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This is it - The cure that really does work! You Better Believe It! - hyaluronic acid skin care products in india

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
This is it - The cure that really does  work! You Better Believe It!  -  hyaluronic acid skin care products in india
The Cure!
Remedy: this is effective
Don't give up now-Try it -
You 've tried everything that doesn't work like I do. that does work. N. B.
Please follow all the suggestions in the letter.
1 plate (I use 1 plate of stainless steel (13. 5 cms x13.
5 cms x 6 cms high (good ).
Big enough to comfortably control the toes and fingers.
(You won't soak your hands with your feet-
Too uncomfortable!
2 glass or crystal nail files-
It can be disinfected with alcohol 96%.
Every time you use a nail file, wipe the file with alcohol soaked cotton wool, wipe the nail with alcohol, and then wipe the nail.
This will prevent the spo cloud from floating in the air and constantly re-infecting your nails and anyone who may be in the room! .
(Please refer to my tips and tips section on possible re-infection ).
2 nail clippers
Large (toe) small (finger) (disinfected with alcohol 96% ). Paper towels -Antibacterial-
(The strongest you can find) soap gel for washing hands and bathing when needed. A clock -
When wearing closed shoes, the antibacterial talc used on the feet. 1. Oil of oregano. (Essential oil ).
High quality phenol and celery.
Thy xiangphenol is a component of Wix and blue Stirling.
You can use Thyme sesame oil or thy mellow, but the fragrance is too strong, and I find oregano oil is also effective and not so expensive.
Oregano oil tablets (capsules )-
Easier than measuring water droplets etc. . .
(Please consult your doctor about taking these drugs first ).
(The recommended dose is four caps/labels per day and further studies have shown that the capsules are stronger --
More pure and cheaper. 2. Tea Tree oil. (Essential oil ). . 3. Neem skin oil.
(100% pure, not oil) (Don't forget to shake it really well ).
This eliminates the need to mix oregano oil with carrier oil, and reduces the possible stimulation caused by oregano oil without reducing its strength.
The Inne oil has amazing healing properties that make your skin soft and healthy. 4.
Silicea tablets (drops or gels ).
Take the prescribed dose.
(See tips and tips ).
Put a drop of oregano oil on your thumbnail/big toe nail
Massage to each affected nail until absorbed.
Then repeat the process with tea tree oil and finish it with nee oil.
Massage residue
After the application-
Indian nee oil on hands and/or feet.
This will prevent any slight irritation caused by the other two oils.
Repeat the process three times a day. every day.
I started five times a day-
Too expensive, impractical ).
Oregano oil seems to be the strongest of the three oils, and a has a deep penetration capacity, but applications in this order seem to be the most effective.
It was questioned whether mixing the three oils would reduce their efficacy, one at a time, to ensure purity and strength.
Hydrogen peroxide-
Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt ).
Zinc ointment (I used Zwitsal diaper rash cream ).
This is useful if your skin is irritated and red due to grease and soaking.
Oregano will make your fingers and toes slightly swollen and soaking will irritate the skin.
I found that this cream can reduce swelling and greatly relieve irritation and redness.
It will also keep your hands and feet cool and soft, reduce the yellow tones that oil brings to your nails, and have no response to the fungal infection itself, as it seems to be very astringent.
A lot of friction after each refueling, including the entire hands and feet.
Place two tablespoons of slightly stacked Epsom salt on a large enough plate to comfortably hold your feet and pour hydrogen peroxide over 110mls.
Check every day to make sure the nails are covered in solution.
I put this solution in the fridge, cover it with plastic food cover and throw it away once a week, usually Friday is the new solution day.
Soak for at least half an hour a day.
When I first started soaking with hydrogen peroxide, it felt like I hit my nails with a hammer and it was very painful, but in a very short period of time, I think about a week later, this is gone, so-
So stick on (I do the soak before the last apply oil before going to bed at night ).
Maybe you can do it together and reduce the time of soaking.
Do not simply let your hands and fingers dry naturally and wipe Epsom/peroxide solution
Place your feet on a folded paper towel and wipe your fingers to allow the nails and fingertips to dry naturally.
These oils leave a black dead skin cell residue on the edge of the nail and where the infection is-
Don't panic it's normal, don't try to dig the black out, it will only encourage the infection to return to healthy nail growth and let you back down.
The best way to help remove Black is to soak with several times of spray-proof warm water
Bacterial gel soap, soaked for a period of time-
Usually good enough for 10 to 15 minutes, then file the black with your glass nail file and dry the nails with a paper towel.
Don't bleach your hands and feet unless you carefully wash the hydrogen/EPSOM salt on your skin and then wash it for about 5-
Up to 10 minutes a week-
Clean after thoroughly drying with paper towels-
If you don't wash thoroughly before and after bleaching, your skin will burn and it will make you uncomfortable in about two weeks!
(Experience yourself! ).
When you see white or yellow discoloration/clouds formed from the tip/edge of your nails, you can leave as much as you can.
If you can, you can also buffer the nail surface once a week.
This makes nails more porous and removes turbid White, making it easier to penetrate with oil and soak.
Do these two processes for at least 6 months, or until your nails grow to the end of your finger/toe, you will find that they are no longer discolored.
If not, don't give up-
I believe this may be the reason why the other treatments I have tried don't work.
We have this pain, so go ahead and treat it.
When the nails look normal, reduce the application of oil to twice a day and soak every three months
Reduce again until you only soak once a week and then once a month.
When you start reducing the oil treatment, try mixing the 10 mls of each oil into the dropper bottle so you don't have to repeat the process three times --
Healing should be good enough, it is possible to mix them and reduce the strength of the oil (if this does happen when mixing ).
So you end up applying the oil once/twice a day and soaking it once a month.
When you notice any regression or recurrence of the infection, it is restored to the original dose.
Wash dishes, dye hair and any other activities involving wet hands using rubber gloves.
It is a good idea to have your leather gloves professionally treated, wipe all closed shoes and boots with bleach (ammonia), on a well soaked cotton ball, and also use the defense religiously
Every time you wear shoes/boots, there will be bacterial talcum. N. B.
Very important: bleach your washing gloves once a week with ammonia bleach hot water and soap particles for washing clothes.
Leave for at least an hour before use to make sure they are completely dry.
If you cut your hair (I cut my husband's hair, he always has dandruff, which is caused by Candida. I'm sure I 've been re-infecting myself all these years!
Use disposable gloves.
Put on gloves while gardening, and when I use ceramic hairpins, I have now started using cotton gloves.
(I don't have dandruff, by the way!
In order to promote the rapid growth of nails, I take two silicone tablets every day.
There's an amazing side to this thing. effect.
For about six months my hair grew from above the back bra strap to the waist!
(My husband is 65 years old and these pills really make his beautiful hair thick --
He is very happy!
I also took the Marca capsule to relieve the symptoms of menopause.
Very good, it has magnesium in it and I'm sure it helps to heal. (Three per day ).
Now come to the holy grail of wrinkles ".
This is my facelift in the bottle!
I 've started using Vichy liftactive retina HA skin and eye cream and their cell bio cream, and these things are really shocking.
Called Restilane in the United States-
It's really better than Botox and can be ordered online.
HA (hyaluronic acid is the substance that we lose from the skin to keep the skin elastic when we get older ).
When these things first appeared about a year ago, I saw a news article that was better than Botox and I have to admit I agree --
Cosmetic surgery in bottles and sheds is less expensive!
Another great thing I invested in was a "leg magic" training machine. Wow!
Addicted to this baby.
For your top half (facial massage point-
Check the internet to find the best for you and increase your workout
Put the palm of your hand at the height of your breast, press it together and really feel the work of the chest jump and the muscles of your chest and arms, and you will notice your "bingo wings "--
"Chicken Wings" and "muffin top" are gone!
) You will have a proud number in a year!
Fitness value alone is worth it. it is a model against menopause --effects!
The surge of adrenaline after exercise did help me to withstand muscle stress and headaches.
I work up to four sets of five minutes a day, so it's just 20 minutes of exercise, but what's the difference --
Addicted now! -Well worth it.
When I was doing sports
Don't forget to do your "Kegel" practice --
Look them up on the Internet and follow the rules strictly
Especially after delivery
They work and I develop the habit of doing this every time I go to the "little girl's room.
Supplement the above healthy diet with a large amount of fruits and vegetables and steam or barbecue (moderate!
) And oolong tea-
At least 8 to 10 cups a day, the weight will melt --
They are considering recommending oolong tea to people who are sick and obese in the United States to help them lose weight --
It obviously has the ability to break down the fat in the stomach before the fat is absorbed into the system, so start with at least two cups before eating and then continue-out the day -
Well, I totally agree! -
It really works too!
I use sweet almond oil on my arms and legs as a moisturizer
Be careful, your fungal friends love this and will thrive on it when applying!
The reason why I spent so long releasing this remedy!
It took about two weeks to solve the problem, but there was another learning curve.
Because I have a good reaction to the innee oil in fungal therapy, I recently started using the innee oil containing rosemary to start the hair SAC --
Good response, now normal use.
I noticed that after using this fungal treatment process there was a significant improvement in the second week and by the end of the second month there was an amazing improvement, so I have incorporated this into me and I am now convinced that this process works.
I always had blue/white nails before this fungus appeared, which was the first time in 20 years to notice that the shades of blue/white were growing --
Yes, it works for me!
If you find that you get a white "layered" or "shadow "-
Don't despair-I did! -
Continue treatment as whitening of nails will fade
It has happened twice now and both times have disappeared.
If for some reason this treatment does not work for you, I can offer you two possible options: 1.
If there is no improvement, then give it six months (soak in pure hydrogen peroxide 3% for six months) and start the treatment again. 2.
Take Neem and oil from the capsule of oregano, as well as oil and sparkling water.
If I find myself on the same boat a year later, I intend to try to take Neem and niuzhi capsules myself, but for now I have taken enough clinical medication, so far, I was satisfied with only more than two months of work, so I was ready to wait and see.
I have been using this recipe for 3 months and I am very happy with the results.
I am now preparing to mix the ingredients so that I can reduce the application 1 time a day.
I added 3 small coffee spoons (about 1 teaspoon) Epsom salt to Neem oil.
It was not good for me to experience this for the first time because Epsom salt would not dissolve in oil (obviously) so I invested in a small ceramic mortar and stle --
The type used to crush herbs and spices and grind Epsom salt into fine body powder consistency and then add it to Neem.
It turns out to be very successful and I keep up with the speed of Epsom/peroxide immersion every day.
Okay, just to let you all know the latest update to my legend
We had a couple of small heat waves this summer.
Whether treatment is effective and the real test of the past few days is unacceptable.
Woke up this morning and I was completely looking forward to a serious recurrence of fungal infection, nothing was just a warm glare and clear pink nails!
I really believe in this remedy now because I have thrown a well-known book at me in terms of the weather, and for the first time in 20 years I have managed to fully control the stuff of this fungus and it looks like it has disappeared
I have had a few minor clouds and I have filed as much as I can and continue with the oil application and immersion as described above.
I have to admit that I have forgotten, or have been too tired for a couple of nights to do the last oil application, and my nails did not find any difference the next morning.
I also included a website at the bottom of this center to buy Vichy products in the US.
So, please check!
One thing I noticed is that my fingers have become very clumsy over the years.
I always throw away small things like bottle caps, often called "butter fingers "!
I do think this is due to fungi, because now my fingertips are constantly tingling as I continue to treat and as normal sensations recover.
I seem to be back to normal and the "buttery finger" effect is finally starting!
I already know that this can affect the ligaments of your joints and even your heart.
I can't repeat the need to try this remedy because I 've experienced a lot of valuable differences since I started, and the benefits and improvements far exceed the total cost --
Worth a try! Go on -
There's nothing you can lose, just a few cents and everything you can get --
The healthy way has finally cleared the nails!
I noticed that when you soak your nails with pure ammonia bleach, the nails leave a white shade, which seems to take two weeks to fade --
So I stopped bleaching.
Another update to the treatment! -
I 've been thinking that my nails grow normally when I finally find a cure --
Like before the infection? Normal shape -colour etc.
The answer is yes!
I have six normal nails on my hands now.
With the growth of nails and fast or nail beds, the shape of the nails also becomes more curved and not as flat as it is when infected.
Four more.
The little finger and the ring finger still have a slight infection there and I have been relentlessly putting my nails back on my fingers.
All my toe nails are clear except for the two big toenails, and the remaining two infected toe nails have only a slight black line under them --
The color and shape of the clear part of the two big toenails are pink and round
This has not happened with any other so-called treatment!
Woke up this morning with a tingling burning/glowing feeling on my finger --
And noticed that the white cloud completely disappeared.
The color is now pink and there is no other stain of yellow or white.
The remaining four nails have a little bit of black under the edges and are now starting to grow and my big toenails are starting to grow!
I remember someone said a while ago that nail fungus would be removed.
You need a pill.
I think it's Dr. Oz on one of Oprahs's shows-
Well, none of the pills I took worked, not even one, but it really worked.
I now believe that by trying to enhance your immune system and constantly using
Fungal therapy is the only way to deal with it correctly.
I haven't been reduced to my scheduled maintenance class yet, but I feel like I'm not far from that day!
In the last 3 to 4 days I noticed slight swelling of fingers and toes --
The weather has been quite warm recently, so it may be related to the weather.
However, when I woke up this morning, there was a choking burning sensation on both my fingers and toes.
After a few hours of sleep (it's really too early!
) I woke up and felt like a swelling gone.
It feels like the Battle of the Royal is happening.
Want a better phrase! -
In fact, I have set the goal for Christmas to be able to do French manicure on all nails!
I'm almost there! ! !
In the past few weeks, I woke up with a strong tingling in my fingers and toes --
It disappeared in a few minutes, reminding me to do the first oil application of the day.
I can't believe how pink normal nails should be (it looks unnatural! ! !
) And the pure joy that can be felt again through my fingertips!
I'm looking at y nails now and realize how evil this thing is because it's an invisible pain to take over slowly and sometimes it's barely obvious --
It is only when it really starts to fade away that you notice the real difference and feeling.
After 20 years of this, I now wake up every morning, study my nails under side lights for a long time, and then report a better half of their health!
My toes are clear and there is a dark line under the tip of the big toe.
The feeling of this "tense" swelling is getting less and less frequent now, and we are finally entering the cool weather season.
I wear sandals all the time even in cold weather, and now I really feel the cold on my feet and firmly believe that feeling back on my feet (toes) has made this possible.
I still keep the application and immersion of the original 3 oils, and when all the oils grow with the increase of skill, I will start to reduce the application of the oil.
A lot of times I get so frustrated with having to refuel and soak, but when I see such a huge progress, it has become the driving force to move on --
Kind of like losing weight-
When you lose and feel and look good, it encourages you to lose more!
I only hope that if someone reads the article, don't give up soon and stick to it while it works, I can only wish me the same joy from the results, and look forward to the safety of wearing sandals next summer, because your nails are healthy and the most important thing is to look and feel good!
For months, my fingers have not fallen off, developed into a tumor or anything other than to get better!
Just another update.
Last night, I sat for a few hours and studied the reviews on websites such as oregano oil. .
Finding oregano oil can make your fingers a little swollen, so it's for granted!
I was turned away by a large number of people from the counter, which left me at a loss
Core organ damage drugs that can only cause damage, empty your bank account, use essential oils and try other natural therapies.
This tells me 1.
There are a lot of people with this issue and they haven't found a viable treatment like me and 2. DO NOT WORK!
I also saw someone on a website (so-called doctors) talking about people having fungal infections before they continue to develop cancer, and after several years of research on the subject, it was found that, people infected with fungal cancer by weakening the immune system can reduce your immunity by six times.
Then the fungus found it easy to catch and the battle started.
Cancer patients have experienced so much pain in terms of chemotherapy and so on, which is why fungi dominate their system because their immunity is through this treatment and the disease.
This so-called doctor should not be allowed to comment on this site, because I believe he will bring unnecessary things to people like us who may never have cancer and have enough capacity to cope with it to try to cure fungi.
His advice on treating fungi is ridiculous as how you should work properly with Vicks, plasters on nails etc can't be cleaned or done for the whole day, especially for those of us who have fungus on our fingers and toe nails --really! ! ! !
I believe it is not a good idea to cover the consistency of your nails Vaseline and plaster with a substance, as it will close the area and the air needs to enter the fungus to help dry it out-
So use Epsom salt-
Good convergence and drawing media. P. S.
Hyaluronic acid naturally exists in humans and animals. "Dr.
T \ ", used to improve fluidity by injection into joint fluid.
It also exists in the eye and in every cell of the human body, harvested through a chemical process or umbilical cord.
Unless you are going to climb a mountain in Japan, it is not common in food, because there is a tribe there who is said to eat a root that is said to contain this kind of thing!
Don't you think that's hard? P. P. S.
We finally have a stem cell therapy clinic in Europe.
I think this is an exciting development in Belgium!
(About E8000 for diabetes treatment ).
File as many infected nails as possible, especially where you notice the darkness forming again and treat it as specified --
Don't get frustrated and give up by thinking it doesn't work
Yes, you will be back on track in a few days!
I have decided to record the real method of this treatment, because I want to record this method from the center or blog that claims to be the method of treatment, and I 've tried everything that humans can use on Earth that doesn't work, and I hope you all share that with me because I intend to be as honest as possible.
I woke up this morning and trimmed my nails last night to no black marks, with almost no tingling and sensation in my fingers and toes.
I also noticed that wrinkles and bumps have disappeared and the nails are now smooth and the thickness is normal.
The color is normal pink and the treatment makes them hard and shinyWhoopie! ! ! !
They have all grown to the ends of the fingers and toes, and now I'm going to wait until they grow with the feathers at the end of the fingers, and then I'm going to start reducing the number of oil applications every day.
For more than four months, this is the fastest treatment I have ever tried!
I have been frustrated many times, like everyone else, but since you have noticed progress soon, I will not give up now.
After using Leucatin, the infection returned in revenge for the second summer and destroyed me again, so I will continue to update for at least a year to let you all know the progress!
Don't give up in its long run!
I sort out/trim my nails every three days now-
I suspect this is due to silicea-
The sting must have disappeared.
I think the infection is trying to get the upper hand when you feel the nail stingso to speak -
But it often comes and goes.
Oregano oil
I found out.
Is the strongest
The fungal agent that man and I know have clicked on the recipe for thar works.
I am more excited about this treatment every day because it works well and prevents myself from reducing the app because I intend to get into six months before I get my nails to grow.
These twenty years have made you cautious. you finally realize that there is no rush. so -
Keep on the routine and stay away from the fungus I said!
I have managed to remove the infection from 3 fingertips in all my nail bars.
It keeps coming back to these nails, which leads me to believe that Dr. Oz is right.
You need a pill to really hit the head.
I am pleased with the results I have achieved so far and will continue to apply the formula as required, but now I have also invested in a bottle of oregano oil tablets.
I start with 2 tablets per day and I will increase accordingly if needed.
I tried to catch Oregamax but couldn't find it in the Netherlands and instead found Biotics which seems to have good reviews so will keep you posted.
I 've been taking these pills for 4 days and I 've been firmly back on track so I 've put them on the list of ingredients needed, but before I start taking them, please consult you again of course.
News from Grandpa!
The oregano is getting me back on track! !
I now have seven completely normal nails, which grow on the nail bed, the color is normal and healthy pink, and three completely normal colored nails, it's just that the nail bed hasn't reached the end of the finger yet!
My toenails are good, but the big toenails are still growing and the rest are normal.
The use of the oregano tablets was a little juggling, but I finally got it.
I found that there was a bit more to eat beef Zhi tablets silicea and efamol with maca, because I felt very bad and indigestion, so I have stopped taking maca and now I have a piece of beef Zhi tablets when I get up in the morning, eat one at lunch, have an efamol around 5: 00 at night, and I have two silicea when I sleep.
The system works well and is clearly adjusting the tablet to your own needs.
If you need to take them to dinner according to the regulations on the bottle, bananas or fruits are a good choice because I have Weight Awareness and don't need to eat three meals a day, instead prefer fruit (mango banana pineapple and peach are my favorite) to make vegetable or vegetable soup with a small amount of cheese all day long so you can stay healthy and slim at the same time!
One thing I regret is that I have never taken a picture of my fingers and toes, but I have not taken it for several reasons. 1.
At first I was not sure if my treatment was absolutely effective. 2.
There are so many disgusting photos already about this disgusting pain that I don't feel need to be added to and 3.
Like most of you, I feel infinite feelings and embarrassment about having this "thing", and even though I myself, not to mention the whole world, I am very reluctant to admit it!
What I can really do is iterate to give you a try, and most importantly, stick to it for at least a year.
Yes, I have had setbacks and setbacks, but I am really happy that I stick to it because I am now looking at beautiful pink ordinary nails and growing up after 20 years of destruction and disappointment.
My husband bought me beautiful gold rings over the years with diamonds I have never worn and I promise you I will wear them for Christmas! ! ! ! ALL OF THEM! ! !
Recently, I did a small experiment on one of my nails, and the tip of the nail is still a little infected, that is, using a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the soak.
In fact, I didn't work at all, the infection went crazy, the cloud climbed half --Nailed it up.
Another interesting observation
It negates the effect of hydrogen peroxide and has no blistering, so stick to the original formula --
It took me a week to get the nails back to what they were before I tried acv, but, we're back on track.
Surprisingly, acv has so much good news that it doesn't work and will only make it worse.
I would like to know if it is a combination of chemicals or the type of fungus I have. Hello everyone-
Have a happy new year and, of course, a short update!
Although I didn't get my nails fixed (the nails were a little too short ).
I managed to keep them clear and healthy looking and put on all my rings so it was good for me.
I have developed the habit of religiously trimming my nails and found that this is the best way to keep them clear so far.
If my nails do grow out a little, the odd ones still show areas that are not very clear (2 nails) so I didn't take any risk of revoking the great work I 've achieved so far.
I hope you experience the same experience in this treatment and will continue to update you until I believe the fungus has completely disappeared. P. S.
Don't try to mix anything with the original recipe to improve it as there is nothing to do due to personal experience!
Keep cutting and don't scratch dirt under your nails with any sharp stuff
Will only make things worse. GoodLuck!
I 've been using oregano oil tablets for a while now and I don't have any side effects other than starting a few days with minor indigestion
Other than the fact that the bank balance has fallen a little faster than it should be!
I finally found the capsule and it seems that the content is purer except for a lot cheaper, including 70% carvasil, without all the other additives that I don't think affect the fungus, the cost is surprisingly low, although they seem to have only half the strength of oregano oil (label-
200 mg per label compared to Capsules
70 mg carvyml per top 100 mg) they do not include any other additives.
Over the past week, I 've increased my dose to four pills a day with food (if you're on a diet or eating seriously, then eat a banana or part of the fruit before taking the medicine --
Healthier for you!
) I will keep this dose as there is extra carvasil in the capsule.
The benefit of using herbal therapy clinically is that you can increase the dose a little without hurting yourself, although doing so for a period of time to get your system used to increasing, and pay attention to any changes in health, please feel free to contact the doctor!
I will let you know how this change affects things as always, and I really hope that it will also work for you if you have tried this treatment.
I haven't had a chance to update about a month or more ago, I managed to buy a rather nasty chilblain on one of my toes, except for this little beggar under the toenails
The HP/MAGSULPH dip obviously exacerbated the situation, so I don't soak that foot anymore.
It doesn't seem to do any harm to the progress of the cure, and it doesn't hold me back --
I think it's just psychological.
However, I have noticed that this infection seems to be what I call "cycling ".
Tingling, burning sensation, plus slight numbness of the fingertips, usually related to the recurrence of fungal infection, the nails become very slight yellow.
This seems to last for about a week or so, and when this feeling disappears, the nails return to normal healthy colors.
This leads me to believe that although the nails look healthy, the fungus is still in the blood, so the fighting continues.
However, I also noticed that every time this happens, it is reduced and not as bad as the previous episode, which also leads me to believe that the fungus is still present in the blood system, and from time to time these symptoms appear through the nails.
I have noticed a significant improvement in the changes in the capsule (as is the value), and the capsule I am using is called the bioactive cow.
I am now used to eating four capsules a day and I usually eat fruit or a few wheat to prevent indigestion.
A bad point on the finger is almost gone and I still do 3 oil apps a day and soak them in the evening. DO NOT GIVE UP! ! !
It was a long and difficult journey and I firmly believe now that we will not smash this thing long enough to kill it.
Through this treatment, we can continue the treatment without harming our health, while preventing other bacterial infections!
Niu Zhi is considered to do so, so even though it is a real hassle to do so, the same is true of fungal infections, so I am ready to take this matter to the end no matter how long it takes! Brilliant news!
This fungal infection has completely stopped on my nails.
Toe nails are almost completely clear, although there is a feeling at the tip of the big toe nails now that both fingers and toe nails have slight tingling.
This leads me to believe that although this war is not a complete victory, we have won this battle!
I feel like I'm building a boat and boating at the same time! -
But, for me, it's worth it, and it's true that those who insist that you need to hammer this thing longer than the existing prescription treatment advice, so in the long run, i'm in there!
For me, this proves that fungal infection entering the blood system is the most difficult to cure and requires constant and long-term treatment.
I still apply oil 3 times a day alone, soak hydrogen peroxide/magsulph once a day and currently take 4 capsules of cattle to capsule per day.
Now the plan is to continue the project until the nails start to grow normally on the fingers and toes and the sting disappears.
This is what I need to continue to encourage, because when you see positive progress, you know that treatment is effective and ongoing, must apply oil every day and soak your numbers in irritating environments, cold liquids that flow directly out of the refrigerator in the middle of winter become easy to manage, you better organize your life, because you know the system will end eventually and you can get back to normal and healthy again!
Never lose heart, keep going-
It does work and I believe it no matter how long it takes. Good Luck!
Please note: this treatment does make your nails yellow due to oregano nee and oil
Especially toe nails, if soaked in
Bacteria soap and warm water do not remove stains and then carefully clean hands and feet with bleach.
Today is the first day I think I can stop treatment-
I'm not going!
I haven't reached the "at least one year" stage I mentioned at the beginning of the treatment, so no
I intend to jeopardize my chances of finally beating this thing in this way!
That summer, I will be able to put on all the beautiful sandals I have invested in over the last few years, which I can't wear most of the summer.
I noticed that the nail bed under the nails looked a little red from this treatment, and now that it's gone, I'll continue to refuel and soak religiously until I'm fully sure the fungus is gone
Only in this way will I start mixing the oil and reducing the immersion.
Nothing fell. digit-
Neither Wise nor I felt the side effects of the capsule except for minor indigestion when I first took it, the toenails and the skin around the back of the foot had a slight feeling, but it had disappeared, when the skin on my feet was itchy, I found Zwitsal zinc salt (diaper rash cream) to work very well.
I hope that if you try this treatment, you will get the same positive response as me. Good Luck!
One of the things I 've been staying together for years is that a nail beautician who works in a nearby shop where I work in Africa says that when the treatment is over, it works fine, the nails are clear, when growing normally, you will find it very difficult to trim your nails-
Well, that's what's happening right now, I'm struggling a lot with a henna knife right now, so I'm always inclined to use a crystal henna knife, so hopefully it's another good sign of battle for me to win the game!
The next big obstacle now is to spend the summer without regressing.
We had a very long, cold "big winter" in Europe and I am cautiously optimistic about this summer.
Most of the summer the fungus has returned with revenge and this time I hope to get the best results, but I am sure the evidence will be in the pudding and ready.
I'll keep you all updated as usual over the summer and for now things are still going well so there's hope here! P. S.
It's only three months from the end of my treatment year!
We must not have been treating infections long enough.
If it goes backwards, then we haven't killed it in the first place.
Here are two valuable suggestions for those who receive this treatment
I stumbled upon this and noticed that it benefited a lot in the course of treatment!
My husband came home the other day and I needed a few pairs of socks to replace the ones I used and abused in this cold winter, which are now loose!
These socks are called "bamboo socks" and are said to have bamboo in their production
Get up, for those who feel the effects of the constant stimulation of oil and soak, they are really an amazing treatment.
They are like walking with clouds on their feet and worth a few euros.
Another helpful tip, also by chance, was the zinc salt I recently started using.
It reduces the feeling of swelling/tension, does not encourage fungal infection, makes your feet and hands feel smooth, and also reduces the effect of treatment.
I also noticed that the yellow stain in the oil is reduced, please do not want to bleach because it is still burning crazily. NEWS FLASH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I went against my better judgment a few weeks ago and decided to bleach after soaking in ph neutral soap and warm water for about an hour!
Well, as usual, it ended up with a very itchy, burning sensation in the last two to three weeks as bleach entered the hair fol on my toes and really made things happen
(Dancing in this place, scratching like a possessed person, the two of us barely slept!
) So, after struggling with oil applications and immersion, I decided that I would never be able to deal with them for two more months, except for the goal I had scheduled to complete one year of treatment, I feel that now is a good time to stop soaking in oil and hydrogen peroxide/mag/sulfuric acid.
I did it in battle against iconsolidation because I fully expected things to go back to what I looked like when I first started the whole exercise!
(Thomas, the world's biggest suspect!
My nails lost the yellow color of the oil in three to four days, the swelling tightness disappeared, and the fungus did not come back! ! !
I am happy with the results and know that I can recover treatment at any time if necessary.
I am still eating four niuzhi capsules, last time I went to the store to buy it, someone suggested that there is now a stronger capsule version in the market, so after the cost calculation, this may be an advantage for the future.
The capsule I am taking now is 100 mg and the new capsule contains 175 mg. WHOO HOO! !
Regular updates will continue! Good Luck All! OOPS!
Within a day when it was announced to stop the oil and soak, it showed up again --
A Little Cloud on my little dog's horizon
So plan A is back again! No problem -
Tantrums and quiet resignation have now begun.
In the depths of my heart, this thing will not defeat me.
However, I would add that although I now know that fungi are still lurking in the body, they have returned to their original state of health!
I 've been working hard after using bleach for the last few weeks and came up with a pretty useful suggestion that you can try if you find yourself on the same boat as me! (hopefully not!
) When bleach burns out the hair sacs around my toes (only 3 at 1 feet) and when the weather starts to warm up and sweat, I find this irritation really annoying.
Since I am now back on the soak and oil again, I find this treatment exacerbated the situation, so I am now spraying plastic skin in the affected area (called plastic plaster here) it really solved the problem.
Very useful things!
Glad to report no further breakthroughs and status quo! Roll on summer.
Haven't updated all of you for so long, but I can't think about anything else because of losing my precious puppy --
Again, however, I report that it is restored and adjusted about a month after stopping this treatment, and I can now give my latest findings.
While I was resting, I found my toenails a little yellow.
However, only toenails, so back on the drawing board, I did more research to see if I could improve as this thing is obviously still in the system.
I found that the oil of the oregano capsule has increased and it has been done for about a month now.
I took 3 capsules per day (100 mg per capsule) and found that this dose could be doubled (600 mg per day ).
The suggestion is to increase the dose slowly, which I have done and I have stopped soaking h202 and magnesium sulfate.
I also stopped tea tree oil and Neem and am happy to report that it works fine and at the beginning of this reduction I need to soak every three days but now it has stopped
I will keep other oil and soaked things if I need to recover, but so far it's good!
It will keep you in a normal loop from now on. Good Luck!
When I look at the above suggestions, it is recommended that you notice a difference in four months --
I feel that because I have used oil and capsules for about a year, this speeds up the reaction because it is basically a case of increasing the dose and removing other oils with immersion.
The next week, I noticed a great improvement and now almost cleared the infection.
I'm going to keep this system running for at least six months and now I'm sure it will work.
I know that my previous regime has helped a lot and has not regretted doing so, but now that we have crossed the Hill and returned to our hometown, so there is no way back to choose to try this treatment I hope you are as successful as you are! DO NOT GIVE UP!
According to this study, this new method of using 6 capsules per day and the local application of oregano oil should only show the effect after four months, only a week later, I noticed a big improvement and now all visible signs of infection that can be officially reported are gone! ! ! ! !
My nails are now clean, my fingers and toes are back to normal, no swelling and the sting is almost gone, though, I still take 6 capsules a day to reduce the application of the oil to twice a day!
I didn't wear sandals, but this summer, there will definitely be clear, pink, healthy figures everywhere next summer, and I'm looking forward to it, it's great to have them exposed to fresh air!
My nails are now at the top and I will only try long nails after Christmas!
It's a long and hard process, but the same has been the case for the last 20 years or so, constantly having this damn thing, and this treatment is well worth all the ups and downs and the effort.
I'm a skin label now.
Almost Free (I would never fully believe it didn't go away until at least a year after giving up treatment! ) fungus-
Free summer fashion for next season sandals!
I keep my full judgement until the end of the winter and will continue to take the oregano, although slowly reducing the dose next summer.
I will let you all know any changes as I go on, but for now, I can only say that.
Once you have this infection, go to the doctor and make sure it is a fungal infection and try to determine the type of fungus you have.
There are a lot of different types of fungal infections out there, and before you invest in expensive drugs and local treatments, do research first, and these drugs and local treatments can be dangerous and often don't work.
Most importantly, be consistent with the treatment you decide to treat and never give up --
There's light at the end of the tunnel-
All you need to do is walk there and open it yourself! Good Luck! ! ! ! ! ! !
Make sure you drink a lot of water (8 cups), wash away the toxins with this new method and significantly reduce the intake of alcohol.
I remember I was talking about crocodiles.
Plastic blockages
Like shoes from somewhere in one of my centers a while ago, but now I can't move on with my fake comments!
I said I wear these things when hell freezes and the Devil throws snowballs!
I call them trailers.
A few years ago, a Sky News report mentioned that a woman was traveling to the United States on a regular basis and she smiled. S. of A.
Invest in the latest trends in this way! This was BR.
(Before the recession), when the United StatesS.
The dollar is much stronger than the pound now.
Well, mine, how do we end up swallowing our own words and, therefore, choking them!
They just swing for the people we suffer, and I have now invested wisely in my second pair!
My daughter found a pair of crocodile bands sold for 5: 00 dollars in her favorite supermarket in Florida and sent them to me because I have started to see both men and women wearing them in Holland here, will wear them proudly and live in them!
They are comfortable, stylish, hygienic as they are easy to clean and disinfect (with resistance
Bacteria hand sanitizer, wipe with bleachsoaked cotton-
Wool), dry with a kitchen towel. !
They are really the answers to our prayers, and I'm glad I finally saw the light! UPDATE: DIE-
Well, now is the time to talk about another symptom of this pain, this stage I just entered and until recently I don't know if it exists, even after all the research I 've done for almost 20 years, I really have this thing.
I started feeling really uncomfortable about a week ago, then there was a serious immigrant and it was nice to wake up in the morning --
I think I either have liver failure or have severe menopause symptoms and it's time to go back to the study drawing and I then learned about "death"
"I will include a link below to a good site that explains this foul phase in detail, but I will try to inspire you guys with my own experience, in addition to giving up alcohol (wine ), I ate everything, as suggested, and the coffee occasionally gave in to the odd 1/2 cup, and it relaxed when the stress attack was a bit out of control, then pass the day with a small cup of coffee.
The two men seem to have triggered a terrible discomfort recently, followed by an immigrant who could not be relieved even by lying down.
I gave up the joy of guilt and felt much better.
My dizziness came back again, and recently, when I was looking sideways at a white wall, I noticed a flying mosquito.
Apparently, all the symptoms of death
The off-season of this fungus treatment.
The emergence of toxins (dead substances) in the system, which can result in this situation through the organs, so it is arrogant to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day to rinse them.
I found this can also eliminate headaches and improve your healthGeneral.
This is a sign that the cure is working and the resulting toxins are being drained by the system.
I will continue the treatment until after Christmas and I will return to this and hope to start reducing the dose! WoW -
What's the difference! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
About two weeks ago, there was a small "cloud" on one of my ring fingers, so with clippers, cotton --
Wool and alcohol, leaving with "criminals.
Everything on my fingers is two small black spots at the end of my nails.
After infecting the toes, it starts falling off from my fingers under these nails, and the left-hand ring finger is the first to appear.
It's gone the same way now, I.
E: leave that finger to the end.
To some extent, you can still see a small amount of reddish under the nails, clearly defining the growth of the new healthy nails, so I will continue the treatment until the end of the cure.
I also noticed that, more importantly, the same thing happened to my toes, where the nails met the toe tip and the side of the toe, these black ones, when I applied oregano oil, dead skin cells are rubbing.
I recently had to stop applying oil to my left toe nail (first infected nail) twice because it was swollen and inflamed and the treatment was too painful
I will recover without any problem when the swelling fades, but make sure the inflammation is completely gone or you will stimulate the inflammation again.
This infection leaves dead, black, very hard skin cells, which may be the reason it enters the system rather than the nails.
At this stage, the increase in the amount of water in the diet is critical because we need to clinically remove all these deaths to encourage our immune system to strengthen without help
My headaches, stress and fatigue are all solved by drinking water, as I used to attribute these symptoms to menopause, and I now know this is not the case, it is a side effect
The capsule is normal.
I wake up every morning and check my nails under the glare, so I'm happy now because they look good.
A slight burning sensation is easing but still exists --
Update: Things get worse before they get better!
Well, Saturday is the last trim to remove the discolored nails and I wake up on Sunday and it feels great!
Nails of toes and fingers, look and feel normal, no "death"off\" side-effects!
I don't know at all that Zhou will be a completely different story!
I woke up this morning with a severe migraine and the new dog was driven downstairs and almost relieved, there are some idiots on my favorite daily soapie playing funny classical I can handle both cases normally, but today is not a day! These \"die-
"The symptoms really disappointed me.
I feel like I'm getting a serious flu dose, but I can almost "peel it off" like the layers of onions, if I'm just taking the heat, then I'm fine.
It's really a strange feeling that I can compare it to a drug addict who gets colder and colder after nearly 20 years of addiction.
Really, it's a similar thing when you think about it --
Your body is used to having fungi everywhere in your system to deal with, and when the treatment works and starts to destroy the infection, there is a little problem with your immune system, there are also organs of dead matter in the filtration system, so this will definitely make you feel a little uncomfortable.
Yesterday I didn't finish the quota of 8 glasses of water per day and I'm going to pay today!
It's really important to rinse your system at this time, if it's just to relieve your head etc, but mainly for your kidneys, liver and good health!
My poor husband is really disabled now. His wife!
I remember many years ago when the doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics to treat viral pneumonia, they said that even if you are better and feel good, you should end the course.
I will finish this when I grow my nails and be able to apply nail polish, not before --
I'm not going to go through this anymore!
Yes, the news is that it gets worse before it gets better.
Prepare in advance!
I have been eating for about 6 weeks and have to swallow another bitter pillMy words!
I had to fix the eating problem because certain (most) foods made me feel really bad --
No fat, sugar, carbs and alcohol, right now in the trial and error phase, and if I eat or drink something that was too rich before, I'll know in about an hour.
I had to give up the vinegar dressing because it also made me sick.
I feel really good when I get up, but eating something that feeds the fungus will die --
I paid a high price!
Needless to say, the nails now look normal and one of my slightly swollen toe joints is back to normal now.
There's a very slight sting happening, but now it's lost the feeling of burning-whoo hoo!
I can't find it anywhere, it shows when to stop once you reach this stage, so I reduced the dose of the cow to capsule to 4 capsules per day (400mgs) and stopped
(Bubble oil ).
I found a website that suggested using cow oil for up to 6 months and just finished the site and I also found out when you die
Symptoms subside and can be increased again.
I will keep 4 caps per day until I am fully sure this has passed and then decide from there!
Dietwise, I stick to a lot of filtered water every day, steamed vegetables (broccoli, broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes, plus lemon juice, salt and a clove of fresh garlic), brown rice, half an apple (medium sugar rating)
Fat yogurt, fat milk tea and occasional cappucino, all of which didn't seem to give me any reaction and were great for losing weight too!
I tried too low.
Cheese, cucumber and chicken
Of course it's steamed, but if you have a raw chicken breast, cut it into slices and use non-
Stick a frying pan with 2 tblsp low oil, tomatoes and a clove of garlic
Fat, natural yogurt and plenty of ocean
Salt and freshly ground pepper, you will have a fairly safe, delicious change under low heat.
I also ate about 2 tblsps cooked brown rice covered with chopped Rice
Fried tomato-done in a non-
Stick to the frying pan, the lid is open, no fat, low heat, when cooking, add a lot of oceansalt -
It's delicious and can be eaten with chicken.
There is so much information on the white rosary diet online, it's all a bit confusing, so I took what worked for me from them and no longer get frustrated with conflicting suggestions
Just use your common sense and you have to completely quit alcohol for a while, especially wine --bummer!
But sacrifice is worth it.
A big benefit is that my skin and hair are really improving, my eyesight is surprisingly clear, and the mental blur is definitely easing apart from the fact that I have been hungry, for what I can't eat and drink!
(Apparently, it's a fungus because it's dying and craving these things ).
Well, partners of fungal victims, wish you all a happy new year, and may you, like me, experience the joy of eventually becoming a fungus --
Free for the first time in nearly 20 years! ! ! ! ! ! !
This treatment is long term, sometimes painful, and recently disgusting.
I started with this center because it was the only treatment I personally thought would work for me.
During the week, I noticed an incredible difference, through a lot of patient research, (patience is everything I have at that stage!
) Found some amazing facts that this therapy does work and you can also get some other health benefits from the problems you don't know about yourself.
My fungus is in a series of unavoidable diseases and severe resistance.
My immune system diving-
This, in turn, blew this thing up.
I started with a severe rhinitis, then a virus infection, then a severe ear infection, all of which went through the resistancebiotics.
Shortly after the ear problem recovered, I noticed a small round blister under one of my big toes --nails -
At the time, I was treating ringworm for my son because there was a bad result --
Take a break among the children at school. there is a small piece on his scalp.
I don't believe that this contact with ringworm is the cause of the nail.
Fungus when I apply his cream with my fingers instead of my toes! ! !
I now know that due to the heat of the tropics and the constant wearing of sandals, the infection enters through my toes and is so weak due to my immune system.
Being able to find and use a safe alternative to all drugs that are harmful and do not work is a godsend.
My current state is that I was going through a hint attack when Niu Zhi cleared the area at the time of death
Its work is over.
When I started to feel bad and "livesh" during Christmas, I gave up all the pills and then soon started eating again, trying a small amount of meat and protein etc first, see if I have an adverse reaction.
It's like a blow and I feel much better so I'm back near Now
Normal diet, but after checking my nails, I still drink a lot of filtered water every morning, reducing sugar and a big smile on my face!
The negative side is not pleasant, but it is slowly improving --
Constipation, acne outbreak on the face (not bad but hard to cure) (take a low dose of senacot or tea
Use a small amount of white instead of gel, toothpaste on spots at night, wash off in the morning, good for insect bites and Burns), nausea, dizziness (lost direction) and stress headaches, (put up with them with a smile, they are normal and will fade! ).
Your hair is thick, healthy, no dandruffREALLY THICK!
Your skin overall improved a lot and I lost weight (although it was mentioned to have gained weight )!
You will have to take additional iron supplements because the oregano will prevent your body from absorbing iron and you will feel weak, sick and anaemic.
So I eat a little spinach (cream) and liver sauce every day.
I have now reverted the tablets, though slow (starting with one of the week, then starting with one of the two weeks, and so on)
My goal is to eat three oregano a day and keep it until summer, and reduce it to two oregano a day if everything goes well.
) As long as you can discharge toxins constantly, you must keep your water intake.
My tongue no longer moves the "white coat" and the food tastes better and the breath is fresher!
You also have brain fog, very obvious during foul death
But it has begun to improve.
I must admit that I felt very sick and the exercise was stopped because of the advice of rest --
You really don't feel comfortable, but I 've recently started again, and in our daily walk, we can get real health promotion after every walk we add (big Xie puppy, because it can clear our minds and rejuvenate, the cold weather we have experienced here recently has helped.
Basically, finding something that works for you is a balanced game, but if you can survive all the difficulties this infection and treatment brings to you, you will experience the results of success!
Good luck, God bless you, remember to give your doctor advice if you are really sick, but you will get sick because of this treatment. Wow!
I get up every day now, check the "cloud", nothing!
It is so natural to constantly double check your numbers that it naturally, without thinking, fully expect to be infected any day now, but nothing! ! !
I have returned to the recommended dose on the package of oregano oil capsule, twice a day, death
The symptoms disappeared-
The only thing left is that my fingers and toes are now slightly burned.
This is a good thing because the treatment is obviously still going on.
I suddenly thought of these people today.
The effect is the worst from any treatment I have received, including ittriazol, ittriazol, and ontriazol.
This tells me that it does work.
I have now managed to grow my nails on my fingertips, they are cute and white and normal, so there is still no nail polish.
My big toe nails have a very slight line where they are still growing but they are pink until the line, no clouds! Yep -ROLL ON SUMMER!
Put it on: take it away! !
Patient perseverance, positive partnershipoff -
May the treatment be useful to you!
Please fully understand all remedies on the Internet and seek medical advice before attempting.
I am not a qualified doctor, so there is no medical accident lawsuit here. Over the years, I have just accumulated experience to share with you.
If you are allergic to any of the ingredients described in this drug --do not use.
Please read carefully and completely all the instructions for bottles, containers, packaging, etc. contained in this remedy and read all the doses and instructions for the oil, pills and chemicals you purchased yourself.
Before starting any treatment, do not take orally any herbs or chemicals that are not specifically used for consumption, and seek medical advice again, and you should be safe for any remedy or claim for health problems. Copyright 2009.
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