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Top 10 uses for Hydrogen Peroxide - hydrogen peroxide in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-10
Top 10 uses for Hydrogen Peroxide  -  hydrogen peroxide in skin care products
Remember when you were a child, when you were scratched and scratched, how did your mom or dad take out a bottle of peroxide and pour it on the open wound?
It may sound crazy, but I like to see it bubbling.
Does anyone else do this?
Guess what, there are more things in that brown bottle than I thought, they are here. 1. -
Remove wax membranes, chemicals and bacteria on fruits and vegetables using peroxide solutions.
Not by water alone.
Fill a large bowl with cold water and add 1/4 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
Soak the fruits and vegetables for about 1 minute and rinse with tap water.
This process kills E, according to scientific research.
Effective E. coli and bacteria. 2. -
Use peroxide to prevent infection of foot blisters.
Fill a large bowl with room temperature water and add 2 cups of peroxide.
Soak your feet about 30 minutes before going to bed.
During this period, not only bacteria and bacteria can be killed, but oxygen supply to damaged or injured skin can also be regulated.
Essentially, this will speed up healing due to the rapid renewal of cells. 3. -
To remove hard stains like blood stains from clothes, mix water with peroxide.
Pour directly on the stain.
Let it stay in the affected area for about 30 minutes.
Unlike bleach, which will eventually become gray in white clothes, peroxide breaks down the protein in the blood through peroxide.
This does not cause the clothes to darken. 4. -
Peroxide removes stains between teeth caused by coffee, cola, juice and tea.
To clean up the problem, pour 3% of the peroxide into a shallow bowl and dip it in the regular floss. Floss as usual.
If you need to spit when using dental floss, please do so in order to avoid swallowing.
After completion, rinse and spit out with water. 5. -
For the perfect French manicure, remove the yellow tones left on the nails from the red nail polish.
All you need to do is put enough peroxide in the bowl to cover the tip of the nail while drowning. Use a q-
Tip is wiped under the tip of the nail dipped with peroxide.
Oxidation occurs when the nail is restored to its natural color. 6. -
Decay of the roots of indoor plants can lead to their death.
If you notice that if the leaves turn yellow, the root rot may be the cause.
What you have to do is fill the spray bottle with 1 glass of water and 1 ounce of peroxide.
Water with solution as usual.
Then store any remaining water.
The peroxide is mixed in the sun because the peroxide breaks down in the sun. 7. -
Remove all bacteria on contact lenses with peroxide.
The cleaning solution used every day can only remove sediment, but will not kill bacteria.
Soak the lens with peroxide for about 1 hour.
Then, before you wear it again, you have to rinse it with a neutral solution.
This is only required if your contacts fall on the floor or other surfaces that may contain bacteria.
It's not a routine to say. 8. -
Take the cotton swab and apply a small amount of ot peroxide to the area to remove the colored spots on the legs or legs.
Leave for a minute and wipe the area with a warm and humid towel.
The natural bleach of the peroxide reduces the excess pigment, thus making the skin color darker. 9. -
Do you know that the cutting board contains about 200% more stool bacteria than your toilet seat?
It's disgusting, isn't it?
To avoid this, soak the tissue or damp cloth with peroxide to keep it clean.
Next, the board or plastic board must be wiped.
Again, these antioxidants will kill salmonella and other creatures that will make you sick. 10. -
If your dog is sprayed while chasing skunk, and you made yourself a Bloody Mary last night with the last glass of tomato sauce, grab the hydrogen peroxide.
Next, take a large plastic container and fill it with 1 gallon of water.
Add 1 quart of peroxide, 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap, and 1/4 cups of baking soda.
Use rubber gloves and apply them to your pet fur with a towel.
Enter the eyes of your animals.
Keep it for 10 minutes before flushing with water.
The smell of all skunk will disappear.
Throw away any remaining solutions carefully.
When not stated, all hydrogen peroxide mentioned in this hub is 3%, avoiding getting peroxide directly on the skin.
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