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by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-07-17
There are a lot of top companies, but you need to know what makes them top companies and how they match your values.DDI, a leading HR development company, defines a key aspect of interviews and recruitment as incentive matching.How will this person adapt to the environment?Does he or she like team work or work alone?Will the location of the countryside turn?on or a turn -off?Is starting a business what's going on or is it a hell of a place?www.
ComI can clearly see this in my own career.I like to work in a small consulting company in London because I and like-Thoughtful people, in the center of the stylish Covent Garden, have a lot of freedom to manage my own projects.Although I don't like to work for a senior consulting firm because I feel it is too big and too impersonal.
I don't like to work in a "top consulting company.Another example of top companies not being on the list is when I was shooting industrial videos at a hair care product factory.The company is very small, privately owned and does not know that it is the first choice for work.
But employees like to work there because they like founders and bosses.He seems to care about his employees and know their names and family history.That\'s big!It's big enough for people to say it's their top company.
I 've met some people who work for children's charities who seem to think it's a top company because they love the mission --helping kids.Top companies must be top companies for you
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