To Love or Not Love Paper Toilet Seat Covers - Bathroom Stuff Series - kleenex toilet wet tissue-N

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To Love or Not Love Paper Toilet Seat Covers - Bathroom Stuff Series - kleenex toilet wet tissue

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-13
To Love or Not Love Paper Toilet Seat Covers - Bathroom Stuff Series  -  kleenex toilet wet tissue
I often think of things with weight.
Like many great philosophers, I look up at the stars and think about our human existence, the purpose of our existence, and our destiny.
What can one think of about these things without being surprised by the benefits of paper toilet covers?
I can't think of such a person.
Even Socrates had to sit down occasionally. . . you know. . . do his thing.
Did he think about bathroom hygiene? I doubt it.
Did he ever think about the bacteria on his stomach?
Doubt again.
I will make up for his shortcomings here.
This paper focuses on the paper toilet cover.
The most important discussion you will attend.
Is the toilet seat the most dangerous item in the bathroom?
Just as religion has been debated for years, so has bathroom hygiene.
The danger of the toilet seat is not entirely clear.
Some people think that the dirtiest thing in the bathroom is not the toilet, but the faucet on the sink.
People often handle public sink taps with infected hands.
Maybe more dirty than the sea? Think about it.
What did you do with your hands before going to the sink, suddenly falling directly on the sink faucet.
Logically you can do a handstand in the feces (I'm sure some of you will) and go to the sink to clean it up.
These faucets have to be opened in some way, so you open them with your hands, fertilizer and bacteria along the way.
Others claim that the seat is not a problem but a wash.
The handle you use to flush the toilet is actually the culprit for spreading bacteria, not the seat.
As we discuss this topic, some people suggest flushing it with their feet in order to protect themselves from flushing.
My suggestion is that someone ask the cheap owner of that restroom to buy an automatic flush sensor because it will scream loudly.
I mean, man!
Instead of the automatic flush sensor, however, flush with the foot.
No one will argue that the toilet seat is the cleanest place in the world.
I mean, when was the last time you had lunch in your seat in the common room?
I think it's been a while.
It may be longer than you think.
This is not an appetizing place.
I know that after sitting in that seat in Hamburg for a while, it's hard for me to finish it.
It's not just because the weather is getting cold.
It's dirty there!
There is no doubt that all kinds of microorganisms thrive in the seat between cleaning.
Do you need to save from these?
If so, what can save you?
Can you get the bacteria from the toilet seat?
There is some debate about how easy it is to spread bacteria from the toilet seat to the soft skin of the hips.
Some people think about the problem seriously.
Doctors, scientists and other toilets
Enthusiasts of pathology
The study outside is not sure how dangerous the toilet seat is.
There seems to be a general consensus that, yes, you can get something out of it.
How easy or difficult it is to do it is not clear.
I linked two articles on this topic.
In fact, I shamelessly linked two bookmarks linked to the article, self-promoting me as a scum :-
) This article sets out how hard it is to get the disease from the toilet seat.
It goes deep into the fact that many sexually transmitted diseases are viruses and cannot survive in vitro for a long time, so you will not find them on commode.
The skin is a very effective barrier against bacteria, unless you have a wound on your back end. . . . . .
I don't even go there. . . . . .
The possibility of infection is very small.
A similar statement was made in another article, but it does point out that you can infect S. aureus from the toilet seat.
Now, I have to admit that I have dug up this information from the International Metropolis magazine.
I was also scared by the fact that after reading the article about the toilet and the ass,
I read an article about tongue kissing. . . . .
Needless to say, I don't eat anymore.
According to the "Research Institute", let's assume that there is something bad on the toilet seat, and while it is unlikely that you will catch something, you will have a remote chance.
How much can Toilet cover help?
Given the low probability of catching things from the toilet, paper toilet covers may not be entirely necessary.
If, at a very small chance, some bacteria jumped off their seats and attacked my ass, I don't think the newspaper would help much.
I mean, come on, they're paper.
I am sure that the plastic toilet cover is better protected against dangerous microorganisms.
The paper cover is easy to get wet, easy to tear, and still makes you vulnerable on a micro level.
That is, the paper cover is a physical barrier, so it may be better than nothing.
Also, there are some benefits in terms of comfort and your own mental health --being.
Paper is also most common in public restrooms and articles linked above (again, a shameless bookmark for a link :-
) Think the cover does help.
Especially in public toilets, there are a lot of things that make the toilet seat naturally uncomfortable.
Paper covers can help solve this problem. Discomfort #1 -
Toilet seat cold.
Like most hard surfaces, it takes a while to warm up when you fall on top.
The paper skin can make you feel warm faster.
You see, the lid provides a very thin barrier between you and commode.
This barrier keeps heat faster than the seat.
So your back is warmer faster.
I saw this in a lab experiment.
I was completely lying.
There is often discomfort #2 water on the toilet seat.
Whether it's a bad target or a toilet flush that causes hard water to splash out, it's not uncommon for excess moisture to appear on the seat.
I mean no one wants a wet ass.
Ask yourself the last time you really want a wet ass. . . yeah. . . never.
Place a paper sleeve on the seat to act as a barrier and comfort from the water.
The plastic cover is a better barrier.
The most important benefit of the seat cover is the psychological benefit, rather than getting a severe S. aureus or some other less likely disease from the toilet.
Putting the lid in the seat will mentally separate your ass from the ass of your previous man or girl.
Hey, I may be too sensitive here, but of course I don't want my jar to run into other furry guys.
In a way this happens every time you touch
Sit in a seat without a lid.
You're kissing the cheek. to-
Joke with others who once sat on the throne.
Putting the lid on the seat will help you forget about it all.
Countless others in front of you are no longer bothered.
With the cover, you can simply focus on the business at hand.
It also provides a good "mental" barrier against bacteria.
Of course, the paper cover may or may not prevent infection, but it does make you feel like you are doing it right.
Maybe it's just a "placebo effect", but it feels better to use the cover than to have no cover. OK. . .
The toilet is dangerous enough.
Let's agree that this is not a clean and tidy place.
If so, you will change the baby on it. Right?
Seriously, don't think about it.
The seat is too cold.
Start by grabbing the end of the lid and pulling it out of the dispenser.
Put down the toilet seat and move the lid on the top of the toilet.
Put it in the seat.
Make sure the seat is completely covered.
Buy sanitary paper racks for restaurants or industries. . .
If you are not careful, the cost of toilet paper will really increase.
One of the most effective ways for restaurants and industries to effectively distribute toilet paper is to use a variety of high-flow tub paper towel dispensers.
One of the best. . . . and the worst. . . .
The dispenser for your bathroom is a wagon type dispenser.
Use this dispenser.
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