theres a message to the madness of animated one piece film: gold - liquid gold golden facial mask

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there's a message to the madness of animated 'one piece film: gold' - liquid gold golden facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-23
there\'s a message to the madness of animated \'one piece film: gold\'  -  liquid gold golden facial mask
If you're less than 30 years old, your favorite anime comedy is probably one piece. adventure;
If you are over 30 years old, this is the biggest franchise you have never heard.
Nearly 0. 4 billion copies of One Piece have been sold since Eiichiro Oda began its comics in 1999.
The TV series has passed 750-
In the episode of Mark, a large number of specials, video games and light novels have emerged, as well as a large number of consumer products. Monkey D. Luffy (
Dubbed by Colleen Clinton beard)
Join other Straw Hat Pirates in the giant floating casino of Glen Tesoro: Sangi, uthorpe, Nano, Robin, Zorro, helicopter, Brooke and Frank.
The dazzling architecture of the city
The ship is very similar in size to Las Vegas. Gild Tesoro (
Keith Silverstein)
Rule the big Tesoro and host the brutal Entertainment held in an oversized amphitheater at the Fountain of the river gold.
With the help of his agent Baccarat (
Amber Lee Connors)
Gilde duped the flyaway and the gang of guys and let them play some game of opportunity that was manipulated.
When they lost, he declared that they had become his slaves.
As the audience knows, Luffy (
Rhyme with "goofy)
Chewing gum once.
Turn his body into rubber gum "Devil Fruit ".
The bullet bounced off him and his limbs stretched almost endlessly, sending out amazing kicks and punches.
His friends and enemies have special powers from other "Devil Fruits.
"But when the crew tried to fight Gild, he trapped them with golden tentacles.
Lu Fei is not the sharpest machete in the chest of the dead, but he is kind, loyal and stubborn to his friends.
He will not allow Gild, a self-mad man, to abuse anyone, especially his crew.
Director Miyamoto Guangming went out of his way in battle with Gild's glittering technology to get the straw hat wilderness into trouble.
Viewers who are not familiar with "a work" may find themselves lost somewhere, as filmmakers see the ordinary characters and their relationships as givens, without an introduction or explanation.
Fans will find crazy settings, strange characters, excessivethe-
Top fighting and farce comedy they like.
Gong benmao and his artists are sometimes overwhelmed by CG effects --
Gold floods, crazy tracking shots, fireworks, gold dust showers-
But they managed wisely.
The look of the characters the core audience expects.
"Gold" is not the most original "one piece" adventure: fans will recognize the reworked elements from the previous story of the TV series.
On the surface, this is a very stupid comedy adventure.
But behind the farce is an outspoken critique of economic inequality and contemporary culture of greed.
Gilde has repeatedly declared that money is the source of all power, and anyone who has no money can only be exploited.
For a long time, Luffy did not believe the statements and defeated Gilde at his home court.
For an audience accustomed to the optimistic tone of most American features, it seems unlikely to convey social messages in animated films, just like hiding vitamins in marshmallows.
But Japanese animators have encountered economic problems in their recent series, such as "[C]– Control —
Possible Money and soul and Eden of the East.
"In a way, their work reminds people of depression.
In 1933, Walt Disney added the message of the era of hope to the "Three Little Pigs.
Although many people think they are harmless, good comics like Luffy can surprise people. -------------
A movie: Gold Running time: 2 hours playing time: 7: 30 on January 10. m.
Theater information;
In the limited release in January. 10-
17 calendar @ latimes.
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