the ultimate southern adventure: mississippi - freeman facial mask sweet tea & lemon peel away

the ultimate southern adventure: mississippi  -  freeman facial mask sweet tea & lemon peel away
Natchez celebrated its 300 anniversary in 2016.
Visit historic sites and LaMarca, including some of the best-preserved pre-war family homes, to learn how Native American, African, French, British and Spanish cultures shape the city.
The natchz pilgrimage offers a historic family tour every day of the year.
At Laurel, at the free Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, the oldest museum of art in the United States, see one of the most representative collections of the North American indigenous Basque Terry. Other must-
Visit the museum including the Walter Anderson Museum of Art and Ohr at Ocean Springs-
The ochikefu Museum of Art in Biloxi.
Best bet: travel houses from the late colonial period to the pre-war period during the autumn period of natchz (
September 23-20-October 10)or Spring (
March 18-20-April 18)Pilgrimage.
The Mississippi Bay coast is home to several outstanding arts and cultural centers.
Insider news: buy a $35 Gulf Coast attractions pass (
Sold in two museums).
The pass includes one entry to the attractions of the eight regions, including the world of bilocia-
Museum of Marine and seafood industry.
Don't miss out: Take a look at the Greenville Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival in September and the Belzoni world Catfish Festival in April.
Magnolia may be primarily rural, but there are plenty of urban areas to explore in the capital Jackson.
Fontana, billed as jackson Hole's hippest neighborhood, is a place to shop and eat at Sneaky bean corner cafes and places like walker Drive's DriveIn.
Learn about Mississippi state history at the Old Capitol Museum and Academy of Fine Arts-
The style of the Mississippi Capitol.
See Jackson's famous Mississippi Freedom Road landmark, sitting on 1963 Woolworth
At the site and the House of medga ayvers.
Buy specialty retailers in Highland village, including Mississippi's own Buffalo Peak clothing.
The best bet: Read Catherine stockter's "best-before you go --
Help sell novels.
See the places mentioned in the book about the help of Bell Haven and the help of Jackson's driving tour.
Insider news: Climbing
Explore the Mississippi gallery map at the Mississippi Children's Museum to help children learn about state geography, natural science, history and culture while playing.
The kitchen was closed at Hal and malo's on Monday night, but the door was open (
Tickets for five dollars
Blue Monday blues riffs
Don't miss: Saturday (8 a. m. to 2 p. m. )
Mississippi farmers market, all
The weather market is the state's largest weather market, home-grown products and items made by Mississippi craftsmen.
Within the reach of one of the eight national parks in Mississippi, go to the beach, drive, and explore the battlefield of civil war.
Across the center of the state is the southern end of the Nazizi tracking Park, a scenic highway covering 444 miles (715 kilometers)
From Nazizi to Nashville, Tennessee
At the southernmost tip of the state, stretching to Florida is the white sand beach on the Gulf Islands National Seashore, a playground for sunbathing, swimming, boating and birds --watching.
Best bet: get off and hike more than 60 miles while driving Natchez Trace (97 kilometers)
One of the five trails that make up the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail.
A memorial statue can be seen at the Vicksburg National Military Park in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Inside: explore the National Historical Park of Nazizi, including historical sites around the city, in Nazizi. Two must-
See the home of gorgeous Melrose Manor and William Johnson's town house, a free slave who initiated a successful business career.
Don't miss out: Vicksburg National Military Park is the place to learn about one of the most important battles the alliance has fought over the Southern Union in the civil war.
Explore the roots of Delta blues by strolling the trails and trails of the Mississippi Blues Trail.
The path, designed to inspire exploration, rather than deciding on a particular route, is a collection of hundreds of Blues lamarcas, such as the Hobson plantation outlet and the blue front cafe, legendary juke is owned by veteran bluesman Jimmy.
One of the most concentrated purple blue trail markers found near Clarksdaleto-
Fort Vicksburg stretches. S.
61, known as the Blues Road.
Visit the Delta Blues Museum at clarksdale, widely regarded as the epicenter of blue.
Zero Blues Club next door (co-owned by Oscar-
Award winning actor Morgan Freeman)
Listen to live music from Wednesday to Saturday night.
Best bet: learn dance moves from R & B artist Ne
Yo, and create, record and create an original song at the Grammy Museum in Cleveland with the blues musician keb bronmo mo.
Insider news: continue with Jackson, one of the coolest live music venues is located in the Durham Hall of 1928 Elementary School. Follow I-
Located 55 kilometers south of harhurst railway station, this is the location of the Mississippi Music Museum, but it is surprisingly comprehensive.
Portraits of Famous blues musicians hang in downtown Clark sdale, Mississippi.
Miss: stop at Station B. B.
Located in the King's Museum and Delta commentary center in Nola, India.
Ubon's BBQ in yazu, Mississippi sells its awards-
Sauce in the restaurant
Love of Mississippi-home cooking.
The state is the largest agricultural producer. raised catfish;
The favorite thing to do is to fry and apply yellow corn noodles and seasonings.
At the real catfish store, Taylor's grocery store and restaurant (
Open Thursday to Sunday)
At the Taylor restaurant, you can enjoy the hush puppies and fried okra, and of course the sweet tea.
Properly named Mississippi mud pie or cake as it is similar to Delta mud and desserts can be found on the crown of Nola, India (
Two versions of Mississippi Delta fudge pie and Mississippi mud cake
Roux 61 seafood barbecue restaurant in Nazizi.
Best option: cheese straw is another of the most popular things in Mississippi, made with cheddar cheese and dough, twisted into strawberry-like or crumpledcut shape.
For a taste, go to Indianola Pecan House in Indianola or order online from the Mississippi cheese straw factory in yazu.
Professional advice: slugburger does not send bullets, but the ground beef corn noodles are deep
Put mustard, pickles and a bunch of onions on the bread.
Eat a hot and fresh slow burger because it is cold.
Taste one at the julyâs Slugburger Festival in Corinthians, hidden in the northeast of the state.
Don't miss it: along the hot Tamir trail in the Mississippi Delta, a project of the Southern gourmet Union.
Agricultural tourism is booming across Mississippi.
El ando's snow Pine Hill Farm and Collins's Mitchell farm are two of many family farms in the state, and visitors are welcome to pick pumpkins and browse the corn maze in the fall.
To find other places to play on a farm or in nature, download the Mississippi agricultural travel app from the Apple App Store or Google play.
From Friday to Sunday, you can ride the Tupelo Buffalo Park and the zoo with a guided tour.
There are 260 animals in Tupelo's Park, including bison, giraffes, zebras, Watusi cattle, and circotail monkeys.
Natchiz is a small city with a long history on the Mississippi River.
Best bet: cycle part of Dragon Leaf Trail (
40 miles or 64 kilometers from Prentiss to the University of South Mississippi in Hattiesburg, one of the country's original railroadsto-
Follow up development.
Tanglewood Ford trail from New Albany to Houston is the longest track --to-
Trails project, 43. 6 miles (70. 2 kilometers)
It includes historic sites, small towns and wilderness areas.
Insider tip: paddle on the mighty Mississippi River with ancillary equipment such as Quapaw Canoe, which in addition to offering more standard water adventures, offers yoga and artist retreat
Don't miss out: enjoy camping, swimming, disc golf and summer-
Located in the Gulf of wewellan, the only water park in the Coast pirate State Park.
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