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Top Ingredients to Avoid in Sunscreen for Overall Health - ewg verified skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-09
Top Ingredients to Avoid in Sunscreen for Overall Health  -  ewg verified skin care products
First, the first UV Defense Line recommended is the use of clothes, hats and curtains.
Sun protection should be the second line of defense.
Skin damage and skin cancer
Some ingredients are absorbed into the skin and break down into other chemicals when exposed to the sun.
(EWG) conduct research to provide an updated database of sunscreen available on the market every year.
Their information tells us which ingredients were tested, which ingredients were not tested, which products were valid, and their overall safety level. .
Before we know what ingredients to avoid, it's useful to know how sunscreen works.
Local sunscreen applied to the skin can be divided into two categories: Minerals and chemistry.
Usually made from zinc oxide or titanium oxide located at the top of the skin to reflect or scatter ultraviolet rays, preventing ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin.
Composed of a variety of chemical components, it takes time to absorb into the skin layer, in the skin layer, a chemical reaction occurs, converting ultraviolet rays into dissipated heat. .
Squamous tumors (cancer such as squamous cell carcinoma) and skin lesions (cancer such as basal cell carcinoma) reduce the survival rate of animals.
Currently 25% sunscreen.
There are hundreds of personal care products that contain oxybenone, including sunscreen, facial moisturizer, lip balm, and other SPF products. .
The CDC reported that in 2004, according to urine samples they tested, 97% of Americans showed pollution from oxybenone.
: Cinnamon Ester, avopenone, Benone, exoryl and PABA.
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Avoid Ingredients: Nano
Nanoparticles are very tiny particles that are manipulated.
The diameter is less than 100 nm ).
Compare it with hair measuring about 80,000 nm.
For personal care products.
Causes oxidative stress, DNA mutations, and even cell death.
Due to its unnatural small size and organ tissue, it is easier to layer.
Nanoparticles are not only present in sunscreen, but also in more and more toothpaste, deodorant and cosmetics. up. .
The only way to avoid being exposed to nanoparticles in sunscreen is to buy a brand that deliberately puts their product on "non-nano\".
Most personal care products, including sunscreen, list the term perfume.
A simple term sounds harmless in itself.
However, the term describes the combination of hundreds of chemicals that, when combined, are considered a trade secret of the product.
Even in the United StatesS.
In addition, further safety testing has not been carried out and transparent labeling is not required.
Influence People by destroying the immune system. .
Some brands label their products as "tasteless" but contain chemicals that mask the fragrance.
View the ingredients section for evidence of the true fragrance of the productfree. Avoid: Spray-Spray-
On many levels, the use of aerosol sunscreen is dangerous for health. Most spray-
The sunscreen contains nanoparticles of zinc or titanium oxide (for clarity) and many hormone interference compounds.
Damage the cells of the lungs and enter the blood.
It is not valid to refuse or hold your breath.
The health impact of these particulate breathing is not yet clear, but doubts point to disaster.
The ingredients in the aerosol sunscreen are also flammable, which makes them dangerous around smokers and near barbecues.
As the propellant is still dry, the air around the skin may catch fire. Non-
Nano zinc oxide does appear white when applied to the skin.
It is thick and takes a little time to adapt.
By following recommended sun protection measures such as seeking shade, wearing a hat and protective clothing, the skin should not be exposed too much to apply sunscreen.
Which Sunscreen is safe and healthy?
After reading the list of ingredients to avoid, there is not much sunscreen to choose from.
You can't find any brand that has passed the test in the mainstream pharmacy. non-fragrance-
Badger cardNano, fragrance-
Free zinc oxide sunscreen is one of EWG's best sunscreen products for babies and families.
Mineral Sunscreen is the safest sunscreen for health and can block UVA and medium-wave ultraviolet rays without exposure to unhealthy chemicals.
Avoiding the use of components such as vitamin A, oxybenone and other hormone disruptors, spices and nanoparticles is an important step in improving overall health.
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