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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Most Popular Korean Actress 2017 - jun ji hyun skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Top 10 Most Beautiful and Most Popular Korean Actress 2017  -  jun ji hyun skin care products
Korean actresses are popular with beautiful faces, charming smiles, gorgeous looks and timeless, innocent beauty.
In addition to their excellent acting skills in TV series and movies, their ability to look beautiful on screen is also why they are so cute, popular and successful.
Every year, more and more Korean actresses become famous, some of which are also considered the highest --
Get paid and rewarded as the best actor.
This year, among the many actresses, find out who is the most beautiful, popular and successful in early 2017. 10. Song Ji-Song Ji-
Filial piety, his name is Song Yi
I am one of the most beautiful Korean actresses ever.
She is very beautiful and her smooth and flawless skin is the ultimate dream for every girl.
Even her PD admitted that she was the most beautiful actress in South Korea without makeup.
But, in addition to her simple but amazing beauty, her courage and fighting spirit make her more beautiful because she has won the title of "Ace" in the most popular games
Running men's show
Even before her debut, Song Ji
Hyo used to be part-time.
Later became the model of the magazine.
Today, she is hosting her own beauty show the beauty of Song Ji Xiao. 2006 -
Princess hour as Min Hyo2006 -
Zhu Meng as Ms. Ye2007 -
Sex is zero 2 as Lee Kyeong-2008 -2010-present -2014 -
Oh, Kim. -Emergency couple. 2016 -
My wife has an affair with Zheng Soo this week. 2017 -9. Han Hyo-
The actress you will love is Han Xiao. joo.
Seeing her smile, your day will definitely be inspired.
In addition to her lovely face and sweet image, she is also known for her bright personality.
She is also a strong and brave woman who has proved from her childhood that she has performed well in sports, especially in athletics.
Because she's very athletic.
Joo is an actress. she has one. the-
Image of Go \ ', which makes her different from other actresses.
She was beautiful since she was a child, and in 2003 she was first discovered in a youth beauty contest organised by food company Binggrae.
She starred in the TV series recently.
Two Worlds of Li Zhong
Suke's lively and interesting character and personality in drama and real life has been positively praised by fans. 2006 -
Spring Waltz as Seo/Park Eun2008 -Iljimae as Eun-2009 -
Brilliant Legacy as Go Eun2010 -
Dong Yi plays Cui Dong-
Yi (later Cui Su-2012 -2016 -W -
Two Worlds. 8. Jun Ji-
The talented and beautiful actress made us laugh and cry in a few romantic times.
June comedy film
Xuan, also known as Gianna June.
Since 2001, she has set up the image of a great comedian who plays the leading role in the movie "My funky girl", one of the highest comedians
Korean rom
The film has always been.
She continues to play the role of Cheon Song to show her funny and complicated acting skills
Yi starred in the 2014 hit drama "My love comes from the stars.
The show was a big success in ratings. Jun Ji-
Xuan's role has an impact on fashion, behavior and even food.
With this drama, she won the "Da sang" at 2014 best sang art award, thus dominating the entertainment circle.
Recently, she starred Li Min in another hit drama, The Legend of the blue sea. ho. 2001 -2008 -
A man who is Superman like song Xiu2009 -2012 -2013-2014 -
The love that I got from the song of tianchuan2016-2017 -
Legend of the blue sea Se-7. Song Hye-
Another beautiful and popular Korean actress is Song Hui.
Jen, is popular for her timeless grace and beauty, which every woman wants to have. Her fair, milk-
Like the skin, the beauty of nature, the beautiful face, is always an example for everyone. She is a top-
Certified Korean pop star for her great success in romantic love since 2004
Comedy, the rain is full.
She has been successful and popular since then, and she is recognized today as one of the best
Famous Korean actress in Asia.
One of her recent plays, descendants of the Sun, became a big drama.
41 of the highest ratings. 6%.
The great success of the drama has made her and her colleagues
Actor Song Zhong 'An
Won the Daesang Award in 2016 KBS drama award. 2000 -
Autumn in My Heart, like Yoon/Choi Eun-2003 -
All in minutes, Sue-2004 -
Full room like Han Ji-2013 -2016 -
Descendants of the sun, such as commer-6.
A real goddess in K-pop and K-
The world of drama is Yoona, a teenage girl.
Not only did she prove her talent in singing and dancing, but she also proved her talent in acting, and she is now a certified actress for her wonderful performances in several plays
Not only was she beautiful in the music video, but she also showed her jewelry --
Like the beauty on a small screen while playing a different role including a simple girl, journalist and an-
Social women with painful past.
As a capable actress, her rapid development has been praised by many critics, some of whom have even brought several awards to her, including the best new at the 45 baisang Art Awards, you are my destiny.
Due to her popularity and success, she is expected to have an upcoming project and we are all excited about it. 2008 -
As Zhang Shize, you are my destiny. 2009 -
Cinderella as Seo Yoo2012 -
Love the rain like Jin Yanhee / Jung Ha-2013 -
As prime minister of the South University and I2016 -
As a K2-2017 -5. Park Shin-
One of the most iconic Korean drama actresses today is Park Shin.
She is popular for her previous roles in youth and high school romance.
Her simple and lovely image has attracted many fans, and today she is one of the most influential actresses in Asia.
She started her career when she was young and became a working child actress since 2003.
From her early days to the present, we have seen how she grew up and became more and more beautiful.
But what makes park believe
Her beauty is not just her face, but her confidence.
When asked what she thinks about plastic surgery, she says it's something she won't do because the key to beauty is to have confidence in herself. 2003 -
As a young Han, the Ladder to Heaven2009 -
You're as beautiful as I amnam / Go Mi-2011 -
Heart strings of Lee Gyu2013 -
The flower boys next door, as Go Dok-2013 -
As heir to Cha Eun2013 -
The miracle of cell No. 7 as Adult Ye-2014-2015 -
As Cui's pinochi2016 -
Dr. Liu Hui-4. Kim Sae-
She may be the youngest actress on the list, but in her career she has proven herself to be fantastic.
South Korea's 16 young and sweet actresses Kim Shi
Ron played her first adult lead in 2016 TV series "mirror of the Witch" and she became popular.
She started her acting career at the age of nine, making her a popular child star.
Now that she's a beautiful teenager, she's starting to play more of the leading role in movies and plays.
The experience she gained as a child actor is an advantage to her career and now she is expected to play a more mature role, her expertise is a good guide.
Many fans are looking forward to her next project in the film Snow Road 2017. 2010 -
Where did the man come from, like Jung So-2014 -Hi!
School: love of Lee Sur2014 -
A girl at my door like the sun2015 -
As Jung Ah-continue2016 -
As the witch mirror of Princess Seo-ri / Yeon-3.
In addition to being a member of an idol and girl group, Suzy is also a popular actress.
Her beautiful image on K-
The world is popular, even in entertainment.
Her natural beauty, innocent charm, always impressed the audience.
In fact, she is the ideal girl for everyone.
A talented girl is lucky to know how to sing, dance, perform and have an angel-like face no matter makeup or not.
She is also the idol of many teenagers in Asia.
She performed for the first time in high school.
The school drama "Dream High School" was a success and received high ratings during that time.
Since then, Suzy has continued to achieve success and reputation in the entertainment industry. 2011 -
Dream like Go Hye2012 -
Young Yang seo Building 101-2012 -Big as Jang Ma-2013 -
Gu's book is Dam Yeo-2016 -
Like Noh, I can't control it. 2017 -
When you sleep, it's nanhong. 2. Kim So-
Her lovely smile, innocent eyes, beautiful face, no one can think of her playing an evil role in the play. But the 17-
Actress in her teens
Hyun is a versatile person.
When she plays an evil young queen, she has proven her major in her acting career-to-
In the period when the drama Moon embraces the sun, and the ambitious, evil and hateful young version of Se-
Romantic na-
Comedy, Prince on the roof.
Since then, Kim Moumou
Hyun is considered one of the best child stars, most likely because the various roles she plays show her abilities and talents.
The beautiful young lady will definitely go somewhere because she will play another role in the upcoming drama ruler: Master mask. 2010 -
King of baking, Golden gaogu when he was young2011-2012 -
Padam when he was young-2012 -
The moon hugs the sun like a young Yoon Bo2012 -
The roof Prince when he was young2012-2013 -
Miss You Like young Li Xiu2013 -
I can hear you when you were young. 2015 -
The girl who saw the smell of Choi-2015 -
Who are you: Lee 2015 School-bi/Go Eun-2016 -1. Kim Yoo-
Another young and eye-catching actress is the beautiful, lovely Ms. Jinliu
2016 romance recently-
Comedy drama, Love in the moonlight.
Her sweet face and the true image of heaven, as a young lady, no one can escape her charming charm.
Over the years, we have seen her grow because of the Golden Willow-
Jung has been a popular child star since 2003, and we can say that she is naturally beautiful.
When she was a child actor, she earned the nickname "South Korea's little sister" and earned "Sageuk Fairy" for her numerous roles in history and period drama"
Since she started acting at the age of 4, her talent in acting is definitely commendable.
Like Kim.
Xuan, who also starred in the 2012 historical drama "The Moon embraces the sun," as a young version of "good Heo Yeon"woo.
Love in the Moonlight this 2016 drama is her first adult protagonist. 2006 -
Princess hour when young2008 -
Young Byun Eun-Iljimae2009 -Haeundae as Ji-2009 -
Queen Seondeok is 10-year-2010 -2011 -Gyebaek as Ga-2012 -
The moon hugs the sun like the young Heo Yeon2015 -
Oh, ah, angry mother. 2016 -
Love in the moonlight, like honraon/Hong Sam-That\'s it!
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