top facial masks in japan your money's worth: why are anime figures expensive?

Anime prices range from 10 to 10 and are often criticized.00 to £20.00 per piece.Anime characters are just toys that kids can easily get dirty and bad when they start playing, so why sell at a high price?They look like other toys that expire after a week.Such bargains seem to keep consumers out of sight.
But, in fact, there are more anime numbers than those that match the eyes.If you look closely at this number, you will find that every detail is fine --After careful consideration, exquisite production.In addition, it can also be observed that the materials used to build it are of superior quality and perfect.
In fact, they are not just toys, but art forms created to satisfy the appetite of the masses, but to meet the highest standards of educated people.Behind each anime character is usually a mass-produced artist toy.Usually, this is done in the factory.Industrial workers make toys with machines.
In stark contrast, anime characters are created by individual artists who are bare-handed at work.It is not machines that make them, but people who have thoughts and souls.That's why in every feature, every feature, even the smallest detail, is done perfectly, which is very obvious.
A comic fan will know that every element-From shoes to eyebrows to nail polishIts original form can be found on every character, which can be found in the comics.This is because the sculptors who make the characters work closely with the cartoonist of the comics.This dialogue adds vitality to the artistic creation of every masterpiece.
Anime characters usually show people's inner thoughts and feelings. when we think of anime characters, we immediately think of big eyes, big breasts and long legs.In Japanese culture, they explain that this depiction of human nature reflects Japan's frustration as a race.
Most Japanese want big eyes, big breasts and long legs.For them, having these qualities will make a person attractive.How Japanese people represent human beings in anime characters, this beautiful view is obvious.
However, nature offers the typical Japanese exactly the opposite of what they want: two small eyes, two small breasts and two short legs.This is why only the Japanese can realize the dream of having big eyes, big breasts and long legs through the creation of anime characters.Japan believes that anime characters are a form of Japanese sculpture.
This is the product of modernity.
The Japanese are very respectful of this new sculpture because it even attracts the children.According to the Japanese, these new sculptures are not just toys, but should be given the greatest care and respect.As an art, animation image is a priceless art.
They are created by the creative use of mind and soul to express thoughts and emotions.So, if you really think so, when you buy an anime image, you have an advantage in this transaction.Would you like to know more about anime characters? Why do they think anime is art?.
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