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The Traditional, Colourful, Indian Art Rangoli (Draw Yourself) - what is wet strength tissue paper

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
The Traditional, Colourful, Indian Art Rangoli (Draw Yourself)  -  what is wet strength tissue paper
What is blue fruit?
Rangolis is a colorful decoration design drawn on the floor.
It is an integral part of Indian culture and tradition.
Rangolis is made on auspicious occasions such as weddings and festivals, especially Diwali.
Rangolis can be made with colored sand, flowers, rice noodles, Ginger flour and other materials, depending on the different regions of India.
India is a country that loves color. -
Bright, full of vitality, full of vitality.
India is a multi-language, multi-cultural country.
Although diversity is so large, one thing is common ----
The spirit and passion of life.
Indians celebrate every moment of their lives and celebrate in a grand and colorful way.
Celebrate every little joy with folk songs, dances and festivals.
Depending on the availability of terrain and resources, there may be changes.
A traditional folk art in India that is beautifully created on the floor of a house or courtyard.
Basically these are bright colored patterns and designs that can be made with colored wheat flour, colored rice flour, ginger Flour, vermillon, flowers or petals. designs.
It is a skill that is passed on from generation to generation.
You can see little Rangolis and very big. the Rangolis.
The main purpose of making Rangolis is to bring good luck and prosperity to family members.
Before you leave home for work or any other work, you will make it in the early morning and you want to finish the work successfully.
Rangoli, of course, also has its cultural and religious significance.
Made to welcome God and seek their blessing.
It is usually made by a lady or young girl in the house, which is considered auspicious.
In many families, especially in the south of India, ramgolis is doing it every day, not just on special occasions. Rangoli. 1. . symbol etc.
Whether on the floor or on the wall.
It is considered auspicious to draw elephants, fish, peacocks and birds.
So these are also drawn by the Rangoli manufacturer. are drawn. 2.
Need a little preparation.
Soak half a cup of rice in the water.
After the rice absorbs the water, drain the water and let it dry for a while.
You can even dry it with a paper towel if you don't want to wait. Powder is ready.
Or dry according to your choice.
With the help of rice noodles, make beautiful designs. 3.
Rangoli, as the name implies, is made of flowers. ---
Flowers such as longevity chrysanthemum, rose, jasmine are bright yellow, red, white, purple and look great. beautiful.
It's like you use a bouquet in a vase. 4.
This is most common and does not require much preparation.
You can buy the color of sand in the market, there are many colors to choose from.
Just draw the design you choose and fill in the color.
The design is a geometric pattern.
But you don't need your geometry tool to draw it.
How to draw Rangolis on the floor?
The design of Rangoli is very simple.
Initially, you may find it difficult to draw a design.
But people who know a little bit of painting can do that.
The basic trick is that you just need to draw a few points symmetrically and then connect them in the beautiful shape of your choice.
Finally, fill in the colors carefully so there is no overlap and there are clear boundaries between the different colors.
This is a question of practice and is perfect.
First of all, you can do some small designs before trying big or difficult designs.
There is no limit to imagination.
People have made incredible designs and drawings, and the filling of colors is very interesting.
Because the real passion is to be with family and friends.
After all, this is the whole purpose of the festival ----
Bring happiness and harmony.
Truly representing the culture, traditions and diversity of India, the joy of creating beautiful, colorful designs on the floor brightens people's lives.
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