trial & error: are placenta face masks the secret to glowing skin? - face mask after facial

trial & error: are placenta face masks the secret to glowing skin?  -  face mask after facial
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Like many other strange trends, you can thank Kim Kardashian for growing interest in the health and beauty benefits of using the placenta.
In a episode of Keeping up with Kardashian, Kim ate her placenta and put a pill in it.
Since then, the so-called benefits of this organ have become a popular part of women's post-
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Kim is not the only celebrity to take advantage of the placenta: Football League's Zoe Marshall revealed that she mixed the placenta with fruit and made placenta capsules before drinking the placenta, tincture agent and essence taken afterbirth.
Now with a batch of new products containing the placenta, and promise to do all kinds of miracles for your skin and body.
So, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and whether the placenta mask really gives our skin an attractive golden k glow.
The placenta is the organ attached to the female endometrium during pregnancy.
When the baby grows safely in the mother's womb, the umbilical cord attaches them to the placenta.
Nutrition and oxygen are transmitted from the mother to her child through the placenta, which also protects the fetus from infection.
After birth, the placenta is no longer needed and discharged from the female body within one hour of birth.
It is often discarded.
First of all, we found our own placenta mask at the Korean beauty store haikangke for only $3.
Cam and Gracie are brave competitors to take the testpotentially -
Their skin care goes up the next level.
When they found that the placenta came from sheep rather than humans, they were significantly more comfortable.
Cam says their first impression of the product that contains an extract of the hydrolysis placenta is that it smells good and is "a little floral ".
However, he was not impressed with the texture and commented: "Oh, this is sticky.
"The two of them opened the smooth masks and stretched out from their forehead, pulling them tightly.
Then they set the timer for 15 minutes.
The package is recommended from 10 to 20.
The alarm sounded and they patted their face to make sure the "placenta juice" was fully absorbed.
Both of them were immediately impressed.
Cam said loudly, "Oh my God, you look 10 years younger!
"I feel very awake," Gracie said ! "
This is a confirmed fan, she said, "it feels hydrating, easy to use, very cool and very relaxed.
"Cam is equally satisfied, thinking it would be a good idea to do it before going to bed so that your face can absorb the remaining residue while sleeping.
For those who want a quick and cheap skin regeneration, the placenta mask may just be the gold ticket you 've been looking.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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