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Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actress Without Makeup - jun ji-hyun skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actress Without Makeup  -  jun ji-hyun skin care products
Korean actress must be very beautiful.
Many girls around the world like to beautify themselves with their lovely eyes, milky white skin and baby's lips to achieve the same look.
Every time they appear in TV series, blockbusters, and even in commercials and interviews, their beauty is amazing.
However, will they have the same beauty even if they don't make up?
Yes, the power of makeup should not be underestimated.
Makeup allows you to go from simple to gorgeous.
Let's admit that Korean actresses always make up in front of the camera, which is why they look more beautiful on the screen.
The question is, how do they look? cam?
How about when they wake up in the morning?
Do they look the same naked face?
Don't worry anymore as these lists will prove that they are still pretty even if they don't have makeup.
Find out who the Korean actress was the most fair when she was bare --
Learn their tips, tips and beauty tips! 10. Jang Na-
It seems incredible to many people, but Zhang Na
Ra is no longer a teenager or a woman in her early 20 s.
The fact is similar when she plays a 34-year-old role
Mistaken for a 25-year-old romantic woman
Comedy drama, Baby Face beauty.
No matter how she is dressed, she always looks younger than her age, and it seems that she is a living proof of the person drinking the fountain of youth! Our baby-
Her eyes are as cute and round as a doll, her skin is as white as snow, not only young
Looks when she makes up.
We can see, Zhang Na.
Ra's bare face looks much younger without makeup.
According to her, she raised her child9. Shin Min-
With her slim body, her well-outlined face and fierce beauty, Shen Min-
She started her modeling career before she became a famous actress.
Even before the show industry became popular, she was already a popular model and became one of the most popular models.
Demand and the highest-paid business spokesman at the time.
Such a huge success as a model means her beauty is effortlessly gorgeous and we can see from her bare face that she doesn't need much makeup to look attractive and sexy
Her looks are not ordinary at all, because her bare face is amazing.
What is her secret? 8. Kim Tae-
Unlike other actresses, it's not Jin Tai.
Looking for a chance to become an idol.
In front of her is the opportunity itself.
She was so charming, charming and beautiful that when she was just taking the subway, an advertising executive gave her a model job.
Because of her unique beauty and great success in her career, she is now known as the "National goddess" and is said to be the most beautiful woman in Korea.
As a national beauty idol-
Hee hee has an angel-like face and is cute and naive at the same time.
She still has a face of flowers even without makeup.
If I feel like my skin will break out, I will be treated by a dermatologist before filming.
If my skin feels dry, I use a mask or apply a lot of moisturizer before going to bed.
If I feel like I have a flaw, I just need to apply the lotion gently.
I have been working hard.
I prefer outdoor exercise to exercise in the gym. 7. Jun Ji-
Whether she's funny, funny, charming, sexy or just being herself, one thing is for sure: June
Hyun always looks natural.
She is one of the few actors who look good physically and in character.
We have seen her make-up light in love from the stars, which has become an inspiration for many make-up artists to achieve the "simple but amazing beauty" look of the Cheon Song-yi.
Even in her latest drama, when her charming face surfaced from the water, she saw the beautiful mermaid in the legend of the blue sea.
But even in June
Hyun is still beautiful without makeup.
Want to know her secret?
Clean and meticulous face.
The key to her cleaning is not to wipe the detergent for too long. Exercise.
In fact, she is a famous "fitness freak ". 6. Song Hye-
A woman with eternal elegance and beauty is Song Hui
She has been popular for leading roles in many TV dramas.
Throughout her career, she always looked so radiant, young and natural.
When she starred in the whole House in 2004, she set up a lovely image that inspired many other actresses.
Later, she turned the image into a more mature one, especially in her 2016 hit drama Descendants of the sun. Like Jun Ji-
Hyun, even if she only put a little makeup on, she looks beautiful and makes her face look natural.
We can see it on her bare body.
Her skin color is very good.
Make different facial masks, such as: chicken protein and honey for whitening, honey for whitening, carrot flour mask for anti-skin
Provide milk for soft and smooth skin.
Use ice cubes to achieve a slimmer face.
Eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more water. Exercise.
She likes yoga, Bilado and boxing very much. 5. Lee Min-
When we look closely at her baldness
Facing the picture, it makes us think it's not fair to look so good in a swimsuit and a selfie.
Seriously, Li Min.
Jung, how did you do it?
How can you be so beautiful even without makeup?
Well, maybe just because she was so lucky to have lovely eyes, high nose and beautiful lips that were perfectly placed on her pretty face.
While many of us may not know this, Lee Min
In fact, jung started late in the media.
When she first appeared on TV, she was not a teenager yet.
She made her debut at the age of 25 after graduating from chengjunguan University.
She also married actor Lee.
He's the mother of their son, Lee Joon. hoo.
Surprised, right?
If there is one thing we need to know, it is the secret of her beauty, it is so simple and true.
When Gong Joo heard her secret on Entertainment Weekly, she laughed, Li Min
Jung proudly replied that laughter is the secret of beautiful skin. 4. Yoon Eun-
Look at Yin en first-
Hui's photo will conclude that she is still a teenager
Girl in her early 20 s. Yoon Eun-
Hye's appearance is always young and fresh, believe it or not, she is no longer 10 or 20 years old!
When it comes to building herself in the entertainment world, she has gone a long way from the early K-
Pop Girl combo, baby V. O.
X, play a boy like Go Eun
Jackie Chan in the coffee Prince plays a more mature woman
Ray will marry him if you dare.
Her translucent face is the key to her eternal beauty. Her close-
The selfie shows how smooth and light her skin is, even without makeup. 4 \'must-
Beauty products: Fog, all-in-
A lotion, fabulous oil and bright lipstick.
When she felt lazy, she skipped the long beauty procedure and it was enough to apply oil on her face.
She doesn't wear makeup at ordinary times.
Make-up water and lipstick.
Cleaning is very important. 3. Ku Hye-
Famous January
Flower Boy is loved by millions of fans around the world.
Not only because her character is very cute, but also because she is very beautiful herself.
She was voted the best actress with skin, her ceramic
Just like the color of the skin is Ku Hui-
The skin of the sun is like a goddess.
Even before playing the role of January
Di, she has gained popularity as a urzaang on the Internet.
Not only is her fair skin a real deal, but her round eyes are also very attractive, and her lovely lips give a bright smile, which makes her a goddess.
Seeing her, no one can remove her eyes from her white jewelrylike skin.
No wonder her husband is here.
Hyun, fell in love with her from head to foot! 2. Park Shin-
Another beautiful idol, also a very popular Korean actress today, Park Shin
As a child actor, she has started her career and is now a beautiful lady who plays the leading role in most teenage romantic dramas.
Ranked 33 on the Forbes list of the 40 most powerful celebrities in South Korea, she inspired many fans by playing pinochi in "You are beautiful", "Heartstrings", "heir" and other plays, letting them see Park Xin's innocent, pure and sweet image --hye.
Even without makeup, there's still that cute look on her face.
One thing that makes her very beautiful is her lips, it is very charming and lovely, just like the baby's lips.
Her cheeks are also full and full, which is why she always looks fresh.
When someone else goes to plastic surgery to be beautiful, Park Shin-
She shared her secret: confidence.
She explained how beautiful it is to have less makeup. âx80x9cWhile make-
Up helps to enhance a person's function, too many of which tend to hide a person's function. Less make-
Up is better and it's always better to let your natural beauty shine.
Basically, be satisfied with your appearance. 1. Song Ji-Song Ji-
Hyo is popular for being the "ace" of the game
Running men's show
As seen on the show, she is a very competitive, intelligent and intelligent lady.
But besides her skills and abilities, Ji-
Hyo is also known for her beautiful bare skin.
Her bare face woke up
The face of getting up, the face of sleeping, the angry face, the crying face, and even the blank face show Song Ji-
It is undeniable that Hyo is naturally beautiful.
Many times we see her real, natural face in running man, she still looks very beautiful.
Her advantage is that she is not shy about her "no makeup" appearance, which makes her a very unique actress.
Even her PD admitted to being among all the actresses.
Hyo has the most beautiful bare face.
Besides, she is easy
Personality and compassion make her more beautiful.
When asked about her ultimate beauty tips, she revealed that it was mainly due to "beauty sleep ".
"I sleep a lot," she said.
As I grew older, I began to think that it wouldn't happen on its own if I didn't take good care of my skin.
Especially in the summer, I pay attention to sun protection and pay great attention to cleaning. That\'s it!
Who is your favorite Korean actress?
Did we miss your favorite on the list?
Don't worry, you can vote for your favorite actress in the vote below, or share your thoughts in the comments section.
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