top sun creams 'don't live up to spf claims' - organic men's skin care products

top sun creams \'don\'t live up to spf claims\'  -  organic men\'s skin care products
The three leading sunscreen brands failed to pass the protection tests of the consumer watchdog, which produced byPiz Buin, Malibu and Hawaii Tropic, it is found that the SPF is less than 25, claiming that the sunshine projection coefficient is 30.
The cream has now been labeled "not to buy.
Richard Lloyd, executive director of the company, told Sky News: "We found three products from three big brands that did not meet the manufacturer's requirements.
"Consumers will worry that this product, which is designed to protect you from sunburned, is right, and now thousands of people are suffering from skin cancer . . . . . . Did not meet the very strict British standards we tested.
"Manufacturers now need to reassure the public that their products work well and at the same time we recommend to people that they don't buy these three products.
"This indicates that in two separate UK standard tests on 15 SPF 30 products, the results were determined --
Best seller in England.
The test found that the price has nothing to do with the level of protection provided, and more expensive products usually provide lower SPF.
The cheapest product, Calypso Sun Lotion SPF30 250 ml, passed the UK standard test, the consumer watchdog said.
It costs only 1. 20 per 100ml.
Piz Buin touch the sun liquid SPF30 ultra-light dry for £ 11.
30 out of every 100 ml failed.
The Malibu Protective Lotion SPF30 200 ml also failed to study the ability of the product to protect consumers from ultraviolet radiation calledUVA, which has been considered to be the cause of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin
The EU's recommendation is that sunscreen should exceed the uva protection of 1 out of 3 of SPF.
The uva protection coefficient of Malibu cream was found to be less than 10.
All three companies rejected the test results.
"We support our testing and are willing to have any reputable UK testing agency test our formula again," Malibu said.
"We have nothing to hide.
Our files are open to anyone who is legal.
A statement from tropical Hawaii said: "tropical Hawaii is fully focused on providing quality products and effective sun protection that comply with all EU and cosmetic regulations.
"Consumers can rely entirely on Hawaiian tropical products, including satin-protected SPF 30;
In knowledge, they are protected from the sun and reach the level they want, need and expect.
Pizzbuinsaid: "Our products have been tested for strict safety and effectiveness;
In terms of sunshine care products, this includes an SPF test that meets the EU Sunshine Care recommendation.
"Consumers can trust PIZ BUIN®When used as indicated, the Ultra-Light Dry Touch Sun liquid SPF 30 provides effective sun protection under SPF 30.
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