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tips to get beautiful nails - for a beautiful you! by ... - natural herbal skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-18
tips to get beautiful nails - for a beautiful you! by ...  -  natural herbal skin care products
It's not just your face, even when you need to get the perfect impression on a board meeting or a special person, your hands speak out loud.
Your perfectly trimmed nails look good and say loudly how well you are maintained.
However, nail care is essential for both men and women, and there are few tips to help you find the perfect nails at home.
So say goodbye to the expensive salon and the French manicurist.
If you put a little care in 15 days, your nails will look beautiful and you will have an advantage over others in today's competitive world. 1.
Get a basic nail kit that has the necessary tools but is not expensive as the brand doesn't mean the nails are great!
Nail bags are available at each pharmacy, so you can easily find one that suits you. 2.
Wash your hands with herbal soap and warm water and let it dry.
They are easily cut and archived when the nails are soft.
Be careful, however, because improper filing can weaken nails.
Use nail files to shape your nails with simple, gentle pen drawings according to our wishes.
Archive from the side to the middle along the edge of the nail for the best results.
Do not apply pressure on the top, which will cause cracks and breaks. 3.
If you apply nail polish, don't leave a thick coat.
Beautiful, well-trimmed nails require 2 to 3 layers of nail polish to reach a smooth and smooth surface. 4.
Like hair and skin, nails need attention as well.
A balanced diet and a lot of water can keep the nails shiny and smooth, while the dehydrated nails also look notch and dry. 5.
Regular nail care is important, and occasionally skin oil is applied to moisturize and soften nails and nails.
Even without nail polish, it helps the nails look fresh and smooth. 6.
Do not use alcohol lotion or nail polish remover as they weaken the nails and dehydrate them.
When the nails break and become brittle, the chances of fungal and other microbial infections increase.
Always purchase natural, organic nail care products for the safety guard tour skin and nails. 7.
Unhealthy habits of biting nails can also lead to unsanitary nails and destroy the appearance of the hands.
So give up if you have this tendency!
If you follow these tips, you will have healthy, beautiful nails and hands in a short period of time.
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