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Top 5 Must-Have Waterproof Makeup Products for Summer - flawless skin care products in india

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
Top 5 Must-Have Waterproof Makeup Products for Summer  -  flawless skin care products in india
It was the time of the year!
Prepare for the summer with these waterproof makeup tips to keep you in the best shape during your trip to the beach, bonfire party and 100 degree Music Festival!
I just ended up with the women who scoffed at makeup on the beach.
All perfectly skinned people may post a string of comments on how stupid makeup is before a trip to the beach.
It must be so perfect!
To avoid scaring men and children, the rest of us have to make up (even on the beach ).
Hell, I remember when I was a teenager, I was scared to go to the pool party because I knew there would be an evil boy pushing me into the water and he would be happy.
The thought of the makeup running down my face and everyone can see acne is enough for me to have a nightmare!
Even as an adult, I tried the minimal makeup on the beach.
It always causes people to ask me if I'm sick or tell me I look tired. Good times.
Instead of hiding under a hat at beach time. . .
Make a perfect look with these waterproof products.
If you follow my other posts, you know I'm always looking for cosmetics that last on oily skin.
This waterproof cosmetic is also ordered by the doctor for oily skin, because ordinary cosmetics tend to disappear on oily skin in the United States.
So there is no further argument, here is a list of the must
Summer beach day makeup.
This is the most waterproof foundation cosmetics I have ever used.
Based on this, it still allows the water beads to scroll up.
The result is a lasting foundation that will not change even if a bubble is made in the pool.
It can be used with the spray gun, but it can also be used with the fingertips.
The foundation of this type will dry quickly, so just apply it in sections to the face and mix quickly.
When you take a towel on the beach, be sure to wipe your face with a towel and don't rub it.
This method can absorb moisture without affecting makeup.
If you don't have a towel, just let your face dry after it's exposed to water.
With this waterproof foundation you can use it once and forget it!
Prevent oily skin and high temperature from damaging the foundation. . .
In the summer sun, the flaws will become very obvious.
Unless you use a foundation, everything from freckles to acne to varicose veins will stand out.
It's understandable that you don't want your makeup to be well maintained and will be stre.
The secret of locking it in place?
Transparent oil-Your foundation.
This offers a fresh matte finish that can be used as a secret oil-absorbing agent to prevent oily skin and high temperatures from destroying your makeup.
, Light weight, colorless, high oil absorption, designed into a variety
As the task of primer and gel powder.
This product can survive the whole day of swimming and can even keep curling on eyelashes.
This is the longest mascara I have ever tried --
Including expensive brand name.
Start, curly eyelashes 15-
20 seconds per eye
Then apply a layer of eyelashes to explode and start & Twist outward from the root of the eyelashes.
This mascara sticks to the wand, so if you notice a lot of excess products, wipe them off the wand with a tissue to avoid lumps.
Why is waterproof mascara important?
Just refer to the picture above!
When you don't make up to enhance your eyes, the result will be that you look more slippery and drooping yourself.
To avoid looking like you just rolled out of the bed, the curly lashes of mascara will make your whole face more energetic. .
When you come in and out of the water all day, the skin will look like it was washed off and it is colorless (until your skin starts to turn black ).
Get a vibrant natural glow by using a waterproof blush on the Apple on the cheek-
Natural blush.
Placed throughout the day, SPF 21, based on minerals, highly waterproof.
Barely light-
Color, apply a layer with your fingertips.
To get a brighter color, apply the second layer immediately after that.
Why is waterproof blush important?
Without blushing, your skin color will look bleak and having a day in the sun is definitely not what you want!
Blushing adds vitality and youth to your appearance!
Due to the moisturizing and thickness of most lip gloss, almost all ingredients will be a little waterproof.
However, not many contain SPF.
It has waterproof performance and SPF 15.
On the beach, lip gloss can be a bit annoying, as sticky lip gloss attracts sand and a flying hair. .
Why is waterproof lip gloss important?
It helps protect your lips from the fried sun!
If your lips have ever been sunburned, you know how painful it will be.
Peeling in the last few weeks will always require healing.
Prevention is the key, the use of waterproof lip gloss or lip balm including and SPF will ensure that your lips remain soft and soft! .
This will seal the cosmetics in place while keeping the skin breathing.
Once all your makeup is in place, close your eyes and fog 4-
The model in 5 bottles is sprayed on your face.
Close your eyes for about 20 seconds and let the spray dry.
Why is makeup spray important?
Setting up the spray gives the waterproof cosmetics extra anti-smearing.
It prevents transfer to clothes or hands, and if you accidentally dry it with a towel, it keeps the makeup in place instead of sucking it dry.
The bottle company model also offers eyebrows and lipstick sealers in case you want to walk an extra mile to make sure your makeup doesn't change.
Extra tips for summer makeup: USE sunscreen!
Don't forget to apply sunscreen before foundation!
Be sure to choose one that's oil-
Free for your face.
Any product with oil will make your makeup clear and even destroy the hardest Waterproof Foundation.
Clear Face Oil-Cotz Chemical-Free, Paba-
Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin.
Follow these waterproof Tips & you will definitely have long lasting makeup that will make you look hot all summer!
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