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Top 10 Korean Things to Do in Detroit 2016 - top 10 korean skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-11
Top 10 Korean Things to Do in Detroit 2016  -  top 10 korean skin care products
Motown Meets K-
Often lamenting that they have to travel to Toronto or Chicago for Korean pop musicpop) concerts.
(Rice with vegetables, meat and eggs) and other local things in Korea.
Yes, K-
The pop band has yet to discover the growing K-
Popular enthusiasm, but the region already has several Korean businesses and other resources where Korean fans can find Korean products, enjoy Korean cuisine and experience Korean culture.
I moved back to Chicago in 2014, but these are my favorite South Korean attractions (without any special order) when I live near the Motor City ).
Staple food: bread, milk, eggs. . . H-
You will find a gold mine in Troy. joy. H-
(Noodles with salty black bean sauce ).
(Korean spicy sauerkraut), Korean toothpaste, even K-pop socks. (I\'ve seen K-
There used to be popular socks there, but when it was E-Mart.
(Korean spicy rice cake ).
You may go in hungry, but you can't leave hungry!
Transform your house into a home in Korea!
It's a regular in Troy.
Korean food enclave that was overlooked right in front of us!
Located in the same square as H-
Rice cooker, Barley
Pillows, home decorations and more!
Nukoa is a fairly small shop, but its shelves are lined with many satisfying Korean goods, and one can at least waste half a day on its compact aisle.
Southfield's New Seoul Garden is one of the best in South Korean restaurants in southeast Michigan.
It is casual enough every day, but good enough for special occasions.
(Spicy tofu stew) and jap chae (beef and vegetable noodles ).
(Korean rice wine), Korean beer.
These are the standards of Korean restaurants, so why is the new Seoul Garden a prominent place?
(Korean shaved ice ).
Also, this is one of the few places to offer a private dining area where guests can sit on the floor in a real Korean style!
Fill your brain with K. Knowledge!
If you learn about Korean culture through Korean dramas
TV series), such as heirs or variety shows such as "running people", you may want to learn more about Korean culture and Korean rich history, but you may not know where to start.
(Thanksgiving Day in Korea) celebration.
("Korean wave" refers to the popularity of Korean pop music and traditional culture abroad), film screenings include ideas --. ! Oppa!
Jiangnan chicken!
You might drool more than once while watching K.
Drama, while the Korean BBQ is delicious, it is likely that you are also eager to provide Korean fried chicken and kimchi fries in such a casual setting that you can only eat half
Looking forward to the actors of Korean high school drama sitting at the next table. in Royal Oak!
If you eat inside, be sure to order ju mokbab (grilled rice balls stuffed with cheese), which may come from Japanese culture but is popular with Korean high school students.
("Chi" comes from chicken and "maek" comes from beer in Korean ).
Jiangnan chicken does not have a liquor license, so in order for you to enjoy this junk food cuisine, you have to take your Korean fried chicken home with Hite or OB (Korean beer) you bought at the Korean market) bottle to enjoy.
You didn't really live until you ate chimeak.
Detroit Institute of Art (D. I. A.
It is a popular institution that collects the works of Diego Rivera and Vincent van Gogh.
Little known is its rare "Buddha head", which dates back to the 9 th century AD. I. A.
There are very few collections in Korea. . ) The D. I. A.
Korean art events are sometimes held, and the Detroit movie theater is also held in Washington, D. C. I. A.
In recent years, South Korean films such as Pietta and poetry have been shown.
Participate in Korean cultural activities!
Several events opened to the public throughout the year were held in Southfield.
The challenge is that almost all of the community's websites are in Korean.
Don't let this scare you. .
(Spring Festival) here, guests can enjoy Korean food and entertainment. members often tell me that this community center offers Korean, dance and music lessons.
However, I have never found information about these classes.
It may be worth a call if you are interested!
Like Korean tea!
The Royal Oak tree features active leaf varieties from East Asia, including half.
When in stock, you can have a hot jungjak or sejak (two Korean green teas) in the lovely Chinese teahouse, or you can buy envelopes for these teas to be prepared at home.
In the Korean market, even in Korean restaurants, you can't find this quality of tea.
(Arthur Park, who imported these Korean teas, is a retired professor at Porter and Wayne State University who organized a trip to South Korea to tea, art and culture. .
) Goldfish tea sometimes presents and sells Korean tea sets, but it always has beautiful options for East Asian collections and gifts.
Get the spirit with K-Spirits!
It's been a few years since I lived in the Detroit Metro and things may have changed.
However, when I lived there, I was in H-Mart. .
This Korean market is probably just H-
But it has plenty of wine.
It also has novelty, snacks, baked goods and other items that are not always available in larger competitors.
For example, I want a glass of wine.
I found it at Hanmei supermarket.
What I want is the same stainless steel chopsticks I bought in Korea.
I found them again at Hanmei supermarket.
It's always worth stopping at Hanmei supermarket!
Make friends with the rest of Korea!
Formed through the website, meeting.
(Full disclosure: I am the organizer of this group. . in Troy.
Of course, there will be some social events at the Anna Fort Korean/English exchange meeting, but the meeting group will also arrange regular language exchange meetings.
If you are interested in Korean culture and Korean, you will want to join both groups if you live in the Detroit area. Not-So-
Detroit does not have its own small Korean town.
Instead, South Korean communities are scattered in southeast Michigan.
However, if you look around you will be surprised at how many opportunities you really have to reach out to Korean culture!
It's full of K-
Popular favorites in Ann Arbor. .
The commitment of Caffe Bene to open branches in Ann Arbor, Oakland County and Ingham County should not be too difficult to meet your Korean cultural needs.
Now, if there's only one K-
The pop band will perform in Detroit!
This will really make K-in the auto city-culture map!
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