the secret to the best hair of my life - organic herbal skin care products

the secret to the best hair of my life  -  organic herbal skin care products
Have you ever washed your hair and wondered why it looks curly or flat the next day?
The answer may be the pH of your shampoo.
Jasmine's hair used to be soft and dry. Not anymore.
Image source: InstagramUNTIL I have never had a particularly great hair recently.
As the owner of the ultra-fine lock, I rotate between the two hairstyles: flat and soft, or dry and curly. I carry travel-
I have dry shampoo of size in my handbag and apply it every hour.
And, in terms of the number of women who borrowed my dry shampoo from the women's restroom, I am not the only one with sad and powerless hair.
That's why I want to share this: a simple discovery that actually gives me shine, elasticity, almost the business of shampoo-worthy locks.
How did this happen.
After testing a bunch of new products, I called an expert to find out why the two special products offer clean, shiny, easier-to-manage hair while the others --
Including some more expensive formulas
After just 24 hours my hair became curled and heavy and begged to be cleaned again.
I should really start trying different lipsticks. . .
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At 10: 14 a. m. on November 2, 2016, PDTDr Barbara olioso, a cosmetic scientist who lives on hair and skin care, explained that it all came down to Ph.
Basically, although the package may declare "fruit extract" or "sulfuric acid-
"Free", the biggest factor in deciding whether shampoo will make your curls bounce like Gisele on Victoria's Secret runway is its pH.
For those who do not get a science degree at school (raises hand)
, PH is a digital scale, ranking the acidity of substances.
Anything below 7 is acidic and a solution with a pH of more than 7 is marked as alkaline.
Shampoos with lower pH can protect your hair and natural oils of your scalp, which are present to prevent rashnessCausing damage (
Doing so is much better than any serum! ).
Dr. Olioso explained: "There is an effective mechanism for scalp and hair to protect themselves, a mechanism based on lipids that works best at low pH.
At low pH, the skin of the hair is well sealed so that the hair is stronger and brighter.
"The sweet spot is around 4 to 4.
This is a fairly acidic level.
If the shampoo is neutral at 7 or more, it's too basic for your hair and scalp to peel it out of natural grease --a. k.
A natural defense of your hair against external factors that cause damage and rashness.
After switching to pH-, in addition to the clothes that enjoy the change
I don't rely on balance shampoo three times anymore.
Daily dry shampoo application.
It's not a coincidence: the shampoo won't remove all the natural oils completely at the best Ph, so you can avoid excessive use
Dr olioso said that drying the scalp can lead to "a vicious cycle that actually causes more sebum production", a common side effect --
Cheap effectsmade shampoos.
The more you know.
The good news is not over: changing an acidic shampoo can change your hair after a shampoo. Yep, one.
Using a more acidic product can instantly smooth the skin, while also protecting each chain from external factors that may cause it to curl.
My messy braids are provided by @ anhcotran.
A common jasmine GARNSWORTHY (
@ Jasminegarnsworthy)
At 8: 10 pm on July 17, 2016, the only downside is that unless there is a clear label on the bottle, it is difficult to determine the acidity level of the shampoo.
By the way, some people call it "pH-
Balance ", but still do not understand the exact level of the product.
You can always come up with a pH test paper yourself to find the exact level, but if science is not your obstacle, I would recommend organic matter with Wendell and Moodle, residence, or perfect pH.
Perfect hairstyle.
Is it a secret to use the rotation of shampoo brands to enliven shiny hair?
Heidi Mitchell, a Wall Street Journal contributor, reports.
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