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The Truth About Marijuana - medical marijuana skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
The Truth About Marijuana  -  medical marijuana skin care products
Open your mind even before you read this or ignore it.
The story you were told was not entirely accurate.
In fact, even today, you are being fed nonsense by the government since you were in your 30 s.
It's not that some things are not absolutely right.
-It's just that you don't know a lot of things because you 've never been told.
-Some people are so obsessed with information that they don't even open their hearts to hear anything the opposite.
In fact, most people would imagine that if I were to write this article, I would probably type some content on my laptop and then type my bong on my laptop for a few times, then play some more. . .
In fact, many supporters of marijuana do not actually smoke.
Some people have never smoked and never smoked.
They are supporters because they see the benefits of marijuana for friends or loved ones with various illnesses or severe pain.
I don't have some goals to convert non-
Supporters or persuasion of anything.
I just want to know the truth.
Frankly, more and more people are supporting the use of marijuana every day.
--xa0The so-called "drug war" has cost our country billions of dollars and has done little to stop the use of drugs and has been in a state of failure in this game.
Although I'm relatively sure they will try to convince the public that this is not true.
However, this "war" has been going on for decades, except for the gentler and the less
Addictive drugs like marijuana, you can still easily find the heroine, cocaine, cracks, all kinds of hallucinogenic agents, of course, there are prescription drugs for the sale of benzol drugs can of course be bought at a higher street price.
Let's debunk some myths. . .
Few people have a car accident or enter the emergency room because of smoking.
Chances are, if they get high, they don't even have the energy to get on the bus at first.
When I was a child, I remember driving in the park with my friend Suzy.
Suzy is driving.
I never opened a stone.
(Yes, I smoked marijuana, it was in my 70 s and I was a wild kid in a closet ).
I don't believe I'll be stoned to death by driving, and I'm always distracted.
All I have to do is see something shiny and start mentally moving towards it, or distracted, and I will stare at it and forget what I was doing in the first place.
Some of my friends are so excited.
They focus on marijuana and actually drive better.
Suzy drives slower
We were confused as to why the rude drivers kept flying past us, honking and even yelling at us occasionally.
Even in the right lane, you have to be a little faster than 25 miles/hour.
So, no, people who smoke generally do not lead to car accidents.
Do not confuse legal drinking and driving issues with marijuana.
Oh, but it's not legal to drink and drive. Really?
Because people do this every day, alcohol is legal.
Alcohol also causes liver disease, and marijuana does not cause liver disease.
Oh, marijuana is just as illegal as alcohol. Why you ask?
Let me give you a very real history of marijuana later, OK?
We are now debunking some myths.
Just a few, I can't solve all of these problems in one hub.
Marijuana is a "gateway" drug. Hmmm. . . really? No.
However, alcohol is an important drug.
Very few children get addicted without first drinking.
Almost every family has some so it's easy to get and it doesn't take that much to feel good and buzzing.
They also smoke when they get older and are introduced to pot, but if they don't, they are introduced to pills, cocaine or heroin, which also works.
It is necessary to replace everything alcohol does.
Some people don't stop drinking, they just add pills or cocaine or something you have on the menu.
Marijuana was never a drug.
Cannabis is used by most users of heroin, psychedelic drugs and cocaine.
However, most cannabis users have never used another illicit drug.
There is no consistent relationship between the use patterns of various drugs.
In fact, in their 60 s and 70 s, the use of cannabis has increased, and I remember very clearly that the use of heroin has decreased.
Moreover, when cannabis use declined in the 1980 s, heroin use remained fairly stable.
The use of marijuana in the past 20 years
Interest rates fluctuate and there is little change in the use of psychedelic drugs.
With the decline in cannabis use, cocaine use increased in early 1980, and in the past few years, cocaine use continued to decline due to a slight increase in cannabis use.
In conclusion, there is no necessary relationship between the use of cannabis and other drugs.
In the Netherlands, despite the increase in the use of cannabis by young people over the past decade, cocaine usage has declined and remains significantly lower than in the United States.
About 16% of young marijuana users in the United StatesS.
I have tried cocaine. The comparable number of Dutch youth is 1. 8 percent.
Dutch policy to allow public purchase of marijuana in government
The regulated "coffee shop" was designed specifically to separate young cannabis users from the illegal market for selling heroin and cocaine.
Obviously, the effect is very good.
I have been to Amsterdam and love it.
My nose was pierced.
My best friend Claire, God bless her soul and become addict on heroin in her 30 s.
Before that nightmare, she had been a student, worked in college, became a psychologist and had never smoked marijuana in her life.
This is a good one.
Marijuana causes cancer.
No, cigarettes cause cancer.
Obviously it's legal to be able to kill your trash, it's illegal to let you relax and make you less hostile and aggressive! !
In any case, the fact is that marijuana does not cause cancer.
Instead, the latest research by real scientists in 2007 found that marijuana has the benefit of fighting cancer.
Don't you believe me?
You can check.
I will even tell you where.
It's easy to find.
Now, 2007 of the research.
Daily Science (April)
2007) active ingredients in cannabis reduce tumor growth in general lung cancer by half and significantly reduce the ability of cancer to spread, Harvard researchers said, they tested the chemical in laboratory and mouse studies.
\ "The active ingredient is called Delta-
THC of (THC ).
This is clearly applicable to highly malignant lung cancer that is resistant to chemotherapy.
Do you know that cannabinoids are naturally produced in our bodies?
Activate these receptors
The researchers suggest that THC or other designer drugs that activate these receptors may be used to treat lung cancer in a targeted manner ". . . See? I told you.
Wait, more.
It's not just lung cancer. . .
Researchers learned about cannabinoids and resistance
Carcinogenic, responsible for preventing or delaying the development of cancer.
\ "Cancer cells treated with small interference with ribo nucleic acid combinations of cannabinoids, cannabinoid receptor inhibitors and matrix-1 (TIMP-
1) the activation of invasion force, protein expression and signal conduction pathway was evaluated.
Yeah, I know, I don't understand either, but wait, and more. . .
The biggest contribution to this breakthrough is the expression
1 has been shown to be stimulated by the activation of cannabinoid receptor and mediated resistance
The invasion of cannabinoids.
Well, what they're saying is that they learned about the treatment of cannabinoids, one of the medicinal ingredients of cannabis, which has been shown to reduce the invasive power of cancer cells.
Until then, the cellular mechanism of this effect is not clear, and the correlation between these findings and tumor cell behavior in vivo remains to be determined. hmmm. . .
But to be fair, recent research suggests that testosterone is linked to marijuana.
However, they have been saying that this may increase the risk of testosterone and there is no conclusion yet.
Well, obviously, we understand now that marijuana, on the contrary, does not cause lung cancer.
However, cigarettes can still cause lung cancer.
Cigarettes have carcinogens and marijuana is not.
See the difference?
We already know that marijuana is used to increase the appetite of cancer patients.
Like after chemotherapy, they have no appetite and are easy to waste.
Smoking gives them an appetite, which in turn gives their bodies the minerals and vitamins they need to boost their immunity.
Chemotherapy kills everything, not just cancer.
When I type, medical institutions are actively looking for alternatives to chemotherapy to cure cancer.
Cannabis has shown some positive results, which may help to treat certain cancers without slowly killing the good cells left by the patient.
In addition, cannabis is effective for pain receptors.
Research is being conducted in a large randomized trial of cancer pain, and opioid drugs have not adequately relieved the pain.
(Sativa is a cannabis, not all of which have the same level of Sativa ).
Three early and six key controlled studies in the UK showed positive results in the treatment of chronic pain from various sources, including neurological pain, multiple hardening, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer pain
Preliminary results showed that, despite the lack of efficacy of opioid drugs, pain improved over the course of more than a year.
Common adverse reactions of Savitex include poor taste, tingling, dry mouth, dizziness, nausea or fatigue.
Interestingly, marijuana usually reduces nausea and is also used exclusively for this purpose.
Generally speaking, marijuana can always cause dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness and chewing.
"Munchies" is an uncontrollable desire to eat everything in your home.
If you have a teenager and notice that in some cases he/she goes home and eats all your leftovers, a pint of ice cream, A whole pack of Oreo was probably stoned to death after drinking a gallon of milk.
Don't even look for cereal in the morning.
Marijuana is addictive.
In fact, marijuana has no addictive properties, so it is not physically addictive.
However, people can convince themselves, if they want, that they are addicted to rubber ducks, and my youngest son believes he is "addicted" to coca"
He insists every time he wants Coke.
"Mom, please," he begged, "I need it! ! ! \".
Of course, he is not addicted, he just likes to drink, I usually don't let him drink.
This will only make it more attractive.
Still, as I said earlier, we can convince ourselves that we are addicted to anything and that there is no difference in marijuana.
But since cannabis gives a feeling of "relaxing" or being classified as "high" or "Good Feeling", we can easily convince ourselves, we just need what we want.
My son doesn't need coke. he wants it.
We can tell ourselves what we need, in reality, what we just really want and thus become mentally addicted.
We really want that feeling of relaxation.
We don't need it, and our bodies don't want it.
How did this happen? ? ?
So you might ask yourself, "Why did they make marijuana illegal?
Or you might ask me.
Okay, okay, I'll tell you why, because I doubt you know.
I mean, you know, most people don't even know that marijuana is legal in this country, we have smoking cafes like Amsterdam? It\'s true.
Indeed, it was illegal not to grow cannabis in the 1600 s.
At that time, of course, it was called cannabis for a variety of purposes;
Clothes, paper, food, ropes, incense, you can even pay taxes with it. Your Taxes! !
Unlike marijuana, there's not much time left.
It is believed that in 7,000-8,000 b. c.
The fabric is made of dry weed.
Of course, it first crossed Europe and started smoking only in 900. 1000.
It was not until 1492 that cannibaas Sativa came to the United States because of a man named Christopher Colombus.
Oh George, like in Washington, growing marijuana as his main crop in 1797.
In 1876, Turkey and Sudan gave marijuana to the United States as a gift.
By 1880, Turkey's smoking rooms had opened around the northeastern United States. S.
How green is my country?
When we planted marijuana and used it for paper instead of trees, Mr. Ford also invented a car made of hemp plastic.
This is his first T-car, made of hemp ethanol. Sooooo. . . . .
Why is this not considered a "green" form of our country?
If we are serious about "saving our planet," then why not use the logical green place of cannabis?
The use of marijuana is different from that of marijuana.
You can't smoke marijuana or get "high" from it ".
We can use marijuana to keep the forest green and reduce our dependence on oil.
When we know that cannabis is the most reliable resource, why are we so interested in studying soybeans and corn?
Because it's marijuana?
Because there's a guy named Aslinger.
An ignorant person who likes propaganda and not necessarily truth.
During the last few years of Prohibition (1919-
1933) in 1930, Aslinger became the first director of the Federal Narcotics Bureau.
An ambitious small non-smoking man who launched an all-out war on marijuana.
It's not hard to understand that so far marijuana has been largely linked to jazz musicians, who are of course black.
The newspaper said marijuana made Black Men "look at white men" and "look at white women twice ".
Obviously, it scares white people because I think this is considered "radical black behavior" at this time ".
The Harrison Act has banned cocaine and opium, but that's not enough for him.
To clean up our country's Aslinger.
He did so by working to make marijuana illegal at all levels.
He used racism and violence to attract attention.
It's always like this, isn't it?
In the United States, there are a total of 100,000 people smoking marijuana, mostly black, Hispanic, Filipino and entertainers.
Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing dance are all about smoking marijuana.
This marijuana causes white women to seek to have sex with black people, entertainers, and anyone else.
The main reason for the ban is its impact on degraded races.
"A Fallen race ". . . get that?
Okay, Aslinger, there's an agenda for hate mongers.
Americans in their 30 s are not sophisticated, educated, and intelligent people today.
Yes, these people believe that the government has never done anything "done by other governments" and everything you read in the newspaper is true.
The work of Aslingers will not be so difficult.
As additional insurance in this regard, he asked Mr.
William landup Hearst and his newspaper helped him
Hearst has every reason to help, he hates Mexicans in the first place, and on top of that, he also invests heavily in timber to support his chain of newspapers.
As a competitor, he does not need the development of hemp paper.
Lying, telling racist stories about Mexican use of marijuana and becoming violent, sold his newspaper.
This is a battle of life and death.
So Hearst walks with Aslin in yellow news, racism and lies, oh, with the help of pharmaceutical companies and their money, how can I forget that, fighting evil devil marijuana is a breeze.
Why should pharmaceutical companies care?
Because at the beginning of 1800, they already knew by using cannabis-based (legal) drugs that this could be a problem for them.
So with that money, legal appeal, racism and lies, Aslinger managed to get a bill to legalize marijuana in August 1937.
Another little-known fact is that AMA opposes it.
But in his ingenuity, Aslinger managed to misunderstand AMA's view of marijuana and use it to benefit him.
Based on the AMA's request that the bill make marijuana illegal, he passed the bill.
Oh yes, there is a simple fact that Americans are the greenest people on Earth.
The bull continued. . . .
--xa0Propaganda machines are still losing to 1960 's.
But despite this, college students do not seem to be blocked.
--xa01965 big about 1 million of Americans in suction marijuana.
By 1972, however, more than 24 million Americans had tried marijuana, marijuana and smoke. . .
It is clear that cannabis is becoming more and more popular.
Nick Song and his "drug war" followed.
In fact, people began to be arrested in droves for smoking, selling or carrying marijuana.
Do you know Don Crowe?
He's in his twenties. Vietnam Veterans
Don Crowe was convicted of selling marijuana to an undercover police officer.
The number of crimes and marijuana is less than an ounce.
He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.
-No, this is not a type.
O, I did not accidentally add 0. Âxa0 50 years!
Now that you're guilty of murder, you're out in less than 10 minutes.
In 1972, the National Commission on cannabis and drug abuse released a report that would be the most comprehensive study ever conducted on cannabis.
The Commission's position is that smoking marijuana in its own home should not be convicted.
Nixon threw the report into the trash can without reading it.
-Let me take this direct guy, the water gate incident is good, the marijuana is not good. . . hmmm. . .
Here comes DEA! !
Here comes DEA! !
Scawey Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DEA) was born in 1972.
They are allowed to enter the family without knocking at the door, to collect information from anyone, so-called intelligence, and to conduct illegal eavesdropping as well! !
When Reagan became president of the American middle class, adults in the United States were people who smoked marijuana, and they were fighting "machines" to find out the truth.
But Reagan was just one. xa0Like Nixon knows nothing about it.
He will be a superhero.
--xa0But he went as far as Nixon did.
No real progress has been made in stopping drug machines.
So far, DEA and the US government have spent more than £ 30 billion on their "drug war," which, needless to say, has not helped much.
The country is losing a war for good reason.
These efforts are built in the wrong place.
We did not chase the cannabis plant and proudly claim that the farmer would not grow it for a long time, why not stop cocaine, heroin and psychedelic drugs?
Why do we chase plants instead of drugs that really kill people?
The drugs that really destroy life are faster and more thorough than marijuana.
Really addictive drug without any positive purpose.
Is it better that our taxes are spent chasing real drug lords instead of marijuana dealers on the main streets?
Find a way for farmers to grow marijuana and use it like they started using it?
Continue the study to find many medicinal and constructive uses of cannabis?
Justice Francis Law, DEA administrative law judge, held a hearing on the medical benefits of marijuana.
He found that cannabis had obvious medical uses and suggested that it be re-classified as prescription drugs.
However, according to the findings of the law, no action was taken to re-classify cannabis.
But that's 70.
In 1996, California passed proposal 215. S.
Medical marijuana law
Medical marijuana laws are passed today in Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.
Several other states are also considering legalizing medical marijuana.
Cannabis activists are currently working on marijuana reform and medical marijuana laws. The U. S.
The National Institutes of Health spent $1 million on medical research to study the therapeutic effects of synthetic chemicals that simulate the effects of cannabis use.
Temple University is also working on synthetic marijuana.
Meanwhile, the United StatesS.
The government, which allegedly did not have a horse in the medical marijuana competition, has applied for a patent for medical marijuana.
Assigned to the United States of America in October 7, 2003, represented by the Department of Health and Human Services and protected cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotective substances. mmm hmm. . .
The whole truth,. . . . Truth.
From the research I 've done, this rare commodity these days, well, I guess it's always true.
In this study, I was exhausted by all the publicity I encountered.
They are still talking nonsense about "making it impossible for you to learn and keep information", which can affect your growth. D. A. R. E.
Keep children away from drugs.
In my area, they go to school and talk to the children about the dangers of drugs.
Mainly marijuana and alcohol.
They went to my 11 year old school to talk to his 5 th grade peers.
They say drugs can hinder your growth and lead to cancer.
My son raised his hand to protest the lies and said loudly that marijuana would not cause cancer, but could actually help cancer patients.
They quickly shut him up and kept him from talking again.
He slammed the door and when I picked him up that day he immediately started talking.
"Well, mom," he said, "they're still lying to the children about marijuana . ".
"Who are they, dear?
"Stupid cops who do D. A. R. E. stuff.
They talked to my class today and didn't even let me talk, I tried to correct them and they didn't let me say anything. "
I laughed and said, "Oh my God, honey, they won't let you tell the truth to a group of fifth-grade students who do everything they can to stop them from taking drugs.
But do they have to lie?
"No, but maybe they think they have.
In their minds, I'm sure, they think they're doing the right thing ".
I have to say that I can't write a lot about the full history of cannabis, because the center will last forever.
I have never intended to give approval and opposition, nor to reiterate the nonsense that has been circulating for decades.
Aside from the fact that no one is talking about why marijuana is illegal, I intend to object to most inaccurate stories about marijuana.
I just thought it would be nice to get the "other side", you know, there's some truth in it.
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