the real life the replacement: my boss made me think i was going mad and suffering from maternity paranoia - body shop at home facial mask experience

the real life the replacement: my boss made me think i was going mad and suffering from maternity paranoia  -  body shop at home facial mask experience
Even now, saying "maternal paranoia" to Julie Humphries, she shakes slightly in silent fear and shakes her head gently.
We were in a clean white conference room in her north London office.
As you might expect.
Owner and Director of Archer Humphryes Architects, which includes the chilten Firehouse where celebrities hang out in its high-rise buildings
In the introduction project, exquisite design books, cardboard models and carefully stacked building plans are everywhere.
Humphryes, 46, is a microcosm of Zen.
Her caramel hair came back neatly from her white shirt, cashmere jumper and light pink and mint shawls.
But it's a term if she looks calm, just to get it back into her life.
About four years ago, she was forced to leave the job she loved at Yoo Ltd and launched a sinister gender discrimination campaign after she became pregnant, and reached a climax during the maternity leave of the second child in 2013.
Humphryes felt she was squeezed out of 105,000a-
As the design director of the real estate company, during her vacation, she was canceled for multiple projects
The pound project, including in homes and gardens, is being warmly reported by the media. The second (bigger)
When Merle, in her forties, was with the children, she got clues, she was hired to pay for her vacation, and then became her assistant after she returned to work, manipulated by her boss to become her senior.
This is the last straw in the ever-increasing mix of sexism bullying, including being labeled as "super mom" because she wants to travel for the company when she comes back from her vacation.
Being a new mother is a kind of emotional turmoil.
Women who choose to take time out to have children not only face the challenge of new babies, but also the challenge of returning to work after a long absence, however, whoever walks into their work shoes, it is all possible to do better under the pressure of nursery pick-up and drop-off, this anxiety, school management and other hardship conditions for raising families.
It is these emotions that have been explored in the BBC's new drama "substitution", which premiered tonight.
Inside, Morven Christie (The A Word)
Playing Alan, who is also a successful and ambitious architect, is pregnant and has arranged for another woman, Vicky McClure (This is England)
Her replacement.
Followed by a series of jealousy, paranoia, escalating hormones, and negative aggressive water cooler conversations.
Allen felt that she was replaced by McClure's character, which was meant to get her job and do more damage. The script -a real toe-curler -
Could have gone straight from the page of human life.
While writer and director Joe Ahearne has not contacted her, the story is not based on her experience to the best of her knowledge, and no one will be more excited to listen and see creative results.
She is happy that the BBC is working on what she thinks is "so common.
Humphryes and her partner, along with their two children Ed, live in Kent and are now five years old, and 12-year-old Hanabi noticed a change in attitude while she was pregnant.
She has been an employee of Yoo since 2004, she asked her daughter Hanabi to have no problems and blamed the problems she faced for the second time on "management change ". It was a “gut-
At the beginning, through off-
Handwritten comments and one-time mail.
"Colleagues say, 'Once you have children, you don't want to travel that much.
However, if the father returns to work after two or six months of paternity leave, you will not automatically assume that he needs to reduce his working hours.
I'm celebrating the idea of this beautiful person coming to my life
Our second child.
So when I come back, I believe I will be fine.
It's just my imagination.
Things have not improved.
When she was eight months pregnant, she took maternity leave and planned to take six months off before returning to Yoo.
After Ed was born-to-
The work dialogue begins.
It was not until then that people realized that the restructuring of the company meant that her previous role was being weakened.
At that time, in addition to her role in Yoo, she also ran Archer Humphryes construction company in the evenings and weekends, a relatively small company she founded in 2002, compared to her in yo.
In addition to patronizing and belittling comments such as "super mom", Yoo CEO told her "calm down" when questioning the company's restructuring ".
"By this time you will get a little crazy," Humphryes said . ".
"I just want to do what I did before.
He told the court that she "showed insecurity because she was out of the office and had no connection to what was going on", but itl ruled that his "demeanor" was "an element with gender discrimination ".
When she complained about being pushed out during her vacation, she was told she was "showing maternal paranoia ".
This is what she described as a "sting.
"I think it's totally insulting," Humphryes said . ".
"It has a shame.
It's almost like saying you're sick or mentally distorted because of pregnancy.
In fact, everything I think and feel is real and really happens.
"The internal appeal that took a year did not change much, and she resigned in desperation in 2013 when Ed was still a member.
By that time, she had taken her gardening leave, extending from maternity leave to finishing up her return to work role.
The case was referred to an employment court where she eventually got her defense and received £ 406,000 in compensation for gender discrimination.
"At the end of the day, I was completely exhausted by the whole experience.
I was just thinking that I should take care of my beautiful son at home.
Since the hearing, a group of women have contacted Humphries, who say they have experienced the same confidence --
Crush bias after pregnancy or maternity leave.
Indeed, the figures surrounding the subject are surprising: according to the Commission on equality and human rights, 54,000 women are unemployed each year due to maternity or pregnancy discrimination, the working mother suffered negative or discriminatory treatment at work.
In addition, the number of mothers who lost their jobs after pregnancy almost doubled in 10 years, but less than 1 cent was filed in court.
If 2015 setting up paternity leave is a step in the right direction towards equal and greater acceptance of leave by parents, only one of the 100 men is on leave, it has not yet had a significant impact on gender stereotypes.
Joeli Brearley, founder of the Pregnant Women Support website Pregnant Then, launched a campaign to extend the trial time limit for cases of pregnancy and maternal discrimination from three months to six months.
She blamed some factors for the conversion rate of 1 per cent.
"Women feel that the pressure to bring a case to court may have a negative impact on the mental health of them or their children.
If you have a court fee, the court fee is 1,200 plus a lawyer's fee. who has money after giving birth to a child?
Others don't understand the law or their rights, and more people mistakenly think, "I gave birth to a child: I have a problem with my employer, to be fair.
Humphryes admitted that it was a difficult decision to bring the case to court, especially for her and her family, and that the pressure would be great.
She received cognitive behavioral therapy to help her cope with it and shifted her energy to her private company.
That said, it hit her confidence and ruined the precious time she and her son should have spent at home.
She estimates that the case cost her £ 400,000 through legal fees and attorney fees, although the expenditure was £ 406,000, she has not yet seen a penny from the appointment of the liquidator and CEO of the company that employs henfridges to file for bankruptcy.
Joeli Brearley saw many women passing through the courts and he proved that many people did not realize the importance of doing so.
"Gender discrimination is a delicate issue that is notoriously difficult to prove.
Building a case can make you feel that David's company against Gelia is right for you.
I 've heard women who have gone through the process say they feel like they're on a murder trial.
In a tone of long-standing peace in the face of extreme injustice, henfrith said, "It's a horror story, and I think they 've escaped.
"Her savings have been hit and she has been working hard for the past three years to make up for the loss.
"Even if I don't have a financial victory, my lawyer will say I have a moral victory.
But this is by no means a matter of money.
This is to safeguard certain rights and if someone is unfair and you have laws to protect you, they should do so.
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