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Launched during Dubai International Air Show 2017, Majesty 100 was added to the luxury yacht collection from the awardWin yacht builders, Gulf Craft.By her unparalleled on-Majesty 100's board space and innovative design provide a seamless luxury cruise experience for her host.From a unique halfConvertible flightBridge and powerful propulsion systemof-the-Artistic Interiors and spacious seating areas, the elegance of the super yacht can be in her generous 32-meter length.
A special feature of your Majesty 100 is the open sky lounge, which forms a closed way of flying that makes her one of the best-selling yachts in the worldThe Bridge on the upper deck.It gives owners and guests time to relax in the spacious lounge area and enjoy the stunning views of the vast ocean.It gives them the feeling of sitting on a traditional plane.
The bridge, but with the extra luxury and comfort provided by the indoor living.This partially closed flyThe bridge is the first collection of Gulf ships.In addition, a closed space provides climate control for dining or entertainment forward.
But the door behind it opens the back deck with a bar, barbecue and Jacuzzi, providing a spacious social area inside and outside.There are also two balconies at the back for an exceptional view of the sea.Right in front of the skyThe lounge is the wheelhouse where the owner and guests can sit in the large lounge and talk to the captain while the yacht is on.
Apart from this, beforeThere is also a lounge and a table on the deck right in front of the cab.These unique functions of your Majesty 100 make it-of-a-Its size and features also make it popular worldwide and one of the best yachts in the UK.Majesty Yachts is a brand of luxury Yachts and superyachts with innovative and dynamic designs provided by Bay craft.
Majesty Yachts has an unparalleled range of products that offer Heads-Turn the ocean boat.Majesty yacts is designed with the aim of uniqueness and superior comfort, relying on the powerfulThe house design team, as well as renowned designers in the Netherlands, Italy, the UK and Australia, provides the ability to personalize yachts for every customer
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