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time travel. | warrior forum - the #1 digital marketing ... - how to make a facial mask with cinnamon

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-05
time travel. | warrior forum - the #1 digital marketing ...  -  how to make a facial mask with cinnamon
I promise I will not delete this post.
I was thinking about time travel the other day.
I think I was watching a movie going through time and space and I was wondering why no one was asking the question.
When you cross the time in the time machine. . .
You just speed up the time at the same location, or speed up the reverse time at the same location.
In The Time Machine stories I 've read and the time travel movies I 've seen, time travelers travel through time, not through space.
This is the problem.
We are not stationary in space.
If you just spin around the Earth and move forward in a minute, you end up turning 16.
666 miles from where you left. Why?
Because the Earth rotates 1,000 miles an hour.
If you spend time every hour, you end up 1,000 miles from the starting point.
But it's not your big problem.
The biggest problem is that the Earth passes through space very fast.
In fact, the Earth goes around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour.
So, if you travel for more than a second, you will eventually reach the core of the Earth. . . or in space.
But it's getting worse.
The sun is not still.
The sun rotates in our galaxy at 490,000 miles an hour.
Its orbit is not accurate.
Of course, our galaxy travels through space very leisurely at 1,000 miles per second.
So, in a very real way, the earth will never occupy the same space twice. Ever.
You're not moving.
You live in the same place.
But in fact, everything is leaving you quickly.
You can't travel through time at all, and you can't stay on the surface of the Earth.
But there's a consolation prize.
If you really plan to travel to this particular planet after 1,000 years. . .
You may need a time machine for the next 1,000 years. . and Viola!
You will be there.
But you will never come back.
In this example, I assume that the time machine will also not travel in space at the exact speed and direction it needs to always maintain your exact position on Earth.
But I think it's just as possible as time travel itself.
I used the time of the novel to travel.
Of all the stories I 've read, time travelers stay where they leave.
Science fiction at least.
Those are romantic novels of dreams.
(Not for me at least) I know. . . I know. . . . .
Hyper drive this. . .
String Theory. . .
The other is the parallel universe. . . .
But I think I will mention "we will never be in the same place again ". . . ever\" thing.
Oh, when I was there, you would be blind if you could be invisible.
If the light goes through you, or moves around you, your retina will not collect the light.
You will be blind.
Not that interesting.
Anyway, I just wanted to waste my time before Fargo played.
Add later;
It would be right if someone mentioned that space itself is expanding.
But with the expansion of space, these are the speed and movement of space.
The space itself moves faster than I mentioned.
I don't know how fast this is.
But this speed will not affect the action I said.
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