trilogy skincare - organic rose skin care products

trilogy skincare  -  organic rose skin care products
If you like natural skincare then you will love the certified organic skincare company trilogy.
I tried out some products from their skincare line and found them calm, nutritious and luxurious.
Rose fruit cleansing cream (200ml €26. 95)
This is a lovely, easy-to-use product that gently removes cosmetics and impurities from the face.
Apply to wet skin, rub, remove with warm water or wet cotton pad.
I found it to make my skin feel smooth, soft and a little scented --
No tension.
The next step is to replenish the toner (100ml €19. 95)
After cleaning, you spray it on your skin.
Toner is prepared with roses, geranium and lavender, so the fragrance is very good.
This can also be used to make up for you all day.
The star product of the series must be the Rose fruit oil of the trilogy (20ml €19. 95)
, You use it under the moisturizer to further lift the skin.
Use two to three drops of rich oil to rub the skin with your fingertips.
It is easy to absorb and does not make the skin look greasy, giving the skin a smooth look.
Enter the winter season, which will be the savior of dry and sensitive skin types.
Important Moisturizing Cream (60g jar €29. 95)
I like this moisturizer very much.
You only need a small amount, it has a lovely, silky texture.
This is the perfect end of your skincare routine! A great multi-
The purpose of the product is that they are properly named all sesame oil (45ml €16. 95)
It can be used to relieve dry skin, massage, lip and skin treatment.
These products are not expensive, and
Considering the quality and results
The money is worth it.
It is available from Unicare, postgts and selected pharmacies, health stores and pharmacies nationwide.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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