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The Truth About Micro-Needle Derma Rollers - innovative skin care products 2018

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
The Truth About Micro-Needle Derma Rollers  -  innovative skin care products 2018
People are willing to try anything for smooth, young skin.
Surgery, fractal laser surface repair, Botox, chemical peels, expensive skin care products and even snail mucus are said to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.
Recently, derma rollers have caused a lot of buzz in the media and on the Internet, but do they work? How Do Micro-
Roller work? micro-
Claiming that they reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars by catalytic skin repair and regeneration machine.
Their small needles pierce the skin as they roll on the skin, which should stimulate the production of collagen and elastic protein.
In addition, they may enhance the absorption of certain skin care products after use. Micro-
The roller comes with a rotating head with a tiny acupuncture liningtype needles.
These delicate needles gently and painlessly pierce the skin anywhere the roller rolls.
The roller moves up and down the face, back and forth and diagonally, creating a series of tiny channels on the skin. These micro-
The channel allows two things to happen.
First, they encourage drug treatment to be deeply absorbed by the skin.
Second, the tiny puncture actually signals an injury to the body.
As the level of collagen increases, the body will rush collagen and elastic protein to the area to repair the skin, thus reducing wrinkles and making the skin healthier. Are Micro-
Is the roller safe?
S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved Micro
Roller for-home use.
Multiple micro
Needle genuine leather rollers produced outside the US are on the FDA's import warning red list as their needles are only classified for clinical use.
This does not necessarily mean that they are not safe, but it does mean that the FDA does not think they are suitable for-home skin care.
Several medical studies have proved that
Acupuncture treatment of acne scars.
A study in the dermatology department of JAMA warned that when Micro
Then serum or irritating skin care products.
On June 2012, Rodan and Fields, the American skincare company, suspended their amp md micro-
When the FDA is investigating the product, they are using the roller.
Rodan and Fields claim that their own tests indicate that amp md is a cosmetic tool, but the FDA wants to evaluate whether it should be classified as a medical device or not
The roller is ).
It's ready to use now.
Attention to-home micro-
Acupuncture cannot reproduce the sterile clinical environment.
The research only proves that
Acupuncture in a clinical setting, but if you decide to do it at home, be careful to keep the rollers as clean as possible and avoid any irritating skin care products before or after use. Home-
Using the roller \ 'needle is usually only 0.
2mm long and clinical-
It may take longer to use.
What is the news? Micro-
The roller has received a lot of attention.
Beauty writer Cheryl weslever wrote an article about Microneedle rollers.
In her article, she spoke with various dermatologists and researchers in an attempt to discern the effectiveness of collagen-induced therapy.
The dermatologist for the product does not say its effectiveness, but rather that it is an affordable alternative to laser treatment and operates on the same principle.
According to CNN, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Celebrity supporters of needle therapy.
InStyle reported Rodan and Fields amp md on September 2011, saying: "This tool covers every outline of our face without pain (of course, we didn't push it with force ).
When we use the serum in a capsule, it is absorbed in a few seconds, making our skin smooth and not sticky at all.
Named Best resistance to Rodan and Fields AMP MD
Aging Products of 2011.
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For more information, visit com.
My micro experience
I personally used. 22-
Mm Micro
Find it easy to use, painless and effective.
I used the roller on my lips and found that the roller did make my lips fuller and more comfortable.
Good results of lip serum are more noticeable. Many micro-
The needle roller is equipped with a special serum for use after rolling.
On my skin though, I tried using the roller alone for five days without adding serum.
Even if there is only a roller, if you look closely, you will see less small lines around my mouth and higher fullness and clarity on my lips, especially near the corner.
Have you tried? Needle Roller?
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