this led headset treats blemishes, wrinkles - facial masks that actually work

this led headset treats blemishes, wrinkles  -  facial masks that actually work
Your next new device may reduce your skin tone for years.
IDerma Face Beautification System-
Part of new wrinkles in personal care electronics --
It will be on display and on display at this week's Consumer Electronics Show.
Modular adjustable iDerma headphones will be launched in 2016 (
Estimated price of about $350)
Cover your face with an exchange mask and lean on your head.
There are more than 140 red and infrared LED lights inside the mask, allowing the skin to bathe in the light, helping to reduce wrinkles.
The future whitening and acne mask will be made of green and blue LEDs, respectively.
"You can do all kinds of treatments with light --
Jeff Braile, founder and president of Apira Science, said.
"It will start cell activity in the area where you use it. . . .
You can treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as the overall skin condition.
Acne and pigmentation can be treated.
You can add it when we come out with these masks.
"Additional masks will be provided in 2016 at the expected price of $99 to $200 per unit.
Braile points out that the spa costs up to $500 for two or three light treatments.
IDerma represents improvements to the current emergency light
Braile says treatment-based products because they require a person to stay in every part of the face for a few minutes.
The IDerma mask handles the whole face at the same time.
Treatment can last for 8 to 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week.
"There are a lot of benefits to cosmetics," Braile said . ".
"It's good for your color and helps to shrink pores.
It's not a facelift, but it's part of your beauty scheme, just like applying a cream.
"Consumers spend a lot of money on gadgets to improve their appearance. U. S.
Expenditure on personal care equipment is expected to grow by more than 3% to $5.
According to research firm Euromonitor, the growth rate this year is 1 billion. Boca Raton, Florida-
The $695 iGrow Hair growth system, based in Apira Science, has been sold around
Hair stimulation system has been installed since the release of itin 2014.
Apira Science is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for iGrow Hair growth and is seeking approval from iDerma for skin condition.
At CES last year, Apira Science released an early version of the system and launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.
Since then, the masks have been redesigned to be more comfortable so that various masks can be replaced.
Apira hopes to sell the product in retailers and e-stores such as Nordstrom. L. A. -
The store, which is headquartered in the video and audio center of the tech retailer, plans to become one of the first stores to offer iDerma systems, "I call it cosmotrooper, a new product category for cosmetic technology, said company director Tom Campbell: "It's going to be a hot new category. ".
"It will be huge.
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