
Roberta Estes, chief researcher at DNA research, said, "There are a lot of people who are upset about the study," "They just know that they are Portuguese or Native Americans.
But we are all mixed racial heritage, and it would not be considered a bad thing if not because of the negative racial attitudes still committed against us, our children until today
Researchers believe that Melungeons may be the result of an alien marriage between black and white covenant servants living in the middle of Virginia.
1600 s, before the start of the slave trade.
They believe that when the law that prevented black and white mixing passed, different families combined with each other and eventually migrated to the mountains of eastern Tennessee.
They impersonate themselves as Portuguese so that they can keep all the privileges of their freedom and white people (like many black people ).
On 1874, a Tennessee court filed a lawsuit against a woman named Martha Simmerman whose estate rights were questioned for being considered black.
Her lawyers believe that Simmerman's family was actually descended from ancient Phoenicians who had immigrated to Portugal and North America.
A few years later, Simmerman's lawyer wrote an article on the case saying, "Our Southern High School
Educated people will never tolerate anyone who is contaminated with black blood equally, but they will not make the same objection to other brown or dark people --
People with skin like Spaniards, Cubans, Italians, etc.
The relatives of Jack Goins, another researcher who claimed to be Melungeon, were listed as Portuguese in the 1880 census.
He did a DNA test and was surprised when the test showed that he had an African blood system.
He is very "surprised" and every time they confirm that he is of African descent, he tests his DNA three times.
No one knows how the name Melungeon originated, but it is well known that it is suspected that Melungions may be a white Appalachian family of mixed races used as racial slanderous.
Wayne Winkler, former chairman of the Melungeon Heritage Society.
Said, "it can sometimes be embarrassing to see the length of your ancestors hiding their African heritage, but look at the consequences they suffer from suspicion . ". He\'s right.
The Melungeons family had to hide their ethnic heritage and deny their ancestors in order to avoid racial hatred and prejudice, which was a shame that they hid it well, so that their descendants do not even know their true ancestral history.
This is the ugly legacy of racism and white supremacy that many white people do not want to see or do not want to see.
Because they are white, they feel they have to defend themselves and their ethnic history for making them look and feel so ugly.
But they shouldn't feel guilty.
If they don't share the ugly racial views and feelings of the moment.
They have nothing to feel guilty about and nothing to be ashamed.
Just because you are white doesn't mean you feel guilty about what other white people have done in the past or now, if you don't share their views at the moment.
So, if you're one of these people, let go of the guilt and recognition of racist white heritage, because you happen to be white.
You will feel better and see better.
You and the world will be better.
I will end with the words of the ancient anthropologist Richard Lepp, "If you reach a stage where you can convince people that the evidence is solid, we are all Africans, the skin color is superficial, and the stage of cultural development is interactive, "Then I think we have the opportunity to build a world that can better address global challenges.
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