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tissue is clogging my toilet | ehow - kleenex toilet wet tissue

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-02
tissue is clogging my toilet | ehow  -  kleenex toilet wet tissue
The facial and toilet tissue are similar in texture and appearance, but unlike the facial tissue, the toilet tissue is made to break down in the water quickly and easily.
In fact, some facial tissues are made to absorb water, not dissolve in it.
Therefore, the facial tissue thrown into the toilet may clog the toilet.
If enough toilet paper is put into the toilet at a time, toilet paper may also block your toilet.
Clogged toilets are usually slower to drain and fill than usual.
You may see some paper towels floating in the water, or the water level in the toilet bowl may be lower than normal.
The toilet, which is completely blocked, will not drain, but will rise and may overflow.
In this case, you may easily see the organizational blocks that cause the blockage.
If your toilet is overflowing, don't flush again, instead lift the lid off the tank, lift the float up and stop the flow of water.
Sometimes all it takes to solve this problem is to remove the organization manually.
Wear rubber or latex gloves and pull out the tissue yourself.
Alternatively, if the blockage is further away from the pipe, use the piston to remove the blockage.
Install the piston on the drain hole, push and pull it to generate suction, thus sucking out the stuck tissue.
Then, pull it out with a glove-wearing hand, throw it into the trash can and flush the toilet again.
The winch is a long and thin wire designed to be delivered to the pipe to remove the blockage deep in the pipe.
Turn the handle, screw the screw drill into the drain hole of the toilet and go down through the pipe.
Once you feel the tip of the spiral hitting the blockage, continue to turn the handle to penetrate the tissue block.
This may be enough to destroy the tissue, but if not, you may withdraw the spiral device and pull the tissue out.
Always use the minimum amount of toilet paper needed to complete the job.
If the child is the culprit, teach them to calculate the number of squares or monitor their toilet habits until they are large enough to be able to make good judgments.
Don't try to flush the facial tissue off the toilet-
Not only will they clog the pipes, but they will also waste water.
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