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the rise of male beauty products | adelaide now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0a0871e9-1636-49f4-9041-2e36e2bb5333 b  -  organic herbal skin care products
Men no longer raid their girlfriend's dressing cabinet, it's cool to care about your appearance now.
Men no longer need to modify themselves by instinct, genes, or partners.
Whether you are a man with scales on your skin, you will get the lizard excited, or when you walk on the nylon carpet, your hair is very dry, Sparks will be generated and help is right in front of you.
The beauty industry now has a large influx of products made and packaged for men, while men-
In major cities, only beauty centers have sprung up to offer services ranging from haircuts to facial treatments and manicure.
For many, this is a question of changing old habits and learning what women already know: the value of quality products, regular care and professional services.
In fact, skin care products are more needed than women.
Philip Kirkwood, owner of the Melbourne men's ZIPT beauty shop, said: "Men tend to have larger pores, more pimples, and they are more exposed to the Sun [than women].
But Kirkwood warned not to use skin care products that are not suitable for different skin types.
"One size is not suitable for anyone," he said . "
He uses the Dermalogica series at ZIPT and says professionals can evaluate your skin type.
The basic elements of skin care include exfoliating, soap, says Kirkwood. free cleanser (
Soap peel oil off your skin)
Good sunscreen like Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF 15, $52, 1800 659 118.
You will also need a moisturizer that will suit your skin type.
Serum in the eye area is essential.
"This is where the skin first has problems and wrinkles because there are fewer and smaller oil glands," Kirkwood said . ".
Men who are prone to red, spotted skin or capillary rupture should pay attention to professional products such as the $24 Mimosa soothing Couperose gel. 50, (07)5539 2011.
After shaving, use a soothing balm such as Miessence for $26 after shaving. 95 (100ml).
Professional facial care is becoming more and more popular. ZIPT's one-
Hour emergency facial care is one of its most popular services.
Customers come back every five to six weeks for exfoliating, removing black and white stones, deep moisturizing and "Eye Repair ".
Healthy hair is not just a matter of luck.
Trivena Taylor of Elan men's hair and body in Brisbane says men wash their hair every day with cheap shampoo and conditioner containing harsh detergent can hurt their hair.
"Then, they want to know why their scalp is dry, flaky and their hair is falling off.
"Taylor recommends the use of a gentle salon shampoo and conditioner every day, as the hair needs natural grease from the scalp.
Try the $19 US crew tea tree shampoo.
95 and conditioner, $21.
1800 104 204.
When men use styling products that are not completely washed out, this can lead to pimples on the scalp or white flaky substances and greasy hair.
"Many cheap products contain a lot of silicon that is not soluble in water.
It doesn't wash off the scalp and it doesn't allow the scalp to breathe, which can cause psoriasis, dandruff and other problems, "Taylor said.
Use salon products washed in warm water.
Men with thin hair can easily find the root of the problem, says Taylor.
"When the collagen located at the root of the hair becomes stiff, it creates a barrier between the blood supply and the hair, so the hair starts to starve and fall off," she explains . ".
"A 3 minute scalp massage every day helps to keep collagen soft.
"Professional hair care can restore hair health quickly.
Now, more men are waxing or shouting for the Clippers.
Cutting is usually more natural, but Kirkwood suggests "feather" hair so there is no obvious boundary.
For a smoother surface, says Kirkwood
Free waxing comes down to good hygiene and after a littletreatment care.
"Avoid sweating or getting dirty on the first day --and-a-
"Half after waxing, when the pores open," he said . ".
"Don't go to the spa or the pool, and don't put nylon on the skin.
Exfoliating to avoid hair growing inward and moisturizing
Try soothing lotion with tea tree oil.
"At ZIPT, eyebrow wax is very popular and it is actually a mixture of picking, trimming and waxing.
Customers will pay $20 for the service, he said, because they are worried that they will "talk nonsense ".
While most men want a "natural" look, more and more people are starting to fade or shape their eyebrows into rough architectural lines.
"In Europe, the men's hand care is part of the day-to-day ceremony," said Andrew Chin, CEO, who provides men with details of hair and skin, Sydney's hands and feet service.
This means using the nail file to clean under the nail and make shape adjustments to it so that there is a display of even millimeters or two white, with the edges rounded.
Push pusher with the skin after the shower to push the transparent skin glued to the nail back, which will prevent the skin above the nail from cracking.
A suite, such (4)
David Jones
A $24 nail package.
95, 13, 33, 57 will provide you with all the tools.
Avoid cutting nails because it's easy to get infected there --
Then give it to an expert.
"We call it the hand details," said Chin . ".
"After that, use a good hand cream like Dermalogica.
"If you have scratches and cracks on your hands that will never heal, try vitman Poppa skin repair cream for $35 ,(02)9725 6994.
Three simple tips can help you avoid the inward growing hair, inflamed skin and infected pores that shaving can cause.
Avoid electric shaver.
"The Electric Shaver does not remove dead skin cells.
Philip Kirkwood said: "If there is one, they can wipe them more flat so that you get a layer of dead skin, which can lead to hair that grows inward. Avoid soap.
"You just want to have a lubricant between your face and your razor, so use an oil or a drop of soap --
Free cream about 10c coin size, "said Kirkwood.
Brands such as VitaMan and the shaving essential oil herbal essence of demela, Miessence cream, aloe vera and homeopathic compounds such as witcheshazel. Use alcohol-
Free aftershave oil. While old-
After school, they stop bleeding and close the pores to dry the skin.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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