Things to do in a bathtub: Fun and romantic things to do in the bathtub - epsom salts facial mask

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Things to do in a bathtub: Fun and romantic things to do in the bathtub - epsom salts facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
Things to do in a bathtub: Fun and romantic things to do in the bathtub  -  epsom salts facial mask
What are some interesting things to do in the bathtub?
This article shares interesting and romantic ideas about what you can do alone or as a couple in the bathtub.
Take a luxurious bath with bath bombs and oil, relax with therapeutic Epsom salt, read books, call and chat, in the tub you can shave your body hair or enjoy a beauty procedure.
They will help you detoxify from your busy lifestyle and rejuvenate by reducing your emotional, mental and physical stress.
Every woman dreams of giving herself a few hours at the weekend when she can take a luxurious bath.
Men also like the idea of luxurious bathing, especially when it comes to their partner.
Luxury bathrooms include bathtubs full of hot water, as well as a variety of bathtub and body products such as bathtub bombs that often release oil and different types of perfumes when put into water.
Smoked lavender, jasmine, rose and vanilla are the most popular toiletries.
You can even use aromatic bath oil, which is well known to keep your skin moist and soft at the end of a luxurious bath.
There is also bath oil in the spray bottle.
Lavender, honey, eucalyptus, mint, vanilla and lemon are popular perfumes.
Someone is on the phone and relaxing in the bathtub.
Prepare a bubble bathroom with your mobile phone.
Chat, play bubbles and relax when you talk to a loved one.
A good suggestion for couples who fall in love from a distance is to relax in the bathtub while talking over the phone.
It will be one of their most romantic chats for a long time.
This tip is also great for professionals and students who always find themselves not having time to do things.
If you always give friends an excuse to not find time to speak, if you never have time to pamper yourself with a luxurious bathroom, then these two things will last for half an hour. you can relax in the meeting, chat on the phone and take a comfortable bath.
3) reading in the bathtub: technology-
For those who like to read a book, The Bathtub can be the favorite place in the home.
There are no better moments in life than spending weekend afternoons in the bathtub while reading best sellers.
By downloading e-books on an iPad or android tablet, you can easily improvise in the bathtub.
Catch up with your favorite author while relaxing in the bubble.
Watching a movie in the bathtub is more extravagant than going to a movie.
Put your laptop or tablet in the bathroom and fill your bathtub with warm water.
Take a bubble bath or add some sesame oil to your tub.
Whether you're streaming a movie or watching it on a DVD, your movie viewing experience will be very easy.
Romantic comedy is a great choice for movies where you can sit in a bubble bath and sip a glass of champagne.
Being comfortable with your partner is a romantic thing.
Light a few fragrant candles in the bathroom and put some soft romantic music.
Ask your partner to be in the bathtub with you.
For some intimacy.
Pick out the best bathrobe so you and your partner can get out of the tub, put on comfortable robes and enjoy a completely romantic experience.
Epsom bath salt is said to have the effect of relieving pain.
Their therapeutic cleaning function also helps to relax nervous muscles and release physical stress.
Depending on the brand and the product, you can purchase Epsom bath salts of various flavors and flavors, including lavender and vanilla.
One of the easiest ways to overcome stress is to relax in the bathtub while listening to soothing music or any other music that will calm you down.
This is a great way to relax after a busy day at work or school.
Fill the bathtub with warm water.
Place your iPod in the speaker base and load your favorite playlist.
You can also play background music using your laptop or smartphone.
Immerse yourself in the tub, lie down and just leave your head out of the water.
Lay there for at least 15 minutes and get rid of all the thoughts.
Relax and enjoy the music.
When you feel fresh and energetic, bathe yourself with soap.
Rinse yourself in the shower and pat dry with a clean towel.
You will become so fresh that you will forget that you just got home from work.
Do you prefer shaving to waxing and other hair removal techniques?
The bathtub may then be the answer to your free shave.
Or other body parts in the bathtub are much simpler than trying to operate with a hard razorto-reach places.
You don't feel tired or tired when you shave in the bathtub, and if you stand in front of the bathroom mirror and shave, this may be the case.
You can easily shave your Shaver, foam and other accessories on the ledge of your bathtub.
Fill the bathtub with warm water with high ankles and lie in one of the corners.
You can shave your legs effortlessly on the side of the tub.
A quick shower for ten minutes every day will not give you enough time to scrub and exfoliate the skin on your body.
Including the back, arms and legs.
If your skin is very sensitive, use a bath brush to achieve maximum results, or use loofah.
A well-designed routine to scrub your entire body can only be done calmly in the bathtub, and take your time when you can lie in warm water and enjoy it to the fullest.
It's also an interesting activity for a husband
Wife or boyfriend
Girlfriend who can scrub each other in the bathtub.
People who like tea or coffee usually take ten minutes so that they can do nothing and daydream while enjoying the brew.
Having a hot cup on a cold day will be very satisfying, even in the cold winter afternoon, when you soak in the hot tub, even more so.
In winter, warm water feels very soothing on dry skin.
Apply a lot of moisturizer after walking out of the tub.
Use an emulsion containing shea butter.
Tea lovers can take this relaxing approach to a whole new level by detoxifying exotic teas such as oolong tea, chamomile tea, green tea or other herbal tea in the bathtub.
Ice bath is becoming more and more popular among athletes, athletes and female athletes all over the world.
Immerse your body in the ice
Water is considered a technique to speed up muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and prevent musclerelated injury.
Ice bath is widely used in athletes around the world, but the concept remains controversial due to its possible side effects, including low temperatures and freezing injuries.
If you would like to try an ice bath, please receive professional advice and guidance.
Applying the mask correctly and completely is a time consuming process.
The whole idea of the mask is to let the beauty product play its magic in restoring skin vitality.
Instead of wasting hours on an average weekday, it's better to waste hours in a bathtub.
You can lie down and relax and don't worry about causing confusion.
It's best to finish on a weekend or a quiet evening so you don't rush to do anything else.
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