things to do while waiting for a facial mask 5 steps to ensure a good fit for your snorkel mask

Needless to say, the correct snorkeling mask accessories are undoubtedly one of the most important considerations if you want to snorkel well.It tends to become miserable if it is uncomfortable or leaking.If you want to buy a full face snorkeling mask, you need to choose the correct mask type and size according to your face type.
In this article, you will know how to make sure it is the best fit for you before purchasing.Ideally, you should look for a sealed mask while making sure the mask is not too tight.Step 1 -First of all, you need to have a good look at your face.
Is it wide or narrow?Are your eyes open or are you together?Is your nose big or small?Is there a lot of space between your nose and your lips?Keep these things in mind and make sure you get a mask that fits you, not how cool it looks or how many windows it has.Step 2 -It's time to test the mask on your face.Don't put the strap on your head, pull it over the top of the mask and try it on your face.
By looking in the mirror, make sure you notice where the feet of the skirt are.Do you think it is very narrow around your eyes?Is there enough space around your nose?Make sure you don't pull your nose pocket under your nose.What happens when you push your mask a little?This is important because when you snorkel, the water pressure pushes the mask onto your face.
Step 3 -The strap is still on top of your head and you need to put the mask on your face, press it a little and breathe in a little to suck it on your face.Then release your hand.Ideally, the mask should be kept on the face without inhalation, and you should be able to move around without falling off.Move your facial muscles a little to see if the seal break.
Step 4 -Needless to say, in Australia, a full-face snorkeling mask suitable for good can continue to be used with only a little suction.Try wearing a mask and bring the strap on your head this time.Ideally, you should get a tight fit under very light pressure.
Make sure the straps are not on your ears, but should be high on the back of your head.It can be very painful if it is placed on your ear.Also, make sure you can hold your nose or clean your ears easily while diving underwater.
Step 5 -Finally, put on a mask and put a snorkel tube in your mouth to see what happens to the seal.When this can really break the seal of some masks or change the shape of your face, most people often ignore this
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